Violence in Libya: Oil City Bombed, Obama Backs No-Fly Zone

As the regime of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi continues to clash against Libya’s citizens and the opposition force that has formulated over the past weeks, developments continue to pour in everyday.

AP / Kevin Frayer

The battle against Qaddafi has seen difficulties, reported Al-Jazeera. While the rebel controlled town of Az Zawiyah has been under constant air-raid attack, air strikes have also been reported in the oil city Ras Lanuf. Rebel leaders are panicked at the prospect of disaster from explosives landing so close to large reserves of oil.

Newer reported that while the humanitarian disasters occur in the country (and on the borders as migrant workers and refugees struggle stranded), British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama were discussing a full range of actions against Qaddafi’s regime, including a no-fly zone, surveillance, and an arms embargo.

While Obama speculated on a possible US intervention, signals were mixed. Earlier, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said the United Nations would have to back a no-fly zone and they had not done so yet, according to Newser.

People continue to get slaughtered in Libya and all over the Middle East as protests continue and regimes crack down upon their own citizens. Recently in Yemen, two lives were lost due to the ensuing violence – one from each side of Yemen’s conflict.

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