TheDirty.com Gets Seized By The US Government, FAIL.

TheDirty.com Is Dead!!! Slutty girls in tight skirts and douche bag men around the world can breathe a sigh of relief today due to the fact that THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY has now seized and shut down the domain name due to a seizure warrant issued by the UNITED STATES DISCTRICT COURT.  ShaZAM!  This shizzle is serious!  Take a look at their main page, by clicking here.  (Will open in a new window)

Well it looks like the dirty finally pissed off the wrong person.  And after 1000’s of lawsuits against the site, it looks like copyright infringement and knowingly trafkking in counterfeit goods (whatever the hell that means) is what finally brought them to their knees.  Personally, I think the dirty is absolutely dangerous and a complete breach of most cyber bullying laws.  As opposed to gossip magazines such as US Weekly who commonly require a source, and the source is usually questioned… and then it’s decided wither or not “Angelina Jolie is really cheating or not” – but TheDirty.com needed no proof.  You could post whatever you wanted to say, with whatever embarassing photos you wanted to add, about whoever you wanted to post about.  You could even include full names and addresses.

So what happens is that these people get shit posted about them, it shows up on Google, and then next thing they know they lose a job or something!  So personally I am laughing out loud at the dirty, and their creators.  And you can guarantee girls will be getting A LOT more “loose and wild” now on their girl’s night outs.. now that the web police is vamoose!!!


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Sara Tayte

South Florida Chronicle

15 Responses to “TheDirty.com Gets Seized By The US Government, FAIL.”

  1. Kid Chronic says:

    Sad day for Nick Richie, I don’t like to see other publishers go down especially to the man. Im kinda a free speech guy but at the end of the day they had to see this coming. You cant be all negative all the time and expect to have a successful business. Either way he must have shitty lawyers cause he should have been able to prevent this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Remember, today is April 1st. Nik could be having a laugh at our expense.

  3. Angel Whatt says:


  4. Tina says:

    I was one of the many people who complained and I was interviewed on tv. He had minors on there as young as twelve!

  5. Kid Chronic says:

    Wait is this an April Fools joke???

  6. Amanda says:

    good. Nik Ritchie is a piece of shit for even publishing such a website. This is the kind of crap that makes kids want to kill themselves. Once you are posted on this website, it shows up in google, and bosses, friends, family can find it. Most peeople posted are posted out of jealously and others try to ruin their lives. This definitely is a good thing. OH not to mention the extortion to charge people MONEY to have their names OFF the site.


  7. Mr. Kosher says:

    really because it’s no longer april fools and their still down??…it wouldn’t surprise me , i noticed that the image you see of their page right now is actually on their server…

  8. s says:

    Let’s hope the guy now gets taken down for violation of misuse of gov identity. Using gov logos and trying to pass them off as their own is a big no no. I personally believe one day the legal system will catch up with technology and put a stop to this nonsense. I believe that even though Nik is not writing the stuff, he should still be liable since he is in a sense the publisher. There has got to be some responsibility as a publisher. One day the legal system will catch up, one day I promise it will happen.

  9. Tina, do you have any links depicting this disgusting behavior?

  10. Kid Chronic says:

    Its back up Good April Fools Joke tight work Nik lol!

  11. RikNitchie says:

    First Ammendment. Who really cares if some weak minded drama queen off themselves. Best thing for them really, their therapy is going no where. Don’t do Dirty stuff, you won’t end up on theDirty. This is about accountability for YOUR dirty actions. You have to know that sooner or later someone is going to call you on it.
    Nik is a dick, an honest dick. That’s his job.
    DA Strong!

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  13. linda says:

    nik richie is the biggest piece of shit…i made a total lie about a random person and he posted it…so its not about doing dirt and having a place to put someone on blast..he accepts anyones stories…and lies PIECE OF SHIT

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