Casey Anthony Says F*ck You America!!!

The Best Casey Anthony Links On the Web!

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Witness Rebuts Human Decomposition. [ABCNews]

Casey Anthony’s Father Admits Suicide Attempt, Denies Molestation. [HuffPost]

Casey Anthony murder trial: Has the defendant displayed grief? [ChrisitanScienceMoniter]

Casey Anthony Furious As Her Mother Testifies. [WTSP]

Casey Anthony Case Timeline. [Washington Post]

Casey Anthony Trial Bombshell: Mother Searched Internet for ‘Chloroform.’ [Time]

Casey Anthony Acquitted Of Killing Young Daughter. [Yahoo]

3 Responses to “Casey Anthony Says F*ck You America!!!”

  1. Neena Pake says:

    I think it’s a shame the way the media has treated this girl.. she is innocent for goodness sake! Leave her alone!!God Bless Casey Anthony… thumbs up!

  2. l8dyd says:

    Neena I take it your also from Pinellas County, you have no idea what your talking about. So I would suggest
    you do a little research on the law and what these jurors were instructed to do, before you go applauding
    a mother who killed her child.

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