Florida Guy Finds A Brick Of White Powder Floating In The Ocean Sniffs It And Dies

Every drug users dream is to find a brick of cocaine floating in the ocean. This particular dream came true for one Floridian named Thomas Swindal on a recent fishing trip with his brother.

They ended up tossing the package into a bait well until a short time later, when Kenneth said he turned around and saw his brother snorting some of the substance.

Kenneth told investigators that about 90 minutes later, Thomas began running around the boat, throwing things into the water, including a cell phone and a VHF radio. Thomas also picked up knives, pliers and a gaff and removed the cowling from the engine, which fell overboard and sank, leaving the brothers stranded.

To avoid further dangers, Kenneth said he tossed all remaining sharp objects into the water, as well as the package of the mysterious substance.

The brothers where then rescued by a passing boat but it proved to be to little to late as Thomas died later at the hospital. Now the question that’s burning me up inside is. Was the coke pure and uncut and that’s why he freaked out and died, or was it some other random substance, and he died because it wasn’t meant to be snorted? Good question right? Unfortunately we wont know the answer till the toxicology report comes in sometime later this week. [WPBF] Via [Gawker]

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