How The Hell Is Casey Anthony Going to Survive On The Outside?

Would you hire Casey Anthony? Where is she gonna live? Does her family even want anything to do with her? Will she do interviews or take a book deal? [USAToday]

3 Responses to “How The Hell Is Casey Anthony Going to Survive On The Outside?”

  1. GRG says:

    She will sell her story and make a shit ton of money. It’s the American way!!!

  2. XXX movie studios says:

    We are hiring new porn stars every day. From the looks of the picture of her smoking a cigar she has talent.

  3. Eric says:

    Its over!!! nothing we can do. You cant kill her or you will be just like her. She will be a millionare if shes not already. None of the money will show up in her name though and we will never know she has any. Futhermore her inner circle is going to high levels of security for her. Not only do we not know where she is but I would bet my morgage payment she has security out the back side wherever she is!!! She is being well taken care of you can tell by the way this whole release thing came down. So give it up folks we will never see her again. And if you want revenge?? Take comfort in knowing she is still a prisoner in her own life she cant go anywhere or do anything she is and will be in moral prison for years!!!!

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