Priceless Jesus Painting Found In Trailer Park

A 73-year old Tennessee man by the name of Frosty, yes like the snowman, had his home burglarized by a woman by the name of Kelly Ghormley. After the robbery Ghormley noticed that the painting was of the imaginary man in the sky’s son. So she tried to pawn it off on a local Church. The Church immediately noticed the painting might be worth something and decided to take her up on her offer. Turns out they were way right. The painting is based on the Veil of Veronica, aka the towel Jesus wiped his face on during the crucifixion. As the story goes when Veronica looked at it after Jesus wiped his face, his face was imprinted on the Veil. The painting, being a replica of the veil, is therefore priceless since Christians believe it is historically correct. The painting is an actual replica of the real face of Jesus. The painting is so significant in fact, that it was blessed by Pope Leo XIII who served back in the 1800’s. [Gawker]

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