Everyone Together Now: “9-11 Was An Inside Job”

All of America is about to get down to a form of macabre masturbation, in this chronicler’s opinion. It will be all “pro-USA,” all electrified grief, all the time, for the next seven days, until the tenth anniversary of the atrocities of September 11.

Nobody grieves more than myself for the nearly 3,000 people who were murdered that day. Nobody grieves more than me for the 100,000’s and even potentially several millions of lives that have been snuffed out since 2001, as a direct result of the mass murder that Tuesday morning that “changed the world forever.”

Nobody, that is, except all the people who actually lost a loved one that day, or watched them die under heavy bombardment in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere we send Predator drones and depleted uranium shell-barrages. Those people grieve more than I do. But unlike so many Americans to this day, I understand the pain of those foreign losses a bit more, because I am just more morally outraged about them. Properly outraged and saddened. Because I accept, and understand, and have proven to myself beyond any shadow of a doubt that:

9-11 Was An “Inside Job.”

I am completely serious and fully prepared to defend my views. The attacks came from rogue elements within our own government and military. These non-muslim villains almost certainly colluded with the rogue networks that are obviously nesting in other powerful countries, like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, and so on. At the very least, most of those countries kindly looked the other way as our evil leaders butchered us in a diabolical plan that laid all blame on the “radical muslim jihadists” who hate us so brilliantly and with such precision flying skill. Hollywood stuff, really. And we had been prepared very well to digest and accept this nonsense for a long time.

Funny, though, that these are the same sort of radical Islamic extremists who are provably within the jurisdiction of western intelligence agencies, and have been since the Afghan-Soviet conflict, and probably before then. We employ them. We’ve used these guys in several other places, too, like the Balkans, Kosovo. Everyone knows Osama bin Laden once worked for the CIA. Not many people know that he was in the Albanian and Kosovo regions in 1994, essentially fighting NATO/US battles for “us.”  But this is just the beginning of the story, and it is all documented.

So many billions of people in the world agree with me. It’s because the case of the Tragic Events is almost self-evident, as far as the identity of the real attackers. In legal terms, “prima facie” evidence is spilling out of the entire story, evidence that damns the government. “On its face” it conclusively brands the guilty parties, in a general sort of way that is satisfying enough to the outraged conscience. There was no one, or two, or twenty guilty parties. It was a wider group, a “cabal,” and such an organization was needed for the stand-down and the distraction of our military defenses which occurred that day. That generalized conclusion is much more satisfying than the dramatic specifics of bin Laden in a cave with liver trouble, and Mohammed Atta and the gang leaving their evidence all over and suddenly becoming ace pilots.  So some of the so-called “evidence” for this zany Inside Job Theory will be examined in the coming week.

I simply have a hard time accepting that Atta and Hani Hanjour were able to channel the Red Baron, as well as bring down THREE Skyscrapers with only TWO planes. (See: Building 7, the one collapsing in the above footage)


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