NOPE: Sun Sentinel Wants You To Pay $10 Dollars A Month To Go To Their Second Rate Website

The Sun Sentinel has installed a pay wall on their website, meaning that if you go to the site more than a couple of times a month you will be forced to pay money before being able to read the articles. The rate is set sky-high at a ridiculous $10 a month, making it one of the most expensive websites on the planet.

The move seems right out of the prehistoric era of the web, since most companies abandoned pay walls years ago. Pay walls were such an obvious option that every company in the book has tried one, and almost all of them were massive failures. Today, pay walls only exist on specialized porn sites, where fetish freaks are willing to pay more for something special.

The fact is if you’re a news site on the web today, and you cannot sustain yourself through advertising dollars alone, than it’s time to clear out your whole internet department. No one is going to pay for something readily available online for free, especially when the free sites are better at it than you are! SunSentinel.com is updated a fraction of the times all other major news sites are. They rarely have pictures, and have videos even less, not to mention the average article is only a paragraph and a half long. Quite simply put, there isn’t anything on that site worth paying for.

There are literally thousands of better news sites currently available online than the Sun Sentinel, and they are all totally free! It’s mind-boggling to think that Forum Publishing honestly believes they are going to be able to sell this load of steaming poop to the good people of South Florida. I reached out to Sun Sentinel Publisher Howard Greenberg, who responded by telling me that it was a nationwide move, and there was nothing he could do about it. Adding that it has been quite succesful in other places… Oh yeah, Howard, where?

RIP Sun Sentinel. It was nice knowing you.

One Response to “NOPE: Sun Sentinel Wants You To Pay $10 Dollars A Month To Go To Their Second Rate Website”

  1. Amen! I posted the exact same thing. Who do they think they are? ESPN? And for the record, I don’t pay for ESPN insider either, I find it annoying, and there is just oo much free content out there. As I said, for better or worse, I do like to read or dislike Omar Kelly’s Dolphin rants and content sometimes, but surely not for $10 a month. RIP SS online, your history!!!

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