Rick Scott Wants Floridians To Take Drug Tests, While Connecticut Just Legalized Marijuana

If any of you 250,000 monthly Chronicle readers vote for Rick Scott next year, I will personally drive to your house and punch you in the face. This joker is down here trying to force public employees into taking meaningless, easy-to-beat drug tests. The good people of Connecticut and their leadership just passed medical marijuana, becoming the 17th state in the union to do so. Must Florida be on the tail end of everything? Here is an idea, Rick Scott: why don’t you legalize marijuana and then flip to being liberal. It would be a great news story and people would love you for a change. Let’s face it. You suck at being a Republican anyway, and you have zero chance of furthering your political career in that party. So why not try being a good guy for once and actually do something progressive? [Gawker]

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