Dog Waits Two Days at Rest Stop for Owner to Return

A trucker on a recent haul through the great state of Missouri pulled over at a local rest stop to take a stretch. What truck driver Michael Siau didn’t realize was, that his 9 month old Yorkie “Rambo” had jumped out of the cab of the truck to take a stretch as well.

Siau continued his journey all the way to Iowa before he realized that Rambo was not in the vehicle. The distraught truck driver quickly recalled that he must have left the puppy at the rest stop. Siau then compounded the problem by calling the police in the wrong town for two days, before finally reaching the animal control officers in the right town.

The puppy-less truck driver was then ecstatic to find out that Rambo was found by police sitting patiently at the truck stop where he had been left two days earlier! The two best friends forever were reunited on Siau’s return trip through the area. [USAToday]

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