Brian Ross Sought to Link Tea Party to Mass Murder.

It did not take long. Just hours after the mass murder in Aurora, Colorado, committed by James Holmes, Brian Ross of ABC news had an idea of who might really be responsible. My guess is that the intrepid, unbiased, and undoubtedly highly regarded reporter Brian Ross of ABC must have web searched the name Jim or James Holmes along with Aurora, Colorado. Ross hit pay dirt, and on the Good Morning America show he said, “there is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado page on the Colorado Tea party site as well.” He then added, “we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes.”

If journalism were a true higher profession like medicine or law, one might expect that a practioner would want to check if the Jim Holmes of the Tea Party was the same one who committed the mass murder before broadcasting the link before a national audience. After all, James or Jim Holmes is not that uncommon of a name. It turned out the Jim Holmes that Ross found was not the same one and Ross later reported that James Holmes of the Colorado Tea Party was not the same person who was arrested for last night’s spree killing. Should this end the episode?

Why was there the hurry by Brian Ross and ABC to broadcast something trying to link a Jim Holmes to the Tea Party before checking to see if this was the same person? This is the mindset that Brian Ross has as he tried to discredit the Tea Party and those who belong to it. Based on my observation and interpretation of his facial expression as he revealed his “scoop,” I thought Ross seemed gleeful at the prospect that a mass murderer came from the ranks of the Tea Party. If his work is ever reviewed and critiqued by any higher ups, they should ask why this mindset about the Tea Party?

When there is an act of horrific violence there is an attempt to link the perpetrator and conservatives. One example of this was when Bill Clinton infamously tried to lay some of the blame for the Oklahoma bombing by Timothy McVeigh to what was being said on the airwaves. I wonder just who he meant when he spoke of things said on the air waves? Back then, Rush Limbaugh was the main conservative voice, and it is hard not to conclude that Clinton meant Rush Limbaugh.

More recently, broadcasters like John King of CNN and Diane Sawyer of ABC linked the crosshairs used on Sarah Palin’s 2010 electoral map and suggested that these images might have influenced Jared Loughner, the shooter who killed six people and wounded twenty others including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords at a political event. Of course, what was not said until conservative media types brought it up was the Democrats’ use of targets on their electoral maps, and also not discussed was the use of warlike terms like “air war” that is used to describe political advertising and is used by many in the media.

In the aftermath of the Giffords shooting, some people even posted a crazed photo of a bald and crazed-looking Jared Loughner next to a photo of broadcaster Glenn Beck, that apparently tried to suggest that there was a superficial resemblance between the two (there wasn’t). I think that this was done to discredit Beck‘s conservative ideas. Unstated but ever present is the idea that if Beck somehow looks like a crazed Loughner, somehow Beck’s ideas must be insane.

This is how the left operates and they own most of the media in the country today. That is why Brian Ross, a member of the dominant left wing of the Democrat party branch office known as ABC news, will keep distorting the news in order to promote a left-wing, anti-Tea Party agenda.

One Response to “Brian Ross Sought to Link Tea Party to Mass Murder.”

  1. David K. M. Klaus says:

    I saw it on t.v., too, and Mr. Ross looked far from gleeful. He looked like he was caught unawares without having a properly researched answer and was stumbling for a reply, much like a kid in school asked a question by the teacher about last night’s homework which he hadn’t done.

    Neither I, who signed my name, or you, Mr. or Ms Anonymous, can read Mr. Ross’ mind and know his intentions. But I will note this: When Bob Justman sent Gene Roddenberry a memo during the production of the original STAR TREK series about a production problem, he said, “I know you science fiction people have a convoluted, scientific explanation for things like this: I think you call it a ‘mistake’.”

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