Is Ricks Scott’s Lt Governor Getting Her Carpet Munched By Her Travel Aid?

According to Carletha Cole she is!

“(Cole) walked into the Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll’s office and observed the Lt. Governor sitting at her desk with her foot up on the cadenza and her skirt hiked up. Beatrice Ramos was kneeling in front of Carroll, poised as if she (Ramos) was about to or had performed oral sex on the Lt. Governor.”

Needles to say, Cole was fired right after the incident, setting the stage for an epic Florida sex scandal. Awww yeaaaaa!!!

I’m sure Rick Scott (an avid Republican) is beside himself right now, after finding out that his Lt Governor is not only black, but is also allegedly a lesbian! [Gawker]

If anyone out there has any info about the LT Governor’s lesbian relationships or Beatrice Ramos, email me at kidchronic@sflchronicle.com. Compensation available.



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