Obama and Romney Neck in Neck, Florida Poll Says

A recent poll by Florida News sources shows Obama and Romney neck in neck in the Sunshine State.

Since Florida is one of the biggest battleground states residents can expect to be lambasted with ads from both sides as they battle for the highest office in the land.

The poll which was backed by such organizations as the Miami Herald gave Obama a slight edge over Romney.

“46 percent of likely Florida voters supporting the president, 45 percent backing the former Massachusetts governor, and 2 percent behind Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Only 7 percent are undecided.” The Herald reported today.

However if Romney picks Florida Senator Mark Rubio as his running mate, the polls sway in his favor with a A Romney/Rubio ticket leading an Obama/Joe Biden ticket 46 percent to 45, giving him a slight edge over the President. [MiamiHerald]

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