Paterno and Other Penn State Officials Covered Up Sandusky’s Crimes

A recent independent study performed by former FBI agent Louis Freeh into the Jerry Sandusky scandal has pointed a very damning finger at Joe Paterno and the former president of Penn State University, Graham Spanier.

The states that five boys were clearly victimized after school officials had been made aware of Sandusky’s abusive behavior. The discovery came from a chain of emails unearthed during the investigation between Paterno and Graham, discussing their plan NOT to report Sandusky for the now infamous Penn State shower scene, in which Sandusky was caught raping a boy in the locker room by former Penn State assistant coach¬†Mike Macquarie.

The report will surely serve as a major tool for the victims of Sandusky when they inevitably file civil suits against the school, since it clearly shows an intentional effort by University officials to cover up Sandusky’s crimes for PR purposes.

That’s right, folks, the story that couldn’t get any worse just did.

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2 Responses to “Paterno and Other Penn State Officials Covered Up Sandusky’s Crimes”

  1. Tom says:

    Email Presidents of NCAA make him feel the heat for everyday he ignores this issue…memmert@ncaa.org….let him know how you feel..Personally thier was suppose to be a response from Penn State to allegataions back in December , when the story broke again thursday NCAA come up with the same exact statement that was printed in Nov of 2011 and was suppose to be responded to in Dec of 2011…

  2. Tom says:

    another way to get ahold of the president of the NCAA he is on facebook if you want him to understand your stance on so far the do nothing of the NCAA and what you think the NCAA should do..he is on facebook at least for now:) Mark Emmert
    Worked at College football national championships in NCAA Division I FBSStudied at University of Washington

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