Mitt Romney Chooses the Devil Himself, Paul Ryan, as His Running Mate

It’s almost as if Mitt Romney picked his running mate based solely on who had the worst possible plan for economic recovery. Romney chose Wisconsin House Rep. Paul Ryan today as his VP and running mate for the most important presidential election of our lifetime. The Mitt made the announcement this morning at a Naval Museum in Norfolk, Virginia, with the USS Wisconsin in the background. The war ship served as a testament to United States military might and a reference to Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.

The scary part of this appointment is that Ryan is the architect of one of the absolute worst economic plans ever put on paper, in which he said he would dismantle medicare, slash education funding, and give an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires, basically doubling down on the failed Republican trickle-down economics plan that got us into this mess in the first place. Ryan has no original or interesting ideas at all, and is so far right on almost every issue that his election would be catastrophic for the poor, the old, and students at almost every level of our education system.

After the announcement, Ryan took the podium and said “I am deeply excited and honored to join you as your running mate.” He then went on to say that “together” Republicans would eliminate the country’s “debt, doubt and despair.” I guess by “the country” he means rich people and by the”despair” he means eliminating the temporary sadness they feel when they pay their annual taxes. In short, if you or a member of your family are in college receiving financial aid, are on medicare, or are recently insured under Obama Care, voting for Romney and Ryan in 2012 will most likely cost your family valuable social programs necessary for your happiness and survival. So choose wisely, people!

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