Out-of-Control Cops Shoot Three Dogs on Innocent Person’s Property

It’s not ok for cops to shoot people’s dogs. I see it all the time. These cops have been given the green light by police higher-ups, so they do it every chance they get. This time, police went to a home a man was working on to arrest him. When the man let them on the property, police shot the home owner’s three dogs. The home owner wasn’t even home at the time. This to me is ridiculous. Are you telling me mace wouldn’t have done the trick? He had to shoot all three? the others didn’t run away after the first gun shot?

Come on. This is getting out of control. I saw this happen firsthand in Tallahassee, and let me tell you, the cops know exactly what they are doing, and that it’s a grey area in the law where they can discharge their weapon and kill something with very little fallout or paperwork. That is the only reason why this still happens all the time. The fact the police in these big cities haven’t found a way to handle dogs on people’s property without killing them shows how much they enjoy shooting people’s pets and have no desire to stop.

Anyone with half a brain knows police could have sedated the dogs with a Milk Bone or a steak. [MiamiHerald]

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