Jeffrey Bret Rubin – Career of Crime

Jeff Rubin Mug ShotPreface: Prior to this article the foremost authority on the Jeff Rubin case was this very in-depth article written by Y! Sports. It describes Rubin’s rise and fall better than just about anything else out there. However it ends when the story just started to get good!

It also gives you a false impression that Jeff Rubin sailed off into the sunset. The article ends with “For the time being, Rubin now lives back in his ornate, Renaissance-style home on the water, living off the money he allegedly made from Gilley and the players. Some of the players still talk to him. Others have written him off as a bad experience and are just hoping to get their money back.” When the reality is that Jeff Rubin is playing a real life Catch Me if You Can, with the players, and his creditors as they hunt him down for their money. 

Currently new cases against Jeffrey Brett Rubin are being filed everyday, while others are being settled so it is important to remember the proceedings against him and his associated companies are still very fluid and active. In fact one of the attorneys I spoke to, Michael Simon, who is heavily involved in cases against Rubin, told me he is only 25% done with his investigation into Rubin and his finances. Furthermore he just deposed Rubin last week in Florida, and described Rubin’s answers as half-truths. Simon is the attorney for former NFL player Roscoe Parish, who sued Rubin and won a monster judgment against him, right here in Broward County. After the original settlement Rubin defaulted on the payment agreement between the two parties. Before running of to Las Vegas to hide from the legal machine, that is currently hunting him down in most of the Southeastern States of the Union.

For those of you who do not know already, Jeffrey Rubin was a NFL financial adviser who gained infamy after he lost $41 million dollars of NFL players money in a now bankrupt Alabama “Casino” deal. The project was originally called Country Crossing, and later Center Stage after Rubin’s partner Ronnie Gilley was arrested for the attempted bribery of Alabama State officials. The casino project or scheme, depending on whose eyes you look at it through, was located in Dothan, Jeff Rubin Financial ScamsAlabama and was pitched as if it was going to be its own little entertainment based city, much like the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino here in Hollywood, Florida.

Rubin and partner Gilley offered investors insane returns, and showed them these amazing pictures that look like Space Mountain at the Disney Parks, combined with Bourbon St. in New Orleans, and the shopping class of Rodeo Dr. The only problem was Country Crossing was actually much more Al Bundy than Bruce Wayne. The place basically consisted of a parking lot, a bingo barn, a country restaurant, and a bed and breakfast. It looks like the kind of place you would stop in to take a shit on the way to somewhere interesting. None the less, Rubin and Gilley got investors to sink over $87 million dollars into the project, on the hopes that they would get monster returns on their money.

How big is a monster return?

Well according to the court docs that just depends on who you were, since some investors were promised higher rates of return on their money than others. Especially when you talk about the $41 million put in by the NFL players that Rubin represented. For most players, Rubin promised them a return rate of 15% – 30%, “turn $1 million into $10 million in five years” was the pitch. The highest rate of return was promised to Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather who invested $4 Million dollars, and claims he was promised $30 million in return. Mayweather feels so certain about this, that he has filed a $30 million dollar lawsuit against Rubin, and is trying to serve him with that lawsuit literally as we speak. The Champ will be happy to know that Rubin is hiding out right under his nose in Las Vegas! The Champ will also be happy to know that if his lawyers stop pussy footing around and actually serve Rubin with the suit, it will most likely be the one that buries Rubin into Bankruptcy for the rest of his life. You can read about the lawsuit below.

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 1.34.47 AM

Below this paragraph you can see all the attempts Mayweather’s attorneys have made to serve Rubin with the lawsuit. Rubin is basically hiding from them like a child playing hide and seek. Mayweather’s attorneys have even tried to serve Rubin’s attorneys on his behalf, but they refused service. Are we to believe that Rubin’s attorneys do not know where their own client is or have contact with him? The reason Rubin and his attorneys are running from this suit so desperately, is because they know that Mayweather and his legal team have the time, money, and expertise to sue Rubin so far into bankruptcy, that his grand kids will be giving Mayweather’s grand kids their lunch money. See all the service attempts made by the Mayweather legal team to serve Rubin with the lawsuit below.

Floyd Mayweather lawsuit against Jeffrey Brett Rubin

Now back to the Casino/Bingo Barn…

One of the most interesting facts about this whole gambling centered investment is that it took place in Alabama. In Alabama gambling is illegal, not like here in Florida where it is illegal, and then there is a casino down the street. No, in Alabama gambling is really illegal, in fact they have a fairly extensive history of busting upstart and illegal gambling operations all over the state. So the idea that all this money could be recouped by gambling profits was total bullshit. The only way the company could profit from gambling was to rent the bingo barn out to charities. Then the charities could make the profit off the gambling and the company i.e. investors could profit off the rent of the Bingo Hall. The only problem is how many nights a week can you do that? Furthermore how many big charities are based out of East Bumble Fuck Alabama? The reality is all the profit would have to come from “Lorrie Morgans Hot Chicken” and “John Anderson’s Cafe.” Now I’m sure Lorrie Morgans Hot Chicken is delicious, but do you know how may chicken baskets you have to sell to recoup $87 million dollars? That’s right a metric fuck ton, or to be exact – if a chicken basket costs $7.99, you would have to sell 11 million chicken baskets. Don’t worry that just means you only have to sell three to every single man, woman, and child in the entire state of Alabama (population 4.8 million) just to break even on your investment. That should happen right about never.

The other real mind fuck here when you review all the evidence in this case is that the casino ends up going bankrupt. Yeah bankrupt, in that they ran out money. How exactly did that happen? All you have is three little buildings and parking lot, how much could that honestly have cost them to build? Lets say $500k per building and $200k for the parking lot, ok where the hell is the other $85.3 million? They should have been able to run that little three building operation from now, until humans were living on Mars with an $85.3 million dollar budget. That is almost a third of the entire annual budget for the City of Fort Lauderdale and that includes, schools, hospitals, buses, the entire police force and all their squad cars, trash and recyclable pick up, those cool little wraps they put on the electrical boxes, all that shit. So how the hell did Gilley and Rubin spend the entire $87 million plus whatever profits the place made, on three barns and a parking lot???

Then you realize…

The question should not be how did they spend the entire $87 million dollars and get so little. The question should be, what did they really spend the $87 million on and where is whats left of it?

The realityCountry Crossing and Jeff Rubin is that somewhere along the line, the casino project became a Ponzi scheme.

At this point in the article it’s important to note that Rubin was going broke before the County Crossing Casino deal. He had already been caught in a handful of financial crimes and gotten slaps on the wrist, one for forging a life insurance policy, and another for depositing player’s checks into others player’s accounts. In fact by the time Rubin left to run the casino project, he had already run Pro Sports Financial (his sports management company) into the ground. He was using drugs heavily, and his home and vehicle had been in the process of being repossessed for quite some time. The casino deal was Rubin’s way to save his own financial skin, it was quite literally all he had, his only hope. That’s why Rubin allowed himself to overlook all the red flags of the investment, to intentionally break NFL player investment policy, and ultimately to break multiple Alabama laws. You can clearly see that Rubin was going broke before and during the Casino project from the documents below.

2003 – 2006 > Financial Crimes actually started early in Jeff Rubin’s financial management career – As soon as his career got started Rubin’s was already headed down the wrong path. This Financial Industry Regulatory Authority dispute filed in 2012 by Lincoln National Life Insurance, claims improprieties by Rubin as far back as 2003. In the dispute they claim that Rubin invested clients money in private placement entities, rather than deposit them into the appropriate variable universal life insurance policy. See the FINRA disclosure below.

Jeff Rubin FINRA Investigation

Jeff Rubin FINRA Investigation 2

Also in 2003 > An investigation confirms that Rubin transferred two of NFL Player Barret Green’s game checks into the bank accounts of two other NFL players without his permission. The other two players were both also Rubin’s clients. Green then warned his agent Drew Rosenhuas that his finances had been mismanaged by Rubin. Yet Rosenhuas, a huge agent in the NFL, continued to refer clients to Rubin and jointly recruit players with him like Terrell Owens, even though this is a direct violation of NFL policy. Read the Y! Sports Investigation into the Rosenhuas and Rubin relationship here [Y! Sport’s Investigation into the game check deposit].

johnny rutledge2005 > Second Person to Catch Rubin in the Act – As far as we can tell the second person to catch Jeff Rubin with his hand in the cookie jar, was NFL football player Johnny Rutledge. When he noticed the signature on his life insurance policy with North Western Mutual had been forged. Prior to that disturbing discovery Rubin was a groomsman in Rutledge’s wedding. The forgery was so offensive to Rutledge, that he actually cut all ties with Rubin and began to warn other athletes of Rubin’s dishonest business practices, however unfortunately for them, most of the athletes did not heed his warning. Currently there are 19 cases of forged bank account information involving Jeff Rubin that are currently being investigated in Florida, as well as a handful more in Alabama. You can read the Sun Sentinel’s story about the forged Johnny Rutledge life insurance policy here [Forged Johnny Rutledge Life Insurance Policy].

2005 > Motive – The reason a financial adviser like Rubin would forge a life insurance policy is because life insurance policies, especially those for the wealthy, pay out huge commissions. In fact life insurance is one of the most commission-able items a person can sell, not only do they pay out huge commissions, the commissions are usually paid up front. Which means they are a great way for a person who likes to live beyond his means, to pick up a quick $100k to get out of a financial jam. Before the casino project life insurance was one of Rubin’s favorite player investments.

Below you can see the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) found in their investigation of the incident of Johnny Rutledge’s forged life insurance policy.

Settlement: Northwestern Mutual ended up paying Rutledge $40,000 a complete refund of all his prior payments. In the complaint Rutledge claimed damages of $119,000.

Side Note: At the top of the document you can also see the end of the Samari Rolle case we will cover further on in this article.Jeff Rubin allegedly forges Johnny Rutledge's Life Insurance Policy with North Western Mutual

 Jeff Rubin allegedly forges Johnny Rutledge's Life Insurance Policy with North Western Mutual

Rubin as Power of Attorney – During his career Rubin made money not only off the players annual fees, but also off of selling things to himself as the players power of attorney and making a commission off the deal. Before the casino project life insurance was one of his favorites for the obvious reasons mentioned above. Rubin would literally be the sales person on the life insurance policies, and since he was the clients power of attorney and financial manager, he represented the purchaser as well. Needless to say, when your selling things to yourself for high commission, it’s a pretty easy sale.

jeffrey brett rubinHere is how I imagine these sales meetings went…

Hi Jeff, would you like to buy from Jeff today, and make Jeff $100k in commission?

Oh you would! That’s great Jeff, how much would you like to buy from yourself today?

As much as possible! That’s wonderful, you’re the best costumer I had all week, pleasure doing business with myself…

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jeff Rubin’s financial management, where your NFL paycheck today, is Rubin’s commission of tomorrow.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me – After both the money mismanagement of Barret Green in 2003, and the forgery of Johnny Rutledge’s life insurance policy in 2005. Jeff Rubin was still allowed to work as a financial adviser to NFL players. There is no doubt that if FINRA, or the NFL had stepped in here after the second offense, the players would never have lost $41 million combined in the Country Crossings Casino investment deal. We find it odd that a league that fines people $20,000 for wearing their game socks too low. Can miss the fact that it has a two strike financial broker working with its top players, and referring them over a period of years, into an illegal gambling investment deal. We also think the reason the NFL did not punish any of the players for the illegal casino investments, is because they did not want anyone asking how they let Jeff Rubin prey upon the NFL’s top players for almost a decade. Especially after multiple reports of player money mismanagement had already been made public.

2005, 2006, 2007 > Just as fast as Jeff Rubin gets everything he begins to lose it – This Federal Tax Lien obtained by the Chronicle clearly shows Rubin was falling behind on his property taxes from as far back as 2005. Right about the exact time of Johnny Rutledge’s forged life insurance policy was turned in to North Western Mutual. It also shows that as of 2007, Jeff was already $117,000 behind on his property taxes. He was hit with this tax lien on his home from the federal government in 2009. It has also been reported that the Federal government has another tax lien on Rubin for the money he made from the Country Crossing investments. However I have not yet been able to find the documentation, when I do I will add it to the crime line.

Jeff Brett Rubin - Tax Lein on property 2385 NE 28th st Lighthouse Point FLorida

2009 > Rubin opens SHO Night Club with fellow alleged financial criminal Mitchell Kaminsky – SHO night club was opened at 15 West Las Olas Boulevard, in Fort Lauderdale Florida by Jeff Rubin and Mitchell Kaminsky. The club opened with big expectations, but none the less it went under like everything else Rubin touches. The two owners currently hate each other. Kaminsky says Rubin never put in his half of the investment money or paid any of the bills. Kaminsky himself has a very interesting story since he was accused of a $65 million dollar pawn shop embezzlement scheme in New York City [Read about Mitchell Kaminsky’s $65 million dollar fraud case in New York City here]. If anything this shows that during the Alabama casino project Rubin was partners in South Florida, with a person who had a lot of experience and knowledge of how to make millions of dollars in investor money disappear out of a business. Below you can see the corporate docs for the company started by Rubin and Kaminsky for SHO Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Jeffrey Brett Rubin and Mitchell Kaminsky

2010 > Jeff Rubin buys Denise Wortheim a Mercedes and it gets repossessed – As the story told to me by roommates of Rubin’s at the time, Wortheim came to Rubin’s house three days in a row and flirted with Rubin to get him to buy the car. Then after the car was purchased she disappeared with it, and never talked to hm again. Basically she got Rubin to buy her a Mercedes without even hooking up with him. After both parties failed to make payments on the car it was repossessed by the bank. You can see the lawsuit from the Mercedes repossession below.

Jeff Rubin Buys Denise Wortheim a Mercedes and it gets repossessed

2010 > Jeff Rubin’s Lamborgini gets repossessed – Here is one of my favorite Jeff Rubin financial stunts. He tries to lease a Lamborghini against Pankas Holdings, one of the accounts in question that he was transferring a lot of the players money into. Pankas Holdings is also the account account Ronnie Gilley was transferring commissions from the player’s investments into. Anyway the leasing company apparently didn’t buy that Rubin could afford the car, or at least didn’t trust the account he was using to say he could afford it. So they got him to sign a personal guarantee.

A personal guarantee for those that do not know allows the other party on the contract, to pierce the corporate veil and go after your personal assets should you default on the contract. This is why no one ever, ever, ever signs a personal guarantee. When you sign one you literally risk everything you have. The first thing they teach you in business school, is never under any circumstance sign a personal guarantee.

Now back to the story, in standard Jeff Rubin fashion he defaults on the contract. Meaning he couldn’t even come up with $2,000 a month to cover the cars lease payment. The leasing company eventually tracked the car down and repossessed it from Rubin. However since Rubin made the worst business decision ever on planet Earth and signed a personal guarantee on a $100k lease of a depreciating asset, this was not the end of the story. The leasing company then circled back around and sued Rubin winning a default judgment against him for the full amount of the lease. That means not only does Rubin no longer have the car, but he is still on the hook for the full balance of the lease almost $70,000. This judgment as well as all the others against Rubin is still active, and unsatisfied. Also since Rubin signed the personal guarantee, they can literally go after anything he owns, or ever does own in the future to recoup their money.

Below you can see the last page of the court’s decision in favor of the leasing company – You have to ask yourself how could a guy dumb enough to sign a $100k personal guarantee on a lease, ever be in charge of other people’s money? It also sadly shows the lengths some people will go, to give others the illusion that they are much richer than they actually are.

Jeff Rubin Lamborghini Repossession

2010 > Jeff Rubin’s Light House Point home gets foreclosed on  – Rubin’s house was foreclosed on in 2010 but he has done a good job at stalling the process including making attempts to have the foreclosure thrown out on a technicality, so that the bank would have to re-file their suit. As well as switching lawyers midway through the foreclosure process. The house is a key piece of the Rubin puzzle, because it affords him the look of wealth as well as a residual income from the tenants that rent the house while it is in foreclosure. Once the house falls to foreclosure Rubin will lose everything because in the house foreclosure paperwork, the bank claims ownership of literally everything including the homes fixtures, and furnishings. Rubin likes to tell people that he intentionally let the house go into foreclosure to do a loan re-modification. However that is completely untrue, in fact the home is scheduled to be taken by the bank any day now. Furthermore if he was able to re-modify his mortgage and retain ownership of the home, it would just be taken from him by one the many people who have judgments against him. At this point it will be very hard for Rubin to own anything ever again, without a lien being put on it from someone who lost money in one of his deals, or by a company he defaulted on payments to.

Jeff Rubin's Home in Foreclosure

Here is a photo of Jeff Rubin’s home that has been getting foreclosed on since 2010 – The home located at 2385 NE 28th Street, in Lighthouse Point Florida has a tax lien on it, a pest control lien on it, and of course a lawn care lien on it as well. Yeah you heard me right, Rubin even ripped off his lawn and pest guy. You figure hell if your going broke at least take care of the little guy, but no, not Jeff Rubin. Jeff Rubin is the opposite of Robin Hood he robs from the poor, and gives to the rich, himself.

Jeff Rubins home in foreclosure

How Rubin got the house in Lighthouse Point – Rubin made a back door deal with the developer Michael Friend of Remi Properties to over charge multiple NFL players for their homes, in exchange for a significant discount on his own home as described in this [Y! Sports article].  Everyone of the player’s homes involved in this real estate deal, is currently in foreclosure or has already been repossessed by the bank.

Interesting side note about life inside the home – According to Rubin’s roommates at the time, Rubin had cameras installed all over the house including in every bedroom, and bathroom. They described seeing him sitting alone and watching the cameras in his office for hours. They also say that during this time the house was filled with free loaders, every single bedroom was filled with someone living for free. One roommate said his job was specifically to get girls to the house for Rubin. Once their Rubin would give them GHB in hopes of loosing them up to hook up with him. It has been reported by multiple sources that at this time Rubin was buying GHB two gallons at a time. GHB is a popular date rape drug and one dose is a thimble full, or a bottle cap. So two gallons worth is the equivalent of buying about 1,600 doses of the drug.

2011 > Outstanding lien on Jeff Rubin’s home from Top Cut Landscaping – We spoke with Top Cut Landscaping this lien is still active and unsatisfied. While Rubin pops bottles of champagne in Las Vegas and thumbs his nose at the American judicial system. Small businesses run by real people, with families to provide for, still go unpaid.

Jeffrey B Rubin Pest Control Company Lien on Home

2011> Lien on Jeff Rubin’s home from Al Hoffer’s Pest Control – We Spoke with Al Hoffers Pest Control, and this lien is also still active and unsatisfied. This is another local South Florida businessman stiffed by Rubin, who continues to rent Lamborghini’s that cost $1,600 a day in Las Vegas.

Another interesting note about life inside the home – The home apparently had a rat problem, as you can see they had to set up multiple rodent stations. Which is kind of a bit of possible foreshadowing because if Rubin ends up facing prison time in Alabama, expect him to rat on anyone and everyone he has ever met to try to get out of trouble. The reason they call snitches “rats” is because just like Jeff Rubin a rat will do anything to survive.

Pest Control Lien on Jeff Rubins home

2011 > Pro Sports Financial folds – Rubin’s employees say he still owes most of them money, some say the money they are owed is into the thousands. Below you can see the tax liens placed on Pro Sports Financial by the federal government after they failed to pay taxes.

Jeff Rubins company tax lien

Screen shJeff Rubin tax lien.


Now back to the Casino/Bingo Barn…

2008 > Jeff Rubin knew the Country Crossings Casino project was illegal – The reason we know Rubin knew it was illegal, is because Rubin was also actively running a marketing company whose sole purpose was to fake overwhelming support for legalizing gambling in Alabama. Ronnie Gilley testified during his bribery trial that he and Victory Land casino owner Milton McGregor tried to sway public opinion for pro-gambling legislation by paying a viral marketing firm to post favorable comments on news media websites about gambling. The firm was run by Jeff Rubin. We have seen no documentation of an actual marketing firm run by Rubin, but people close to Rubin have told me the casino owners paid Rubin and he put some kids together in a “blog house” to leave comments on web articles and fake support in Alabama for legalized gambling. This clearly shows that Rubin knew it was illegal in Alabama, and new first hand that public support was not in favor of legalization. Yet he continued to sign up players, to invest in the project knowing it was also a direct violation of NFL policy. You can read the full story of Gilley’s testimony that Rubin ran the “PR firm” here [Gilley and McGregor pay Rubin to fake support via social media for legalized gambling in Alabama].

You see the casino project was not the exception for Rubin, it was the rule. Rubin looked at his clients as sales, he had no interest in building their investment portfolios, securing their retirement, or even following their financial plan. That’s why he had 41 players all in on the same investment, it wasn’t what’s best for each player, their circumstance, or their financial plan, it was what’s the best deal for Jeff Rubin. He served these players up to the highest bidder, Rubin’s goal was to make as much money off the players as possible, and he realized right out of the gate that you can make a fortune in kick backs and commissions if you steer the players into higher risk investments. Which is by definition a breach of the fiduciary duty Rubin had to each of his clients. At every turn in his career Rubin chose high commissions for himself, over the security and validity of the investments he suggested to his clients. That is the one concurrent theme throughout Rubin’s career, every investment he suggested was high commission for him, and highly likely to go bust for the investor. Rubin sought out these high commissions, so it was not by chance that Rubin met Ronnie Gilley, it was an inevitability. Gilley was the type of investment manager Rubin had been looking for his whole career, a manager that made it rain commissions, commissions to the tune of $500k plus 10% of the amount brought in, and a 4% stake in the business. For a guy like Rubin, who was on the brink of losing everything, this must have been music to his ears.

Soon after meeting Gilley, Rubin began to push every NFL player he could into the casino deal, ripping huge commissions of each new investor, as well as all sorts of other fee’s from the casino project and Gilley.

However the players money was not directly invested into the property as pitched, and as other prior investor’s was, instead it was put into limited liability companies under the control of Rubin’s company Pro Sports Financial. The accounts and contracts were written up by an attorney friend of Rubin’s, Pamela Linden from Greenberg Traurig, some of the players contend they had no knowledge of any of this, some deny knowing about the investment at all and claim the money was just moved from their account without their permission. Basically during this time Gilley and Rubin had full control of the money and the business while the players/investors were essentially kept at bay through the crafty, though ultimately dishonest legal work of Linden. In fact the corporate arrangement was not even put on paper by Linden until 2012 even though Rubin had been taking in player investments in the deal since 2007. This is the reason the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, and Linden eventually get sued. It almost seems as if they tried to turn the scheme into a business after they knew they were already in trouble. Imagine taking in over $40 million with no real documentation, because that was the reality of this project from 2007 – 2012.

NFL player Clinton Portis actually ended up suing BB&T over the accounts created by Pamela Linden – You can read the court docs here, they give an amazing break down on how the casino project turned Ponzi scheme separated the players from their investment and made it virtually impossible for them to recoup their money. Terrell Owens actually sued Linden and her firm Greenberg Traurig as well, you can read about it here [Terrell Owens Sues Pamela Linden]. Below are the Clinton Portis court docs that describe the completely ludicrous way in which the players investments in the casino project were structured.

When players asked about their investment – When players asked why they were not getting the promised returns, they would get the run around. If they were really persistent Rubin and Gilley would cut them out a check. Not every investor would get a check, only those that complained. On one occasion two players complained at the same time and they both got the same amount. Only problem was one player had invested $600k, and the other $1.4 million. It is at that exact moment that the Country Crossing casino project stops being a development deal, and becomes a full functioning Ponzi scheme. Because now they are kicking out hush payments to old investors as dividends, out of the new investor’s investments into the casino project.

country crossing Ponzi SchemeFurthermore the project did not seem to grow in any meaningful way with the addition of all these new funds, in fact it seems more money was used to secure new investors, than was used to improve the property or further the as pitched business plan. Which is another sign that at this point, the project ceased being a development project, and became a very real and active Ponzi scheme. Including using private jets to pick up potential investors, and on one occasion using a private jet to pick up Rubin’s friend who had just gotten out of prison. All while the company was already reportedly in a huge financial hole.

During this time Rubin’s friends says Rubin’s favorite saying was “I’m just stealing happiness.” It is also during this time that Rubin’s friend says Rubin asked him multiple times to help him hide money in the Bahamas and discussed the bribing of Alabama officials and legalizing gambling in Alabama with him. According to this same friend, Rubin’s illegal request grew so constant and desperate that he actually parted ways with Rubin in order to avoid the potential legal trouble. Even though Ruben was paying him $1,000 a week to basically hang out with him and get him girls.

Ronnie Gilley is busted by the FBI – Ronnie Gilley, Rubin’s partner in the casino project (who was paying him management fees, PR firm fees, and commissions on the money he brought in) is arrested with 11 others for trying to bribe Alabama state officials to legalize bingo machine gambling in the state of Alabama. The arrests included Gilley, Sens. Larry Means, D-Attalla; Jim Preuitt, R-Talladega; Quinton Ross Jr., D-Montgomery; and Harri Anne Smith, R-Slocomb. Also arrested was Milton McGregor, owner of Victory Land casino and financial backer of the Country Crossing project. During this bust Rubin is not arrested, yet people close to the casino project and Rubin say he had full knowledge that they were attempting to bribe public officials to legalize gambling for the Country Crossing project, and was in full support of the effort. You can read more about Ronnie Gilley’s arrest here [Feds arrest 11 in gambling bribery ring].

At first it seems Ronnie Gilley did not take his conviction very seriously or maybe he just couldn’t turn off his inner scam artist because he tried to re-brand the project as BamaJam and kept pitching it to investors while he was waiting to be sentenced. Can you believe the brass on this guy? Check him out in action below. If you want to read more about Gilley and his constant re-branding of the same failed development scheme you can do so here [Gilley still trying to pitch the same development even though he is still facing jail time].

While already in trouble for bribery, Gilley tries to bribe a Government witness against him – Your kidding right? No unfortunately we are not, that is actually how corrupt this guy is and this entire operation was. While awaiting trial for bribery Gilley actually tried to bribe one of the FBI’s witness against him with a share in Country Crossing, if they would agree not to testify. You can read more about Gilley trying to bribe a government witness here [Gilley attempts to bribe a government witness].

Gilley Becomes an informant for the FBI – Now in a mountain of trouble, Gilley becomes a FBI informant and testifies against the politicians he claims he was able to bribe, as well as others involved in the bribery attempt. There is no telling what other kind of dirt Gilley gave the FBI, but considering how much trouble he was in, I’m sure he gave them Ronnie Gilley Jeff Rubons partnereverything he had. As a result I’m sure Jeff Rubin’s name had to be mentioned in there somewhere. Unless Gilley is protecting Rubin since he has proven to be an investment cash cow, and Gilley is still pitching investments. Unfortunately, until we can get more information on these cases from the Alabama authorities. How Rubin did not get arrested in all of this, still remains a question. You can read more about Gilley working with the FBI here [Gilley Working as an informant for the FBI].

Gilley gets monster prison sentence – The judge hammers Gilley with a six-year eight month prison sentence for his crimes. You can read more about Gilley’s sentencing here [ Gilley and partners get a huge sentence].

After just eight months in prison Gilley already wants out – Prison sucks we all know that, but Ronnie Gilley is learning that first hand. After not even a year he has hired another attorney to try to spring him from the clink early. You can read about Ronnie Gilley trying to reduce his sentence here [Ronnie Gilley tries to reduce sentence].

During this time Country Crossing closed down and reopens as “Center Stage” with Rubin at the helm – Rubin announces a job fair and the opening of two new restaurants at the casino project site on facebook. Rubin also begins emailing investors a weekly newsletter, promising them he will get them their money back. Neither one of Rubin’s claims comes to fruition.

center stage bingo in Alabama

2011 > False Arrest and Lawsuit – So here is how Jeff Rubin manipulated South Florida law enforcement into arresting an innocent person.

Michael Kneuer Mug Shot

Disclaimer – For their protection, and to keep them free of guilt by association from Google search, the three girls in this section, will be called Bartender 1, Bartender 2, and Bartender 3.

The story begins with three young pretty girls, being just that, young girls. Bartender 1, Bartender 2, and Bartender 3 are all friends of near the same age, that work as bartenders in some of the hottest clubs in South Florida. At the time Bartender 1 and Bartender 2 are both over 21, but Bartender 3 is not quite there yet. To hang out with her older friends Bartender 3 employs a popular tactic used by a lot of young people, she has a fake ID. Bartender 3 got the fake ID at DMV when she was mistaken for Bartender 1, whom she had been to the same DMV with the day before. The woman behind the counter assumed she was Bartender 1 from the day before, and basically issued Bartender 3, Bartender 1’s ID by accident. Bartender 3 who is definitely on the street savvy side of the bunch, could not believe her luck and snatched the ID from the DMV clerk without the blink of an eye. Happy to now have her under 21 problems behind her, Bartender 3 kept the true identity of her fake ID a secret.

Also around this same time Jeff Rubin becomes infatuated with Bartender 2 even though she has a boyfriend. Bartender 2 had worked at a now closed night club, Rubin had been associated with named Automatic Slims on West Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. In typical Rubin fashion he begins to text Bartender 2 constantly. On one particular evening Rubin texts Bartender 2, that he needs to meet with her immediately. He claims to have iron clad information that Bartender 2’s boyfriend has been cheating on her.

Solid Gold Strip Club Fort Lauderdale
Solid Golden Shower?

According to the people there that evening, Bartender 2 claims she never invited Rubin to Solid Gold that night, but they also say she was seriously bothered by Rubin’s news of her boyfriends possible infidelity, so anything is possible. Either way a short time later Rubin showed up at the strip club with Mike Kneuer. Kneuer is a friend of Rubin’s and the general manager at Center Stage when Rubin was at the helm. Some describe Kneuer as Rubin’s security or body-guard, but essentially he is just another friend of Rubin on the payroll. When they got to Solid Gold Rubin told Bartender 2 whatever gossip he had to spill, then Bartender 2 high tailed it to Miami to confront her boyfriend.

Bartender 1 and Bartender 3 were left alone in the strip club with Rubin and Kneuer. During this time Bartender 2, who is intoxicated, decides to come clean to Bartender 1, that she has been using her ID as a fake without her knowledge. The group laughs about it, and the conversation shifts to Automatic Slims, where the girls used to work for Rubin. Both girls make fun of Rubin for not paying them their final paychecks before the nightclub went under. Rubin apparently did not appreciate their brand of humor, because before you knew it, Kneuer took out his penis and urinated on Bartender 1, right there at the bar inside of Solid Gold. Upon the horrific realization, that she had just been peed on by Rubin’s “body-guard,” Bartender 1 calls the police.

Before the police arrived on the scene Rubin gave the bartender at Solid Gold (the only witness to the incident besides Bartender 3) a large tip as long as she promised not to make a statement to police. Then Kneuer and Rubin high tailed it out of the club to a destination florida highway patrolunknown. Bartender 1 was forced to go to the courthouse in the morning to report the crime, the judge then issued a warrant for Kneuers arrest. Kneuer turned himself in and was charged with multiple crimes, including assault and lewd and lascivious behavior.

Since Bartender 3 is the only witness to Kneuer’s assault on Bartender 1, Rubin calls the police in an attempt to silence/pay her back, and actually NARC’s her out for having a fake ID. First Rubin calls Fort Lauderdale Police and reports it to them, then after they explain to him that they do not handle state ID issues. Rubin continues his snitch fest and calls the Florida Highway Patrol and God knows what he told them, because they actually go to Bartender 1, the victim’s house, and arrest her! Bartender 1 is actually taken to jail and processed, before finally getting out over eight hours later.

In short, Jeff Rubin had the victim of an assault he was behind, arrested for a crime she did not commit.

After all of this the judge slapped Kneuer with a restraining order, barring him from contacting Bartender 1. This part of the proceedings Kneuer must not have taken very seriously, because a short time later Rubin and him went right into the establishment Bartender 1 worked at, and plopped themselves down at the bar in front of her. I don’t even need to tell you how that incident ends, but I will. Bartender 1 calls the police, and Kneuer goes back to jail.

On the Upside – Bartender 1 ended up suing the Florida Highway Patrol as well as Mike Kneuer and won both cases.

On the Downside – The tax payers had to pay for the Florida Highway Patrol lawsuit, all because Rubin manipulated the police into a false arrest, and yet he was never charged or fined the amount of the lawsuit.

2011 > Alleged Rape and Drug Bust at Center Stage Casino – The alleged rape at the Center Stage facility has a lot of misconceptions associated with it, and up till now I had avoided writing about it because writing about a rape is particularly icky and not something I enjoy. However, since you guys have all commented and emailed me about it numerous times, I’m going to let you in a few things no one else knows about this case. In 2011 while Rubin was running Center Stage, he hired his friend Mike Kneuer to be the facilities Chief Operating Executive. Kneuer of course had nor prior experience in this field or the appropriate level of education, but none the less, he was Rubin’s friend and some say bodyguard so he got the job. The job however did not last long, because shortly after Rubin’s take over of Center Stage both of the men were arrested on drug charges and became suspects in a rape case.

Houston County Sheriffs responded to a report from a young lady who worked at Center Stage, that she had been drugged and rapped at the facility by Rubin and Kneuer. In response to the report the Sheriffs raided Rubin and Kneuer’s rooms at the casino’s bed and breakfast, the victim was given a rape kit, and DNA samples were taken from her clothing. Rubin and Kneuer were both arrested for drugs during the raid, Rubin had Xanax in his room, and Kneuer had marijuana and paraphernalia. Police also removed a shot glass with small amount of left over liquid in it that the girl had drank from, and sent it of to the crime lab. Police who collected the evidence said from their experience the shot glass looked to have GHB in it, the date rape drug. To compound matters even more Kneuer was on probation for battery at the time in the State of Florida, for urinating on a girl at Rubin’s request.

We have already documented that Rubin was buying GHB by the gallon at this time, and that he routinely used it to loosen up girls to hook up with him. None the less both men post bail and were released. The infamous Jeff Rubin mug shot, the one with more chins than a Chinese phone book, was taken that night.

Mike Kneuer and Jeff Rubin Alleged Rape


Why are Rubin and Kneuer not in Prison?

A technicality is the only reason Jeff Rubin and Mike Kneuer are not in Prison right now, and Kneuer very well may end up in Prison yet. When the test came back from the lab it was the best day in the world for Jeff Rubin. The shot glass came back inconclusive, GHB has a shelf life, and as soon as it is exposed to the air it begins to break down, the residue left after a shot from the day before, with the extra time it took to get it to the crime lab and test it, was just long enough for it to decompose to a point where the test came back inconclusive not register on the test. People from Rubin’s camp have claimed that it was only vodka, but investigators strongly disagree.

For people who do GHB regularly the average dose is a bottle cap full, a shot glass full is equivalent to nine doses of the drug. 

Without the date rape drug, the case became a he said, she said and Rubin was allowed to walk away from the incident with a slap on the wrist for the Xanax they found in his room. I have talked to Houston County Sheriff’s department on more than one occasion about this incident, and I can tell you this case is major a thorn in their side. They feel the test results allowed these two to get away with rape. The alleged story they believe is that Rubin gave the girl the date rape drug, and then Kneuer raped her while she was passed out. Due to the fact it is a sexual assault case, and still active they would not give me any more info than that. Though they did say went all the way to South Florida to investigate the crime, and are now waiting on the State Attorney to present the evidence to a grand jury. If the grand jury decides there is enough evidence to press charges Kneuer will be arrested and tried for rape. Rubin because of the test result will walk away unscathed, unless something comes out in the trial on official record that incriminates him in the crime as well.

You can read more about the alleged rape at Center Stage here. [Rape at Center Stage]

2012 > Center stage goes bankrupt – When Rubin took over he promised investors he was going to save the day, and began emailing them ridiculous promises to return their money, if they would just stick with him. Nevertheless the casino project went bankrupt claiming $68 million in debt. That means between the $68 million and debt and the $87 million in investments somehow Rubin and Gilley made $155 million dollars disappear into thin air. You can read more about Center Stage going bankrupt here [Center Stage Goes Bankrupt].

2011, 2012, 2013, > Post casino legal hurricane – After Center Stage went bankrupt all the investors started to put two and two together and realize this was more Ponzi scheme than real investment. The result was a plethora of lawsuits going in a million different directions, with Rubin in the middle or the defendant in almost every single one of them.

Here are the Broward County lawsuits that involve Rubin – These are all the lawsuits involving Jeffrey Brett Rubin in Broward County, Florida. Yes, this giant list is just Broward County! Rubin also has lawsuits that in some way involve him in Miami, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Alabama. The Sheriffs department in Alabama is also presenting its criminal case against Rubin to a Grand Jury this week. If they find probable cause for indictment Rubin will be arrested.

Broward County Lawsuits



2011 > One of the first players on to Rubin and Country Crossing/Center Stage investment scheme was Roscoe Parrish – Parrish had already canned Rubin as his financial adviser and he, as well as his new advisers, knew this investment was bogus. With the help of Attorney Michael Simon, Parrish sued Rubin and won big, right before the casino went bankrupt. You can see the settlement paper work below. Jeff Rubin sued by Roscoe Parish

2011 > Jeff Rubin defaults on his lawsuit settlement with Roscoe Paris – Parrish received an upfront payment from Rubin that was supposed to be followed up with monthly payments. Rubin however defaulted very early on in the payment plan. Forcing Parrish’s lawyer Michael Simon, back in to court to get a final judgment against Rubin to the tune of $525,000 dollars. Just like everyone else now knows since this article has been published, Parrish and his attorneys feel fairly certain that Rubin is hiding money. The attorneys for Parrish have already garnished Rubin’s parents, the people who live in Rubin’s house, and everyone else close to him. They have even gone as far as to court order the drilling of multiple safe deposit boxes owned by Rubin to seize their contents. In a recent deposition by Parrish’s attorney, Rubin claimed he is broke and his parents are paying all of his living expenses. If Rubin lied during this deposition he could be charged with perjury.


Jeff Rubin is hiding money from Roscoe Parish.


2011 > Sumari Rolle sues BB&T and Rubin – The suit claims the Rubin was transferring money out of his accounts without his knowledge and that Rubin had involved him in a Ponzi scheme.In the section involving BB&T, Rolle claims their unusually close relationship to Rubin and Pro Sport Financial is what allowed Rubin to access his money. In the suit Rolle’s attorneys argue “Rubin and other Pro Sports Financial employees had complete access to Rolle’s account without his knowledge and/or authorization and transferred Rolle’s funds to their personal bank accounts, to their other client accounts, and unrelated third parties for illegal business ventures,” Rolle’s complaint states. “For example, PSF, Rubin and their agents and/or representatives involved Role in several Ponzi and financial ‘scams,’ including a casino located in Dothan, Ala. called Country Crossing.” The Broward County Case Information is Below. [You can read more about Rubin transferring Rolle’s money into other accounts here.] Sumari Rolle lawsuit, Jeff Rubin


2011 > Here is a copy of Samari Rolle’s FINRA complaint against Jeff Rubin – Though it is court document form without proper grammar, it speaks volumes as to how Rubin handled the players finances and investments.

Jeff Rubin Barred from financing

2012 > Jeff Rubin Defaults on his American Express Card – One of the last things to go was Rubin’s American Express Black Card. After going unpaid for some time American Express sued Rubin and they also won a monster judgement. This one is particularly interesting because the lawsuit balance gains interest every month that goes unpaid, so it is actually growing as we speak. It also goes to show that Rubin must be pretty damn close to broke if he is willing to give up his black card. You would think even if you have a little money left you would pay this off so you can keep the account open, since having a Black Card is an awesome status symbol. Knowing Rubin though, he is probably still carrying the black card in his wallet even though it doesn’t work! The Amex Judgment against Rubin is already well over $100,000, and still growing.


Jeff Rubin Owes Americn Express $120,000


2013 > Financial Industry Regulatory Investigation ends Rubin’s Career in finance – After multiple complaints FINRA finally ends Jeff Rubin’s career in financial management or good. You can see the press release below.

FINRA ends Jeff Rubins career

2013 > Terrell Owens Sues BB&T and Jeff Rubin – Below you can find a portion of the lawsuit against Rubin and BB&T. This lawsuit is key because it put a lot of testimony on the record of how Rubin and Pro Sports Financial was moving money between the player’s accounts and their own. Rubin and BB&T settled with Owens just this past Friday. This was the second successful case that Owens attorney Michael Simon filed against Rubin, since he is also the attorney for Roscoe Parrish. Consequently when asked how far he was into the forensic accounting investigation into Rubin’s affairs, Simon said not even 25%. Adding that he had not even had the time yet to review the Pankas Holdings account, one of the main accounts in question.

Terrell Owens Sues Jeffrey Bret Rubin financial adviser


Terrel Ownes Sues Jeffrey Brett Rubin in Federal Court

Jeffrey Brett Rubin Sued by TO in Federal Court

Jeffrey Brett Rubin Sued by TO for 6.3 Million

2013 > Rubin while in Vegas launches new hare brained scheme called “Rubingo” – While your hiding from Roscoe Parrish, Floyd Mayweather, American Express and about 40 other collectors its always a good idea to launch a new business with your name on it. #JeffRubinLogic

As soon as we saw it was called Rubingo, we knew it was his, only Rubin would be cocky/dumb enough to use his own name in the title. So we searched the company and found out it was incorporated in Delaware and that the filers name was not public since he used a law firm to protect his identity. So we then searched the trademark and BINGO or should I say RUBINGO! We traced right back to Rubin’s home in Lighthouse Point. He may have the company in someone else’s name, but considering his name is in the title, and the trademark is addressed to his house. It’s obvious Rubin is the person behind Rubingo.

Now I have no idea who the hell would want to play Rubingo, it’s as if Roulette wasn’t boring enough that you need to take the coolest part out, the marble and the wheel, and replace it with the worlds most boring game, bingo, but I guess somebody likes the idea. Because Rubin himself went to Glacier Parks casino in Montana and sold them the game. They are currently running it on a trial basis. I wonder how much of the players money or the Center Stage money went into this venture? Furthermore how can someone at the helm of a huge Bingo related scam, be allowed to sell Bingo gambling table games in Montana? Needless to say I guess Glacier Peaks Casino did not do their research. When I asked attorney Michael Simon if Rubin mentioned Indy Cowboy LLC, the company behind Rubingo in his deposition. Simon said he had not. You can see the corporate documents for Rubingo, and the trademark for it registered to Rubin’s house below. Here is a link to Roubingo, oddly the legal page has a password on it. This is just another way the Rubin is giving the American judicial system, and the people he owes money to the middle finger.



Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 2.03.27 PM


Rubingo Trademarked to Jeff Rubin


2013 > Rubin is not broke – As if Rubingo wasn’t a slap in the face enough to Parrish and everyone else Rubin owes money to. The icing on the cake is that Rubin is not broke! The guy is flat-out lying to everyone. In his deposition Rubin claimed that his parents are paying all of his bills and that he has absolutely no money to pay his debts. So are we honestly supposed to believe that his parents in Coral Springs are paying for him and his girlfriend to live in a luxury high-rise condominium in Las Vegas? Are we to believe that his parents are paying for them to have 45+ bottles of expensive champagne at their house party? Are we supposed to believe that his parents are paying for both their vehicles and car insurance? Are we supposed to believe that his parents are paying for both of them to fly around the country? Are we supposed to believe that Rubin’s parents are paying for them to go back stage at the House of Blue’s for the Dropkick Murphy’s concert? Are we supposed to believe that his parents are paying for them to rent Lamborghini Gallardo’s for $1,600 a day? Because if that is the case, sign me up to be a fucking Rubin!

Here is a picture of the Lamborghini Rubin rented from Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas – When I asked them how much the car rents for and if Rubin had rented it, they said yes, and it goes for around $1,600 a day. Not bad for a guy who claims he’s broke right?

Jeff Rubin Lamborghini Rental from Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas

Here is a photo from a party Rubin had in Las Vegas that was published to facebook.

 Jeff Rubin house party

Long story short if you believe Jeff Rubin’s parents in Coral Springs are paying for all this then I have a holy grail in my cupboard I want to sell you!!! Furthermore if I was Mayweather, Owens, or Parrish who have judgements or litigation pending against Rubin and I saw this, I would honestly be smashing Rubingo tables over Rubin’s head until he gave me my money.


Here is what most likely happened in my humble opinion – Somewhere along the crime line Rubin obviously hid some money. That we can all agree on, and that is also the general consensus of everyone I talked to about this article from top to bottom. So where? Well the first place you would think is in a safe deposit box. But since we know Roscoe Parrish’s lawyer has already drilled some of those chasing down the lost money we can probably rule those out. We know Rubin talked about hiding money in the Bahamas and that may have happened, but that money could only be a reserve stash and would be very hard to access on a regular basis and Rubin likes to live beyond his means, as you can clearly see by the article I just published. Rubin would need to be able to access  his cash quick so a debit card would be ideal, but cash would be great to. So there are only two legitimate options here one is that Rubin at some point during the fall, was either able to liquidate some of his own personal assets or some of the money from the casino project.

examply pic of how Jeff rubin may have hid his cashOnce it was liquid he had only two choices, put the money in a corporate or personal bank account, or keep the cash in a duffel bag or brief case somewhere. Since Rubin has no friends he can trust, he would have to have the money in a regular account, or a business account in the name of a family member, or have the cash in his home or theirs. If I were the FBI I would raid his Fort Lauderdale home, his Las Vegas apartment, and his parents home all in the same night. This way he couldn’t get lucky and dodge the bullet moving the money around. I would also visit some of the establishments Rubin had been to and see how he paid. If its cash at all the establishments you know there is a bag of cash somewhere, if it’s a debit card trace the account and seize it’s assets.

If Rubin’s parents are in fact paying Rubin’s bills it’s most likely because Rubin gave them the money to do so. No parents would support this kind of lifestyle after their child was involved in massive civil cases and criminal investigations out of their own pocket. If Rubin did in fact give his parents the money they are using to pay his bills, then he is essentially using his parents as money launderers which is a pretty big crime, and will most certainly come out in the ongoing investigation.

The authorities also have one big ace up their sleeve, which is Rubin’s possible criminal charges stemming from the Alabama Grand Jury. If they get Rubin on the hook for serious criminal charges he will be forced to tell them where all the money is to avoid going to prison even longer. Which oddly enough could mean he would have to narc on his own parents, if he was in fact selfish and stupid enough to include them in his crimes. Hopefully for their sake this is not the case, it would be sad to see parents get in trouble for just trying to help their son.

Either way you slice it, whatever money Rubin has stashed, if it doesn’t get taken by the authorities, will have to last him the rest of his life. So even if he has a million dollars cash stocked away somewhere and is able to keep it hidden and avoid prison, it’s really only $25 grand a year if he lives for forty more years, which is barely above the poverty line. Furthermore knowing how Rubin spends money and makes horrible investments, it will most likely only be a year or so before he completely runs out of whatever money he has or his parents are giving him. So if I were collectors I would be all over Rubin asap, before he blows it all on his most recent attempt to keep the illusion of his lifestyle going.

Jeff Rubin and Prostitution – Pictured here is Jeff Rubin with notorious LA and SFL madam Michelle Braun. Braun ran a high-end escort service in the post Heidi Fleiss era, before having an epic fall from grace as described in this New Times article. I wonder how much of the player’s, and or the casino’s money, Rubin may have spent with Braun?

Jeff Rubin with madam Michelle Braun

Jeff Rubin with madam Michelle Braun.

I remember when I met Rubin outside of SHO nightclub, the first words out of his mouth, were to announce to me that a girl I knew (initials S.T.) was a prostitute, and that he had paid to have sex with her. He went on to say that the young lady had gotten mad at him after, though he did not mention why. Rubin then proceeded to tell me about Braun and her stable of local Fort Lauderdale escorts. Which actually blew my mind because some of the local girls he was talking about, where girls I knew personally.

After we spoke, I asked Rubin if he wanted to go in and get a drink, he said no and instead chose to stand outside by his Lamborghini. I never understood why he always wanted to stand outside the club, rather than go in and have fun with everybody else. I now realize after writing this article, that it was because, the Lamborghini was being repossessed at the time. Rubin was probably just afraid to leave it alone, but I digress…

During the interviews we did with friends of Rubin, people who lived at his house, or the people who worked with him, almost all of them mention Rubin’s insatiable appetite for prostitutes. They describe Rubin as constantly ordering girls from Braun, going to dirty massage parlors, and on some occasions flying to Costa Rica to “see how many escorts he could bang in 48 hours.” What’s even more interesting, is that some of them claim that Rubin helped Braun set up multiple corporations. Yet we can not find any companies owned by the combination of Braun and Rubin in Florida records. Does this mean the companies were shell companies for Braun’s prostitution business? We have no way of knowing that to be sure, but it definitely sounds like there is more to be discovered on this side of the story.

Jeff Rubin Crimes

Drew Rosenhuas with former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens.

2013 > Terrell Owens Sues Drew Rosenhaus for Recommending Him to Jeff Rubin –  In the suit attorney Chase Carlson who is representing NFL All Star Terrell Owens, claims that NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus and his brother Jason Rosenhaus, had an improper referral relationship with Rubin and the now defunct Pro Sports Financial. As a result of the Rosenhaus’s referral relationship with Rubin, Owens lost nearly $5 million dollars of his net worth due to Rubin’s theft and financial mismanagement. Rosenhaus may be legally liable due to his fiduciary duty to Owens, and the fact that referral relationships between advisers is strictly prohibited by the NFL.

As most of our readers already know from a previous article, Owen’s was one of Rubin’s former clients, after Rosenhaus suggested Rubin to him and gave him his personal stamp of approval as a financial manager. At the time Rubin had already been accused of multiple financial improprieties, including rerouting game checks into different players accounts. In the suit, attorney Carlson of Carlson & Lewittes, describes how Rubin and Rosenhaus had an unwritten agreement, to refer players to one another, for the mutual benefit of their respective companies.

The suit also puts even more information on the record of how Rubin stole money from his clients and forged their signatures on investment documents. Which has to beg the question at this point, of how many crimes have to be put on the record before Fort Lauderdale Police arrest Jeff Rubin? We have already documented multiple claims of forgery and out right theft by Rubin, whose company Pro Sports Financial, was based right here in Fort Lauderdale.

You can read more about Rubin’s alleged theft and the lawsuit against Drew Rosenhaus and his brother Jason Rosenhaus here.

Below you can see the full lawsuit from Carlson & Lewittes, on behalf of NFL player Terrell Owens, against Drew and Jason Rosenhaus.


Turnberry-Place-Las-Vegas2013 > FOUND! – Jeff Rubin has been found folks. So anyone attempting to serve him with legal papers can now rest at ease.

In a recent deposition, Rubin claimed under oath that he has no money to pay his creditors, or the multiple people who have lawsuits/judgments against him. Stating that his parents pay all of his bills. Which is very surprising since he lives in a luxury high rise apartment building called Turnberry Place in Las Vegas. Rent at Turnberry Place on a unit like Rubin’s, can range anywhere from $4k to $8k a month.

Kinda seems like a lot to ask from old Mom and Dad at 39 doesn’t it? But hey Rubin would never lie under oath to hide money from his creditors and the I.R.S. would he? No not this guy, he would never do that!

Well there you go folks, to anyone who wants to sue Rubin, here it is on a silver platter. When he is not at his Lighthouse Point Florida home, that’s currently in foreclosure, Rubin is at Turnberry Place in Las Vegas.


jeff rubin bank atlantic and bb&t

Pankas Holdings – Here is a little insight into the mind and thought process of Jeff Rubin. The main bank account that he transferred the players money and the casino commissions into, was called “Pankas Holdings.”

Do you know what Pankas means? Well then, allow me to enlighten you, see the definition below.

Pankas – vb. To slap another across the face with the male genitalia. [Urban Dictionary]

I guess that pretty much tells you right there how Jeff Rubin felt about his clients. It also shows you how out of touch all of the news sources are that have covered this case, because up till now nobody had caught that. Multiple big news organizations have “Pankas” splattered all over their websites, a couple even printed it!


2013 > Laveraneus Coles Complaint Against Jeff Rubin – Laveraneus Coles has also filed a complaint and litigation against Jeff Rubin. In his complaint he says Rubin breached his fiduciary duty to him, misrepresented facts, and involved him in a fraudulent scheme. Coles claims damages of $1.4 million dollars. See the FINRA complaint below.

Jeff Rubin NFL


Complete Jeff Rubin FINRA Report – Click Here to Read it!


Oct. 31 2013 > Lawsuit Against BB&T Names Jeff Rubin and Pro Sports Financial as the Largest Financial Scam Operators in the History of the NFL – If you thought the other lawsuits filed in these cases were big well then this one is going to knock your socks off! A recent lawsuit filed against BB&T Bank (at the time Bank Atlantic) by 16 different NFL players, claims millions in loses at the hands of Jeff Rubin and Pro Sports Financial. The suit claims that BB&T had an unusually close and unhealthy relationship with Rubin and Pro Sports Financial, that enabled him to commit financial crimes on a massive level.

BB&TThe relationship they claim let Rubin open accounts with forged documents, as well as transfer large sums of money out of the accounts without the players knowledge or consent. The grand total of money the players lost through the BB&T accounts and Rubin, was a mind-blowing $60 million dollars. Making it as Yahoo put it, the “biggest reported financial loss by a group of players in the history of the NFL.” The players are represented in the suit by Elizabeth P. Kagan, and Andrew T. Kagan of the Kagan Law Firm.

Here is the list of the plaintiffs in the suit against BB&T: Derrick Gaffney, Tavares Gooden, Frank Gore, Santonio Holmes, Greg Jones, Jevon Kearse, Kenard Lang, Ray Lewis, Brandon Meriweather, Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, Lito Shepard, Fred Taylor, and Gerard Warren.

All the plaintiffs in the suit are either current or former players in the NFL, and they all suffered major financial loses at the hands of Rubin, here is a list of each players losses according to the lawsuit. Some of the players lost well over five million dollars in Rubin’s schemes, with Frank Gore topping the list at nearly nine million dollars lost.

Alleged losses by the players
Frank Gore – $8,745,000
Jevon Kearse – $7,958,000
Jamaal Anderson – $5,813,000
Lito Sheppard – $5,011,000
Santana Moss – $4,852,000
Ray Lewis – $3,778,000
Brandon Meriweather – $3,545,000
Jacob Bell – $3,339,000
Clinton Portis – $3,136,000
Gerard Warren – $3,000,000
Fred Taylor – $2,993,000
Derrick Gaffney – $2,295,000
Greg Jones – $2,006,000
Kenard Lang – $1,648,000
Santonio Holmes – $1,159,000
Tavares Gooden – $515,000


Forgeries – Here is a list of the alleged forgeries committed by Jeff Rubin and Pro Sports Financial that lead to the astronomical financial losses suffered by the players.


Jeff Rubin Forgeries

Here is the full law suit filled by the Kagan Law Firm on behalf of the NFL players against BB&T.

Charles PonziThe Hybrid Ponzi Scheme – When Charles Ponzi invented the Ponzi Scheme in the early 1900’s it was a different time, things were more simple and thus so were his crimes. Ponzi an Italian immigrant was rumored to have money stacked all over his office, in filling cabinets, drawers, literally piled up everywhere. He offered a high rate of return on investments, and as long as new investors kept coming in, he could always pay out the dividends to the old ones. It wasn’t until 1920 that his system finally imploded leaving him $7 million dollars in the negative.

In the modern age we have already seen Ponzi Schemers 2.0. These were the likes of Scott Rothstein locally, and the biggest known Ponzi schemer of all time, Bernie Madoff on Wall Street in New York. In the time since Charles Ponzi, the scheme and the schemers have both evolved. Instead of a man in an office just exchanging money for money. The new Ponzi Schemes had legitimate business people running them, with real world credentials and big time degrees. They also had stories of how the money was supposed to be being invested, in Rothstein’s case it was the buying up of structured settlement payments, in Madoff’s case it was supposed to be invested in the financial markets.

Jeff Rubin, Bernie Madoff, Scott Rothstein

Now we are sadly on to Ponzi scheme 3.0 and it is rampant in America these days, on all levels of business, with Rubin at the top of the 3.0 food chain. This is the fuck the investor model of the Ponzi Scheme. Where you get really rich people to invest in the business, then use the business to embezzle money and pay for an exuberant and over the top lifestyle for yourself. All while using new investor money to pay old investors dividends, essentially keeping them at bay as long as possible, while you extract as much money as you can from the business. Then when the business goes under, oh well everyone it was legitimate business here is the paperwork, it was just a bad investment, no big deal, nothing to see here…

Which is exactly what Rubin and Gilley did at the bingo barn. They invested very little money into the project, they paid out very little in returns to investors, but they themselves lived like kings. Rubin and Gilly spent money like it was literally growing in the bingo barn’s backyard. They spent millions on political donations, country music stars, private jets, vacations, going to the Playboy Mansion, getting high-end prostitutes, and of course buying illegal drugs like GHB, cocaine, and ecstasy. All while they paid little money out to investors and did even less to further the as pitched business plan. The list literally goes on and on, and it was all done while they were running a charity casino bingo barn that was millions of dollars in the red.  The fact is this bingo barn was barely in a position to fly coach, and they were using private Jets like they were taxi cabs.

2013 > Game Set Match for Rubin – When I started this story Rubin got wind of it from the girl who tipped me off that he still had money and was living as he likes to call it “the lifestyle.” Rubin then proceeded to file multiple perjured restraining orders in an attempt to stop this stories release. When that didn’t work he proceeded to buy website domains that attacked and harass my family. All the while leaving one insane comment after the other on my websites. We obviously reported it to the police and the Lighthouse Point Police went to Rubin’s house looking for him. When they arrived no one would open the door, so they left a card with their name and requested he call them. When Rubin called the cops back he admitted to buying the attack domains, and said it was the same thing as me printing that he lived in Turnberry Place.

It obviously is not the same thing, and the police officer called me shortly there after to tell me that they believed a crime had been committed, under the harassment and cyber bullying laws and Rubin had admitted to it. Lighthouse Point Police then drafted a letter to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department because it was their jurisdiction. A few days later I was contacted by a detective, who asked me a few questions about the case. When I told him what happened he advised me that I should take all the paperwork I had on Rubin and brink it to the state attorneys office. And that’s when things got interesting…

A short time after speaking with the detective about my case, I received this email.

Jeff Rubin FBI Investigation

Naturally after receiving this email, I emailed FBI Agent Marshall about the case and he sent me this.

Jeffrey Brett Rubin FBII was not surprised Agent Marshall did not release any information to me about an ongoing investigation. The reason he referred me to PACER, is because that is the website journalist use to look up court docs. A lot of the docs I used in this article came from PACER. Now we can not be sure what the FBI is investigating that involves Rubin, but the court docs on PACER that concern Rubin, are all related to Center Stage, the players investments, and the forged bank accounts. Currently the forgeries are part of a very public lawsuit, and the lawyer is on a media blitz claiming $100 million in damages at the hands of Rubin. So you have to wonder how much longer is the FBI going to let this play out in the media, before officially charging Rubin with a crime?

I mean lets be honest, if a little old blogger like me can uncover all of this on Rubin, just imagine what the FBI must have on the guy.

The best part about all of this is that I have had these emails for months! So every time Rubin or someone associated with him left a crazy comment on this story. I would just laugh to myself and post it with the IP address so it could be tracked, since I knew the FBI was watching. All the while, Rubin and his camp were not only incriminating themselves, they were providing their exact location to authorities with each and every comment.

And that my friends is game, set, match for Jeff Rubin.

Jeff Rubin FBI

7 Responses to “Jeffrey Bret Rubin – Career of Crime”

  1. sportsFan says:

    Currently Rubin is at his home in Pompano if anyone wants to serve him say a Mayweather lawsuit lol!!!!

  2. AlexCatz says:

    Wow I can’t believe I read all that, I am now the worlds foremost authority on Jeff Rubin!

  3. Rubin Fan says:

    If you really wanted people to read this you should have put it on a real site. Like the dirty or something.

  4. whoCares says:

    At least his girlfriend is hot as FAWWWK

  5. Reader says:

    Great article!

  6. Jackie says:

    Alabama will most likely mess up the case and he will get off like every other financial criminal…

  7. fun times says:

    So I read the whole friggin’ thing and not much surprised me. Everyone has to realize that reads this that doesn’t know Jeffery that almost every single person used him for anything and everything they could get outa his Jew ass. People are clearly bitter that their gravy train ran dry before they wanted it to. Rubin is and always will be a shitbag who’s only goal in life is to fuck any plastic 19 year old that needs a new car but when he was in FTL and spreading the cash amongst the masses, no one bitched. Its true and if you know Rubin and enjoyed the spoils of the robbed players and everyone else he fucked over, shut the fuck up.

    PS, why was the arrest in Alabama of Rubin and his “bodyguard” not mentioned? I mean, a rape charge and drug charges are great conversation pieces.

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