Ceviche By The Sea

Ceviche By the Sea

I have done many reviews, but this is the first time that the owner actually sat down with us. Which was amazing, because I got to hear the whole story and background of the restaurant’s beginnings.

His name was Antonio Pardo, and he is one of the Partners of Ceviche By The Sea, as well as a family man. His family and himself traveled to Peru where he was born, right before the decision to open up the restaurant. When in Peru Pardo felt like he was missing his roots in the states so he wanted to bring a part of Peru back with him. The part he brought back is now known South Florida restaurant goers as Ceviche By The Sea, a delightful restaurant located at 2823 East Oakland Park Boulevard, in Fort Lauderdale. The two Partners Antonio Pardo and Steven Kahn, opened the Seafood and Peruvian cuisine style eatery on October 18, 2012, and it has been going strong ever since.

When I first entered the restaurant Benjamin Gargurevich the general manager, greeted me. Benjamin another Peruvian man was such a nice guy and very knowledgeable. I confess I didn’t know much about Peru or Peruvian food when I got there, but when I left I felt like I’ve already been to Peru and experienced the culture! One of the more notable things that Gargurevich mentioned, was that at Ceviche by the Sea, they use many ingredients that are only found in Peru. That they said is what gives all their food its signature and authentic taste. One of those examples is a specialty drink called Chicha Morada, made from Peru’s many types of indigenous corn. That delicious drink was just the first, in a night of many delicious treats at Ceviche By The Sea.

Executive Chef Carlos Delgado is also from Peru, and the winner of the Peru’s prestigious Mistura Festival in 2010. Chef Delgado really outdid himself with his appetizers, but my favorite part of the meal was their Piqueo Classico, a taste of their three ceviche’s, traditional, yellow fish, and rocoto. I have to say it was the best ceviche I have ever had. Of course you can’t end a meal without dessert, and what I had was to die for! I was treated to two dishes their Lucuma Panna Cotta, an Amazonia fruit delicacy that is found in the depths of the jungle and is considered one of a kind. As well as their Suspiro A La Limena, which is a crème caramel, port meringue and cinnamon. They were both very different, exciting, and absolutely delicious.

I had such a wonderful dinner at Ceviche By The Sea, and am looking forward to going back with friends. Also keep your eye out; they plan on opening a couple more in the next five years. I encourage everyone to go check out this new spot. The prices are right with appetizers from $7-$15, and entrees from $20-$30. You can also check them out online at www.cevichebythesea.com. I want to thank everyone at Ceviche By The Sea for a great night out, with a special shout out to our waitress, Angelica for doing such an amazing job. See you all soon!

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