Seven Questions with Cover Girl Patricia Jay

Q. Where are you living & where are you from?

A. My heart is with my family in Texas, where I was born. I grew up in Pensacola and am currently living in Fort Lauderdale.

Q. When you’re not doing photo shoots or standing around looking pretty what are you doing?

A. I am a domesticated Southern Girl. My spare time is spent feeding people, cleaning or doing anything else that caters to my OCD.

Q. Do you have a job or do you get a check every month from the international hot girls fund?

A. Haha, I wish! I manage the Fort Lauderdale branch of Body Details. We specialize in Laser Hair & Tattoo Removal. On the side, I like to Blog for the South Florida Chronicle & pick up an occasional shift @ Automatic Slims in South Beach.

Q. Whats your favorite TV show not counting Baywatch?

A. I have a sick obsession with the old school Beverly Hills 90210. I literally schedule my lunch breaks around the re-runs.

Q. If you had a pet monkey what would his name be?

A. I would have a pet snake before a pet monkey. There are multiple stories out there about monkeys attacking people. Nope.

Q. Name three bands on your ipod right now?

A. 1. The Parlor Mob

2. Paramore

3. Pepper – Volcom Band

Q. If you were stuck on a desert island and you had three wishes, but one of them couldn’t be to leave the island, what would you wish for?

A. I would wish to have my two favorite things there with me – Kid Chronic & Cherry Twizzlers.

Photos by: Oscar Rabeiro

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