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I am an American Website Developer.

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Patrick J ZarrelliPatrick Zarrelli Biography: I was born in New York and was college educated at the great Florida State University. I am currently the CEO of the Print Killer Media Network and Dependable Website Management both of which are based out of sunny South Florida! Print Killer Media Network is a collection of websites that I own an operate personally. While Dependable Website Management, services the website needs for my many online clients and friends. Currently in America there are five jobs for every one web developer, so finding a good web developer to help you with your project can be hard. Luckily for you, you already found us!

Last year at Dependable Website Management we published an astonishing 25,000 web pages and blogs online for our clients! At Print Killer Media Network and Dependable Website management we don’t just work online, we live online. This is not only our job, it is our hobby, and it is our passion. We live to make the best websites on the internet period. My team is comprised of web developers, graphic designers, bloggers, and social media experts. So you can rest assured you project will get the attention and professionalism it deserves.

Dependable Website Management

Here is a brief list of some of the many web services that my tech team and I provide:

Website ManagementFull Website Management: Managing a website is a lot of work! You have to host it, secure it, update it, and comply with Google. This is a lot of work of for one person even if they are a professional web developer. That’s why my company Dependable Website Management specializes in full website management. You have a business to run, focus on that, and let us take care of all your online needs for one low monthly price. With Dependable Website Management you can get a whole tech team at your your service with a variety of disciplines, for less than it would cost you to hire one developer full time. this is honestly a no brainer for any modern day business owner. Better service, at less price. Call us today for a free custom management quote on your web project.

Daily Social Media and Blog Updates: Daily blogs and social media updates help your website’s search result rankings. They also keep your business looking vibrant and alive online for your customers and potential customers. They are also great ways to stay in touch with former clients while reaching out to new ones. If you are interested in adding custom blogs or daily social media updates to your companies web presence than contact us today for a free custom quote for your brand or company.

Custom Website Development: Do you need a website that no one has seen or even heard of before. Maybe something that needs to be custom coded by programmer? If so then you have found the right tech team. My team of web developers and programmers specialize in custom web development. We can take your concept or idea from a description or drawing and make it come to life online. At Dependable Website Management we are committed to making your online dreams come a reality.

Custom App Development: Cell phone apps are the wave of the future. They are especially great for web software applications. If you have an idea for an app or would like to have custom cell phone app built for Andriod , iOS, or both. We can help you! At Dependable Website Management we have built a plethora of cell phone apps. We can take you through the  processes of development and all the way into the Apple and Android online app stores with ease.

WordPress Support and Development: WordPress is a website content Wordpress-Site-Conciergemanagement system or CMS. It is wildly popular online for web developers because it has a great frame-work that works on all modern browsers and on all different surfaces. WordPress also laws the developer to download themes to style the website one way or another. Giving them access to a myriad of easily installed design layout options.

WordPress also allows programmers to develop plugins for WordPress Plugin Market. Giving the web developer access to a myriad of powerful software options to give your website extra functionality. Things like custom forms, API connections, SEO, galleries, and animation are all available software options for web developers in the WordPress plugin Market.

These two features are key pieces to the success of WordPress because it allows programmers all over the world to develop themes and software for other developers to use. Cutting down on redundant and overlapping development by letting everyone create web products and then allowing them to share them openly with one another on the system.  Much like app developers create apps and then put them in the iPhone and Android store for others to use. This makes WordPress extremely powerful since it is harnessing the skills of programmers around the world to develop pieces of software for them. This power has made WordPress the world leader of content management systems.

Google AdWords Management: Google AdWords or the Google Ad Exchange as some people call it due to its Google Adwords Managersuncanny resemblances to the United States Stock Exchange is hands down best way to get new business leads online today. Google AdWords has an enormous amount of options, settings, and data that users can harness to make sure that their AdWords campaigns are as successful as possible. This includes tons of data on keywords, traffic, user locations, and search trends. It also has average pricing and current pricing, for all possible keywords, available for users to review. So navigating the Google AdWords interface can be very daunting to the new user. It is honestly, probably one of the most complex dashboards on the internet today. So do not try and set up your own Google AdWords campaign, call us today for help from an expert! We spend over a million dollars a year on Adwords for our clients at Dependable Website Management.

Dedicated Secure Hosting: Every website needs reliable hosting. What good is your website if it is down all the time? If you need dedicated, secure, reliable, and trusted hosting for your website. Then call us today for a free custom quote on hosting your project. At Dependable Website Management we have dedicated and ultra fast servers powered by Liquid Web. We can handle simple one site hosting accounts, multiple server configurations, CDNs, load balancers, and high security server set ups. If your website staying up, is the most important thing to you. Then Dependable Website Management dedicated and secure hosting is the choice for you.

Online Advertising and Promotion: Do you need banner ads, custom articles online, or re-targeting campaigns for your website? At Dependable Website Management we have year of online advertising experience. We can tailor an online advertising plan to any business, product, or budget. We can also help you with ad creation, content creation, and specific clever calls to actions. At Dependable Website Management we are online advertising specialists! Call us today for a free custom online advertising plan for your company.

API Connections: API is the cutting edge of the internet these days, allowing websites to work together with no human assistance. If you need a custom API built from scratch, or if you simply need your website to be connected to an existing API like YouTube’s or Google Shopping’s API, or to an online product distributor, we can do it quickly and professionally. At Dependable Website Management we have built and connected API’s for a lot of different industries, including highly secure API’s and API’s that link together multiple national locations. If you need API work done, do not trust it to anyone. Call the pros at Dependable Website Management and get it done right!  Call us today for a free quote on your API project.

If your in the market for a website please do not hesitate to call us for a free quote!

Web Developer Phone: (954) 740-7900


Patrick Zarrelli’s Work and Title History.

Vice President of BeachFront News – 2008 to 2011.

Publisher of the South Florida Chronicle – 2011 to 2013.

CEO Print Killer Media Network – 2014 to current day.

CEO Dependable Website Management  – 2015 to current day.

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