Consider Our Need For American Jobs …

It sucks when you have nothing but smoke and mirrors placed around you!  Misdirection is our government’s service to us and it cost us dearly!  They make our journey difficult when it can be so easy.  Watch the cigarette smoker; but, they won’t mention the chemical plants, airline pollution, or shipping discharge.  Want more proof of disservice rather than service?


Consider our need for American jobs.  Good and great jobs.  Jobs with security.  Our government seems clueless and they want us to be clueless as well.  Both political parties want this of you!  There is no difference between them.  That is part of the smoke and mirrors.  If government can get you to fight with other patriotic Americans; then, government has succeeded!  Divide and conquer.  Sorry; but, that is a disservice that they require us to pay for.  Here is why:


One-half sheet of paper is all that is needed:   GREAT JOBS PLUNGE BACK TO THE U.S.


Here is how: Whether you are a U.S., multi-national, or God-forbid foreign corporation, if you employ in other countries. . . then the same percentage of your corporate OFFICERS & BOARD OF DIRECTORS need to live where your employees live.


NO WAY IN HELL DO THESE RICH, SECURE, AMERICANIZED officers and board of directors want to live in communist China, Haiti, or Mexico.  Therefore, jobs will be gushing back to the United States and the more secure democratic nations.  This is incentive.  Why hasn’t one government official, expert, political party, presidential candidate, agency, or super committee mentioned this sure-fire way to bring jobs home?  Smoke and mirrors.  Get it?


Class warfare, Occupiers, Unions, Left Wing, Right Wing they’re just smoke and mirrors through disservice by those whose lively hood depends on the money obtained from the OFFICERS & BOARD OF DIRECTORS who run the unpatriotic corporations mentioned above.



The Left agrees with the President and says let’s tax the 1% rich!  Just smoke up your backside.  Why would any American want a patriotic business owner, officer, or board of director, who hires 100% American employees taxed more by our spendaholic government.  We may agree. . . you might want to give them a tax-break incentive.  The direction of any tax hike should be towards those who don’t hire American.  But, they won’t pass anything like that.  It may hurt their revenue source.


Our founding fathers new that corporations and businesses are different that human taxpayers.  The IRS acts like we are similar taxpaying “entities”.  But, the constitution gave us the VOTE not corporations!  WE HAVE A SOUL.  CORPORATIONS DO NOT.  Hence, our government should work for us, to make our lives easier and more secure; but instead, they spend their time writing protective laws and tax deductions for corporations patriotic or not.  The hell with the voter!  They just need your vote on election day.  MORE SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

– Douglas Bryce Gary

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