Newt Gingrich Is Kicking Romney's Ass All Over The Polls

The conservatives are speaking and what they are saying is, we’ll take the fat womanizer over the skinny rich prick with no personality any day. Romney is getting killed by Gingrich in the polls lately, especially after his victory in South Carolina and his back to back great debate performances. Makes sense if you ask me, Gingrich is a career politician who gets the game and is passionate about his beliefs, no matter how crazy they are. Romney for all intents and purposes just seems to be mailing it in, repeating the same Republican talking points over and over again. The poles show Obama beating either Republican candidates but not by much so this thing could get interesting folks. To be honest I’d rather take on Romney than Gingrich if I was the President. Gingrich is just to much of a wild card, you never know what he’s going to say so that makes him a much tougher opponent in my book. [USAToday]

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