American Social Explodes on to Famed Las Olas Boulevard

American Social, the brainchild of Paul Greenberg and Rick Mijares, has taken the Las Olas bar scene by storm. The bar/American eatery has received acclaimed reviews and has been privileged to a packed house almost every night. The bar features a modern, clean atmosphere, great food, craft beers and – are you ready for this? – Personal beer taps on the VIP tables!!!

Most people in the know recognize Greenberg from Potbelleys, the world-famous happy hour bar at Florida State University. Greenberg was the managing partner of this college-friendly watering hole for years, before he teamed up with college friend Mijares for the American Social Las Olas project. Greenberg is widely respected in the industry, and the success of Potbellys can be seen to this day, by anyone looking for a good time in one of the best college towns in America. The combination of Greenberg and Mijares seems to be a home run, as the two have captured South Florida lightning in a bottle with American Social.

American Social has only been open two short weeks, and already it has attracted one of the best crowds in Fort Lauderdale, as good-looking young executives pour in from all over town. Some patrons told the South Florida Chronicle they were there for the drinks, while others said it was the food that brought them in. Still others said they were just there to rock out and enjoy the music! American social switches between DJ’s and live music depending on the night, and often has the best sporting events of the day on their many easy-to-see televisions. On this particular evening, the bar was filled with screaming Miami Heat fans as the Heat vied against the Thunder for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy in the NBA Finals.

American Social also has an interesting twist on your normal All-American bar, as they feature personal taps on VIP tables, allowing bar goers to fill up without having to find their table waitress. In a town with 14,000 restaurants, it’s important to stand out, and the tap on the table will certainly help American Social to make its mark, as well as attract an interested tourist crowd that has probably never experienced such a luxury. The tables are available for reservations and make for a great place to watch the game, or just veg out with the boys since they are super comfortable. They also make great spots for special events like birthdays, bachelor parties, or any other type of celebration when you want to spend a little money and do something special.

All in all, American Social proves to be a worthy addition to the first street to connect Fort Lauderdale to the beach. Joining the likes of Yolo, Vibe, and Solita, American Social not only adds to the ambiance and great time that is the current Las Olas Blvd, it also builds on it, all while providing the street with a much-needed All-American bar, and a welcome change to the restaurant/lounge that seems to be taking over the street. At the South Florida Chronicle, we love Las Olas Boulevard and we love American Social, so congratulations to Paul Geenberg and Ricky Mijares for creating an overnight sensation and for making our favorite street a little better. Long live American Social!!!


721 E Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone 1 (954) 764-7005

Email Paul@AmericanSocialftl.com

Website http://AmericanSocialBar.com


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