Seen By Sara: Lucky Strike Strikes OUT! TOTAL NIGHTMARE At The Lanes!!

What do you get when you mix flashy looking bowling lanes, lies, deceitfulness, bad business tactics and a whole lot of idiot staff members?  Lucky Strike bowling lanes in Miami Beach!!!  Now you may be reading this shaking your head saying, “No way!  I love this place!”  Yes, we did too. But it’s only good when you are simply going in and buying a regular lane at regular prince, and then leave to go on your merry way.  It’s certainly a whole different ball game when you are buying an event package.   Let me explain…

About 2 weeks ago I called to inquire about a group rate and I spoke to a slightly slow woman named Evelyn.  She informed me over the phone when I called that the group rate included

  • 2 Hours of BOWLING time.  (Lies…)
  • One food item OF YOUR CHOICE! (Bigger lie!!!)
  • Unlimited servings of any domestic beer and wine.  (Try only 2 types of LIGHT beer to choose from…)
  • Shoe Rental. (Well, this one was actually true!)
  • At only $33.95 per person!!  (AHHHH… HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

So here I go happily e-mailing my friends on Facebook a pretty little event invitation.   “Bowling & Booze. Sunday Funday!”  I informed all of my friends the information I was quoted by Evelyn.  I told them it was only $33.95 per person so half ($17) was due before and the other half was to be paid afterwards.  Throughout the next couple of days I collected everyone’s money and gave them the deposit.   When I gave them the deposit, all of a sudden the money was owed way more than the amount I expected it to be.  I inquired about this and they informed me that it was actually $40 per person, not $33.95.   GREAT!!!!! Now I have to explain to 16 people that they now owe more money than I promised them it would be.   No easy task, but surely I went around explaining to everyone the situation throughout the next two days.  I reminded them to bring a little bit more money when they came in that Sunday to bowl.  It was only a tiny difference, so they were ok.


Sunday roles around and my friends start filing in the door…. to a major surprise.  Now the price has tacked on $50 dollars per person!!!!!  Now my friends are confused and pissed.   I begin arguing with this new manager whom I’ve never met before (Neil assured me he was going to be there on Sunday but he was not).    My boyfriend called him “a robot” because it seems he was firing off his answers from the Lucky Strike Crisis Guidebook.  “Sorry, no refunds”.  “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do, it’s in the fine print”.   “Sorry, it’s tax & gratuity”.  Or my favorite one of the whole night,  “I’m sorry… you signed a contract!”  (I never signed anything!)


“Ok” I thought to myself,  “Keep calm.  Bowling will be fun… let’s just bowl, eat and have a good time.”   So it takes us about 25 minutes just to figure out the stupid computers that you input your name into for all 16 people.  (How many blondes does it take to work a bowling computer?  Ahh.. Never mind.)  So then when we finally get it to work, I notice 25 minutes has already been deducted from our bowling time!!  At this point fire and smoke are literally protruding from my ears.  I start pointing this out to the dumb as rocks girl at the front desk who informs me the time starts ticking once you get to the lanes.  (Isn’t this starting to sound like the biggest scam EVER?)   I start my yoga breathing before I punch the next person I see in sight who has a Lucky Strike Bowling nametag.  I think to myself… “Well, at least we can order food”.   WRONG AGAIN!


The ‘one food item of your choice’ was also a lie!!!!   When everyone went to go look at the menu we were informed all we were to be receiving was the most pathetic little plates of stale bread and sauces affectionately titled ‘trio dippers’.  I wanted to start screaming.  Everyone is hungry, and now everyone else is pissed!   What a total and complete nightmare.   Oh and not to mention, the unlimited domestic beer & wine was ALSO A LIE.  It was your choice of Bud Light or Coors Light!!!   And when the bill came out, it was an EXTRA $412.   The only thing that kept the night going was my complaining to the robot manager every 10 seconds.


It was like they lie to you to bring you here and then once you’re here — you’re stuck.  This was such a nightmare, I literally spend the entire night yelling at staff and trying to calm my friends down.  I would rate this place an F in customer service and plead for you NEVER to go there.    (At least don’t get suckered into the group event, you think it’s a good deal but it’s a trap from hell.)  All in all towards the end of the night I made sure my friends got so completely wasted they forgot about everything.  But it took massive amounts of complaining to this, and it simply wasn’t worth it.



Rick the Regional Manager has contacted me and offered me another go-around.  Let’s see how it works out!  Will keep you posted..

5 Responses to “Seen By Sara: Lucky Strike Strikes OUT! TOTAL NIGHTMARE At The Lanes!!”

  1. First Lady says:

    Damn, I guess I gotta find a new venue for Kid Chronic’s Birthday. He was really set on a bowling party . . . what a shame

  2. Helen says:

    Well, I gotta say I’m thankful that I couldn’t make it that Sunday. I have high enough blood pressure already!

  3. Laura says:

    I have hosted several events through Evelyn, and I have to say that you are 100% WRONG. That place is amazing – and they never take a deposit without a contract. Not only does the contract show the total price – INCLUDING tax and gratuity, but it also lists the exact food and drink items you will be getting. Just because you are ignorant, and obviously didn’t pay attention to anything, doesn’t mean the rest of us should be deterred. I will continue to book with Lucky Strike South Beach.

  4. Rick says:

    I think Sara has issues that delve much deeper than not being able to read a simple contract…I have my corporate events here every year, as well as my kid’s birthday’s and have never had one single issue…in fact, it’s one of the best event places in the Beaches and Evelyn is smart and delightful…I suggest Sara take a pill, in fact she should double her dosage, take some anger management courses and learn to read a simple contract…just saying…

  5. Thomas Ayale says:

    I’m not to sure about this review, but what I am sure is that this “Seen by Sara” is probably one of the dumbest critics I have ever seen. What kind of journalist (and I use that term loosely) misspells so many words? You seem to be the stereotypical blonde who sucked her way to a job. If you didn’t, then I am even more baffled by the fact someone hired you for your writing abilities. I’m sure you will tell me I’m insignificant as you seem to be that type of pretentious pretty girl who uses that type of excuse to validate your existence. Anyway…keep up the good work!

    A Fan!

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