Voted #1 Water Ionizer of the Year! Tyent USA “Super Water” Ionizers and Alkalizers. All Waters Are Not Created Equally!!!


Water Ionizer and Alkalizer

Water Ionizer and Alkalizer

Living in South Florida for over 7 years now, I have seen a lot of things associated with long-term health effects, “The Fountain of Youth”, so to speak! One thing that I noticed directly – and is one that I would like to change – is that when I walk into poorer homes, I notice bundles and bundles of pharmaceuticals for everything from Diabetes, Arthritis, Gout, etc., and when I walk into wealthier homes, I see this machine sitting on top of the counter next to the kitchen faucet, with pharmaceuticals nowhere in sight. This machine is called a Water Ionizer or Alkalizer. This is technology that the Japanese and the rest of Asia have been using for decades and what it does is simple! It electromagnetically charges water molecules with platinum plates to physically separate the acidic water from the alkaline water coming out of 2 different hoses. It also raises the alkaline water’s PH levels way above tap or bottle water and strengthens the ORP level to achieve a more efficient and higher level of antioxidant. On top of all of this, it also microionizes the actual water molecule to make it more easily and readily absorbable by the body to sustain hydration. With your body being made up of almost 80% water it is no surprise that Earth’s life-giving liquid at its most clean and purest form will benefit your mind, body, and spirit.

Your body is like a swimming pool. It is filled with water and has to be a certain PH level in order to run effectively, cleanly, and achieve what is called homeostasis. If the human body is very acidic, it harbors disease and actually encourages it, but if your body is very alkaline, then not only does it make for a very uncomfortable breeding ground for disease, but when your body achieves homeostasis, that is when the body starts to heal itself on many important levels internally.

Both alkaline water and acidic water can benefit you, so be sure not to waste any.

After about a year of research, I have read many testimonials and met with some users directly. They all tell me the same things… The benefits of drinking alkaline water are that it has profound effects on indigestion and stomach issues. It has literally cured arthritis in some people who thought they would live the rest of their lives in agonizing pain. Some believe it has cured their cancers and prevented others from forming by keeping the body alkaline where cancers cannot live or thrive. Gout and Diabetes are a thing of the past, according to most, and the pills they used to pay thousands of dollars a year for are now being reinvested in more life-giving ways, like exercise activities and vacations! These are just a few to name the least. Whatever your problem is, being properly hydrated with the “right” type of water is going to benefit your body as a whole!

I can personally vouch for this machine! My girlfriend has not had a single headache since drinking the water and she was plagued with migraines beforehand. Her arthritis and stomach issues have subsided as well. My experience has been very pleasant. I find myself sleeping easier and deeper, waking up feeling amazed and clearer. I am very happy with my Tyent!

The benefits of using acidic water are that it can be used to clean countertops, fruits and vegetables – even your face – as well as treat certain skin disorders. I have met several people using topical creams for hives, dry skin, and acne for long periods of time – sometimes years – and after using acidic water on their skin, they were blemish free.

After thoroughly researching the major types of Alkalizers on the market, there is no doubt in my mind that Tyent USA makes the very best product! It comes with a lifetime warranty, and achieves the highest PH levels and strongest ORP for efficient antioxidant levels. From the very beginning, they decided not to take short cuts and make compromises with regards to quality, in order to make their water ionizers as affordable as possible for everyone. They also use the biggest, strongest and highest quality components available, with hopes that they will be the choice for those who demand the best for themselves and their family!

Their machines have become an Industry Standard and here are 14 Reasons why you should choose Tyent for your and your family’s overall health!!!

1. Largest plate surface area in the industry
Their 9090 Turbo has 9 of the largest plates in the industry. Larger plates mean stronger alkaline and acidic water capabilities, stronger PH, stronger ORP, and maximally beneficial water. Their medical grade titanium plates are coated with the highest quality platinum available. Their 10x system means that their plates are coated 10 times with platinum and then baked to ensure quality and longevity.

2. Hybrid plate technology
Their plates have the durability of solid plates with the correct placement of electrolysis distribution vents for maximum surface area.

3. Over 375 Watts of Power
Their 9090 Turbo Extreme has the most power in the industry. The power works closely with the plates to create the beneficial properties of the water. More power means that extreme super waters can be created without chemicals.

4. Extreme filtration
The Tyent line of water ionizers has the largest physical filters in the industry. Do not overlook the physical size of the filters. Larger physical filter size means there is more room for the filtration media, and with more filtration media, you will get the best filtration available in the industry.

5. Forever Guarantee
Their lifetime warranty does not contain the word “limited” because, very simply, there aren’t any limits. Read their warranty carefully and then compare it to our competitor’s warranties. They have no stipulations, no fine print, and no doubt that your water ionizer will last a lifetime. In fact, the only thing their warranty doesn’t cover is intentional or accidental damage. For example, damage from the result of dropping the unit off of a building. Besides that, you are covered regardless of your water type or how much water you produce.

6. Super Water Capability
Tyent coined the term “Super Water” and they are still the ONLY machine with large enough plates and enough power to produce super water without chemicals. Super water means that they have a range of 2.3 to 12.0 on the PH scale. As with all chemical free machines, these levels are always based on your source water.

7. ISO Certifications
Their factory is both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The ISO is the international standards organization and it means quality control is up to par.

8. UL Approved
Tyent is UL certified. The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is the highest standard in safety and the most difficult safety certification to obtain. Accept no substitute for the UL certification.

9. SMPS Power
A switched managed power supply (SMPS) is the same power technology that is used in flat panel televisions. It is reliable, it doesn’t get hot like an old school transformer, and it allows you to adjust your power based on your source water.

10. Over 50 power settings
With their advanced SMPS power system, you can adjust your Tyent water ionizer so that is creating the best water based on where you live.The water that flows from your faucet has specific characteristics that should not be ignored. The ability to dial in your Tyent Water Ionizer based on your source water is a benefit that will give you the flexibility to create great water no matter where you live.

11. One Touch Technology
Their machines are the only machines in the industry that have true one touch technology. With only one touch of a button, you can have clean, healthy water anytime. Their machines are easy enough for children, seniors, and everyone in between.

12. Chemical and Lead Free
Their machines are certified chemical and lead free. Insist on chemical free. Regardless of what you are told by the sellers of chemical based machines, these chemicals travel through the same water cell that your drinking water comes from, so logic will tell you that traces of this chemical will be in your drinking water.

13. Ultra Violet Alternative
Their Ultra Violet Alternative (UVA) is used in place of an ultra violet light to provide the same water purifying benefits and has been found to be a safer and more effective alternative.

14. PAST Cleaning system
Their Polarity Anti Scale Technology (PAST) is the most advanced cleaning system in the industry. Better cleaning means longer lasting components and healthier water.

This is one of the most important investments you can ever make in your life for the health of you and your family, and with special financing options for qualified buyers why don’t you take some of the savings from your current pharmaceuticals and reinvest that same money into a quality lifetime product that will change your life and make you feel great inside and out forever!!!

Call Tyent USA today at 1-855-(Tyent)87 or 1-855-893-6887 or find them online at www.tyentusa.com , facebook and http://www.youtube.com/user/tyentusa/videos to speak with one of their many knowledgeable and skilled employees. Don’t forget to ask about the under the counter unit and the industrial unit for a healthier workforce in your office, gym, pilates and yoga studios! Ask for Michelle, Lisa or Joe directly and let them know where you heard about them!

Happy Living!!!

Josh Leidolf

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ive done a lot of research on these machines as well, this article sums it up :)

  2. Todd J says:

    Wow! This is like futuristic technology!

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