Football Is Back!!!


Yes we are ready for some football. The players finally signed off today on the new collective bargaining agreement today that the owners approved over the weekend. So a bunch of really rich guys will play America’s favorite game this year and get richer. good for them and good for us because without the NFL what are we supposed to do on Sundays? It will be nice to see the stadiums full and the cheerleaders doing their thing but a few reminders of things that won’t change.  We will still see Eli Manning suck and throw somewhere around 25 passes to the other team. We will still see the Dolphins have no offense and be stuck behind the Jets and the Patriots in their division. We will still see the Lions,Bills,Redskins and Bengals suck. We will still see Ray Lewis crush people like he has for 15 seasons. We will still see Jay Cutler have no heart and Phillip Rivers be awesome but not have the team around him to win. We will see Micheal Vick play like Superman but the Eagles not win it again because they have never won a Superbowl and never will. We will see Tony Romo disappoint Cowboy fans again because they are never happy and we will see either Payton Manning and Tom Brady play quarterback possibly better than anyone else has ever played the position. So there is the good, the bad and the ugly of what we almost missed this year because of a bunch of greedy guys who wanted a little more of the pie. For more on the story go to our friends at [NYPost]

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