Tom Brady Makes Tim Tebow His Bitch

God I hated Tom Brady my whole life, that is until last night when he crushed the Tim Tebow legend in his bare hands like a rock made of sand. You know what they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend and my biggest enemy right now is Tim Tebow! I just don’t like him, besides the fact that he went to Florida, which already makes me hate him. He credits his success to the imaginary man in the sky and that just pisses me off! Stupid Tebowing the whole phenomenon just makes me sick ugh! At least now we can watch the rest of the playoffs without feeling like we are part of some ridiculous religious experience. If I wanted to be religious on Sunday I wouldn’t be watching football, id be molesting young boys at my local parish.

Brady and the Patriots rolled over Tebow and the Broncos last night like a Egyptians ran over the Jews. Crucifying the religious quarterback with blitz after blitz on defense and dazzling the home town crowd with an insane air assault on offense. Brady tied a playoff record with six touchdown passes and was 26 of 34 for 363 yards before capping the night with a third down punt.

“He’s been around the block a few times,” cornerback Champ Bailey said of Brady. “He knows how to win games. If you’re not ready to punch him in the mouth he’s going to eat you up all night.” [SportsIllustrated]

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