2012 Olympic Medal Count

2012 Olympic Medals


China:  4 Gold 2 Bronze 6 total

Italy:  2 Gold 2 Sliver 1 Bronze 5 total

USA:  1 Gold 2 Sliver 2 Bronze  5 total

South Korea:  1 Gold 1 Sliver 1 Bronze  3 total

Brazil:  1 Gold 1 Sliver 1 Bronze  3 total

Japan: 1 Sliver 2 Bronze  3 total

Russia, Kazakhstan, and Australia all each have one gold medal each, while 10 other countries have 1 medal in Silver or Bronze.

Day 2 medal events:

Women’s team archery

Women’s cycling – road course

Women’s synchronized diving

Men’s fencing

Men and women’s judo

Women’s shooting


Men’s – 100m Breaststroke, 4x100m Freestyle

Women’s – 100m Butterfly, 400m Freestyle

Men and women’s weightlifting





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