The New Olympics: The 3-peat or 4-peat or 5-peat!

The golden girls of beach volleyball did it! The women’s soccer team did it! The greatest Olympian of all-time did it! If you don’t know his name then you weren’t paying attention so stop reading this sports article! Usain Bolt might do it in two events if he comes backs to the next Olympics in Rio. The women’s basketball team if they win gold will do it for a fourth time!

Now I know people want to change the rules in some of the events next year to put an age limit on them. Remind me again but I thought the point of the games was to let the best athletes in the world compete? Whats wrong with the way things are?

As a sports fan I’ve enjoy every minute of these games watching the best professional’s breaking records and setting new one’s. In ancient Olympic times the games were a tribute to mythological gods. Whats wrong with athletes repeating three, four, or five times and becoming real gods? It’s good for ratings right!



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