H&M Accused Of Stealing From Local Atlanta Artist

Resident of Atlanta, Tori LaConsay painted a sweet lil’ note to her East Atlanta neighborhood that charmingly reads: “You Look Nice Today.” - followed by a period and a little red heart. Tori says, “It was a small gesture that I genuinely hoped would make my neighbors feel good.”  Recently, she began receiving e-mails from friends asking her if she is benefiting from H&M sales? – Turns out, the hipster bargain brand, H&M scooped up Tori’s love note and started to blast it on their merchandise. – everything from door mats to bath towels – As flattering as it might be, Tori was never notified or compensated. After outraged H&M fans showed how they felt on twitter, posting things on H&M’s page like : “You look like a pirate today.” – H&M promises they are reaching out to LaConsay to discuss the issue.







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