Jeffrey Campbell Shoes = Amazing !

- Apparently, women walk on the balls of their feet while wearing heels anyways . . .  who knew!


Check out all of his wacky, amazing, colorful & sexy shoes here & here.


For 11 years, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes has been capturing the essence of the street; weaving it together with a vintage style & runway flair, creating a line of shoes instantly recognizable the world over.  As a small, family owned company, the meteoric rise of the Jeffrey Campbell brand is the result of hard work and a true passion for design- a passion that is evident in every detail of every product that carries the name.  Despite transforming into a global brand, with offices all over the world, the Los Angeles-based Jeffrey Campbell operates today on those same principles, retaining the small-company ideals and mentality upon which it was founded.  Rare commodities in the conglomerated, incorporated world we live in.


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  1. Elle Brookes says:

    Buy Jeffrey Campbell shoes from Cloggs UK- Spring Summer range. http://www.cloggs.co.uk/icat/jeffrey_campbell.

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