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skateboard fail

The Best Fails of the Week!

Compilation Kid Chronic

Crash, wrecks, accidents, and tons more!

ATV and Dirt Bike Fails! - Print Killer

ATV and Dirt Bike Fails!

Fail Kid Chronic

All I have to say after watching this is ouch!


Jumbo Squids Attack Submarine

Videos Lois Lane

Greenpeace submarines were attacked by jumbo squids on an expedition in the Bering Sea.


Oscar Pistorius Verdict

News Lois Lane

Oscar Pistorius will not see any jail time. The “Blade Runner”, who was found guilty of culpable homicide, will spend three years on house arrest.


Indiana Doctor Kills Wife and Then Himself on their Wedding Night

News Lois Lane

A doctor and nurse who wed were dead by their wedding night. Dr. George Scott Samson shot and killed his new bride nurse Kelly Ecker and then killed himself.


Lunar Eclipse Tonight, Best Time to Catch It

News Lois Lane

If you missed the lunar eclipse earlier this year, here is your chance to see it once more. The Earth will position itself between the sun and the moon, creating a full lunar eclipse with a majestic red hue.


First Ebola Patient in the US Dies

News Lois Lane

Thomas Eric Duncan is the first patient in the US to die from Ebola. Duncan was being treated in an isolation unit at a Texas hospital.

Mountain Bike Giant Front Flip Fail - Print Killer

Mountain Bike Giant Front Flip Fail

Fail Kid Chronic

That’s gotta hurt!

train hits car

Watch This Train Hit an 18 Wheeler Today

News Kid Chronic

The driver got away moments before the train hit a truck that was stuck on the tracks.

skateboard crash

Insanely Fast Skateboard Crash

Fail Kid Chronic

This guy has to be going at least 50 MPH on a long board when he crashes face first into the asphalt.

Drag Racing FAIL - Print Killer

Drag Racing FAIL

Automotive Kid Chronic

And that’s why you should always wear a seat belt.


Pistorius Won’t Be Found Guilty of Murder

News Lois Lane

In the verdict, Oscar Pistorius won’t be found guilty of murder, but he was found negligent in the shooting death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.


Baltimore Ravens Terminate Ray Rice’s Contract After Seeing Video Of Him Punching His Wife

Sports Lois Lane

The Baltimore Ravens have terminated Ray Rice’s contract after a video of him punching his wife Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator was leaked by TMZ.

business mogul plane crash

U.S. Business Mogul and Wife Die in Small Plane Crash

News Kid Chronic

Based on reports, it seems that the small plane may have lost cabin pressure, causing the plane’s occupants to pass out.


Lance Armstrong Today

News Lois Lane

It has been 18 months since Lance Armstrong admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. His record achievement of seven successive Tour de France wins have been wiped off the books. And now he faces his biggest challenge with the U.S. Federal Government over its […]


Polish Couple Fall To Their Death While Taking Pictures

News Lois Lane

A polish couple fell to their deaths after they were snapping pictures of themselves near a  cliff. The rescue team was unable to recover their bodies due to bad weather and had to wait for the next day


Robin Williams Dead Of Apparent Suicide

News Lois Lane

Like we haven’t had the worst year so far with all the things that have been happening but now we lose one of the most talented actors of our time, Robin Williams dead at 63.

Boater Runs Over Friend

High School Boater Runs Over Friend Killing Her

Marine Kid Chronic

They circled back to pick her up after she fell out of the tube, and she was accidentally run over by the propeller.


Terrifying Bus Crash Caught on Camera

Videos Lois Lane

Watch this crazy bus crash!

jfk jr 1

Remembering JFK, Jr. 15-Years Later

News Lois Lane

It’s been fifteen years since the plane carrying John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bassette crashed into the Atlantic sea off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

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