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Biker Almost Dies

Automotive The Brooklyn Bomber

Talk about a close call!


South Beach “Party Princess” Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

News Lois Lane

Karlie Tomica the twenty-year old bartender at South Beach’s Nikki Beach nightclub has been sentenced to four years in jail for hitting Stefano Riccioletti with her car and leaving the scene of the accident. Riccioletti was a chef at the Shore Club, he was walking […]

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I’ll Believe That When Trucks Fly

Automotive The Brooklyn Bomber

Oh, never mind.


Driving FAIL

Automotive Kid Chronic

I have no idea what this guy is saying but he doesn’t sound happy! #WomenDrivers – Watch More Funny VideosNever Has Anyone Failed So Badly, So Quickly


Video From Inside the Terrifying Southwest Plane Crash

News Kid Chronic

Ever wonder what it would be like to land a airplane if the landing gear was broke? Well it’s a lot like this video.


FAIL – Wake Board High Five

Fail Kid Chronic

Damn there lucky they didn’t hit this guy with prop.


Here is the Actual Video of the Train that Derailed in Spain Killing 77 People

Fail Kid Chronic

This horrific crash left 77 dead and over 100 people injured.


Woman Falls to Her Death on Six Flags Texas Giant Roller Coaster

Fail Kid Chronic

The harness gave way, the coaster turned, and she was gone.


Man Crushed to Death By Falling One Ton Cow

Animals Kid Chronic

Joao Maria de Souza a 45-year-old Brazilian man was killed when a moo cow came falling through his roof and landed right on top of him. The farm animal had walked up onto the roof from a neighboring hill, and do to its rather large […]


Cop Falls Off His Motorcycle

Fail Kid Chronic



Para Sail Accident in Florida

Fail Kid Chronic

Para sail line detaches from the boat and two teenagers smack against the penthouse of a beach high rise.


Old Lady Gets Run Over By a Bus

Automotive Kid Chronic

Don’t worry she lived.


Couple Falls Out of the Window While Having Sex

Fail Kid Chronic

A couple in Central China had to move their love making session near the window because it was to hot in their apartment. The only problem was the window was poorly constructed and broke. The couple fell clenching each other naked, all the way to […]


Here is How you Run Over 20 People With a Ferrari

Automotive Kid Chronic

Seems like standing in the front row at events lately has a pretty knarley cost. Might want to watch from the bleachers next time…


Here is What It’s Like to Run Over Your Friend With a Motorcycle

Fail Kid Chronic

Ouch! Nothing like a tire mark across your chest to show chicks your a bad ass! Dude Rides Over His Friend On Racetrack – Watch More Funny Videos


Holy Sh*t!

Automotive Kid Chronic

Insane car crash caught on dash cam.


Luckiest Dude on Earth Lands on his Feet After Attempted Car Leap

Videos Kid Chronic

This could be fake, but judging by the reactions and quality it may be real. What do you guys think? Bonehead Car Flip Fail Becomes Unintentional Win – Watch More Funny Videos


Rope Swing Faceplant KO

Faceplants Kid Chronic

Wow this chic would have drowned from a faceplant if her friends weren’t there. What a way to go!


Face Crushing Faceplant

Fail Kid Chronic



Guy Crushes Girl in Front of Him on a Mountain Coaster… Twice!

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Looks like fun, as long as the guy in back of you doesn’t break your damn neck by running into you at 80 MPH. How To Get Whiplash On A Mountain Coaster – Watch More Funny Videos


19-Year-Old Swimmer Swept Over Yosemite Falls

California Kid Chronic

Aleh Kalman a 19-year-old boy from Sacramento California, was wept over the 600 foot high Nevada Fall this weekend. The boy who had come to Yosemite National Park with his church group, was swimming 150 yards up the Merced river from the fall, when he […]


Snowboard Crash!

Fail Kid Chronic

That had to hurt so bad, first you break your ass, then you land on your head and fold up like a lawn chair! Awesome Snowboard Jump Crash – Watch More Funny Videos


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