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Luckiest Dude on Earth Lands on his Feet After Attempted Car Leap

Videos Kid Chronic

This could be fake, but judging by the reactions and quality it may be real. What do you guys think? Bonehead Car Flip Fail Becomes Unintentional Win – Watch More Funny Videos


Rope Swing Faceplant KO

Faceplants Kid Chronic

Wow this chic would have drowned from a faceplant if her friends weren’t there. What a way to go!


Face Crushing Faceplant

Fail Kid Chronic



Guy Crushes Girl in Front of Him on a Mountain Coaster… Twice!

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Looks like fun, as long as the guy in back of you doesn’t break your damn neck by running into you at 80 MPH. How To Get Whiplash On A Mountain Coaster – Watch More Funny Videos


19-Year-Old Swimmer Swept Over Yosemite Falls

California Kid Chronic

Aleh Kalman a 19-year-old boy from Sacramento California, was wept over the 600 foot high Nevada Fall this weekend. The boy who had come to Yosemite National Park with his church group, was swimming 150 yards up the Merced river from the fall, when he […]


Snowboard Crash!

Fail Kid Chronic

That had to hurt so bad, first you break your ass, then you land on your head and fold up like a lawn chair! Awesome Snowboard Jump Crash – Watch More Funny Videos


Base Jumper Has Parachute Malfunction, Somehow Lives to Tell the Tale

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

I can’t believe this guy is still alive. Base Jumper – Watch More Funny Videos


Here is How Not to Ride a Motorcycle

Automotive Kid Chronic

Showing off for the camera will get you every time…


Insane Amusment Park Accident

Videos Kid Chronic

There is no other details with this video other than it came out of Uzbekistan. We do not know if the ride malfunctioned, if the person was injured, or worse passed away. From the looks of it that fall had to be life threatening.


LA Car Chase Ends With Suspect Beat Down

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Check out this LA car thief drive a stolen van right into police and then try and make a run for it!


Todd Harrell of Three Doors Down Arrested for Vehicular Homicide

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Todd Harrell, the bassist for Three Doors Down is some serious trouble today, after the musician was arrested for causing an accident last night that ended in a man’s death. Harrell was travelling at a high rate of speed when he hit the man’s pick-up […]


Plane Crash in Bali

News Kid Chronic

A Lion Air plane has had an accident in Bali today after the pilot missed the runway and crash landed in shallow water. The airline has had a history of accidents, having been involved in at least six since 2002. No one knows exactly what […]


Teen Steals Mac Truck Full of Strawberries, Blames it on Zombies

California Kid Chronic

Temecula, California –  19-year-old Jeremiah Hartline is in some deep strawberry jam, after hijacking a Mac truck full of strawberries and then crashing it on the highway, blocking all four lanes. Police on the scene say Hartline seemed to be in an altered state of […]


Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Asian Elephant shot in a Drive by Shooting

News Lois Lane

Carol, an Asian elephant for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in a drive-by shooting. The bullet hit the elephant in the neck on Tuesday by a single bullet shot from a passing car in […]


ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE – Florida Man Accidentally Mows Two-Year-Old Daughter’s Feet Off

News Kid Chronic

Man, if I believed in God, I would prey for these poor people. What horrible, horrible luck… Jeremy Nugent was mowing his lawn when his wife started screaming at him. Thinking she was screaming because there was something in front of him, he put the […]


This Guy Has to be a Real Life Ninja…

News Kid Chronic

Wow I can’t believe he landed on his feet after that.


A View Inside the Deadly Florida Sink Hole

News Kid Chronic

Take a look inside the deadly sink hole that claimed one Florida man’s life.


How Not to Drift…

Automotive Kid Chronic

High school kids and parking lots late at night are never a good combination. This Isn – Watch More Funny Videos


Chinese Bus Driver Takes Hardest Shot to the Face Ever, Then Gets Right Up

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

There is nothing I can say about this, you just need to watch it to believe it.


Father Leaves Kids in the Car, Kids Drive Car Through the Front of the Store!

Videos Kid Chronic

Here is one reason to bring your kids into the store with you.

Ice Climber Falls 100 Feet Down Mountain

Videos Lois Lane

Climber Mark Roberts experiences one of the most terrifying moments of his life after plummeting 100 feet down the side of a mountain in Wales.


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