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Fortune Cookie Say: Man Who Fight Taxi Cab, Get Run Over

Fights Kid Chronic

This video is from Montreal, Canada, and depicts a real life hit and run, though some might argue the cab driver’s life was at stake, so it was self-defense. I’ll let the courts decide that one, but here is the video for you to be the judge: […]

This Is What Happens When Your SUV Hits A Manhole With No Cover

Automotive Kid Chronic

No one tells you about that in driver’s ed. class. Maybe they should. Manhole Sends Car Flying – Watch More Funny Videos

Why Did She Get Out Of The Car?

Videos Kid Chronic

Ice is definitely tough to drive on, but it’s no reason to abandon ship!

Lady Runs Her Car Right Into The Middle Of A Publix, Nearly Kills A Baby

News Kid Chronic

This video has just been released of a car plowing into a Florida grocery store over the past weekend. Florida Highway Patrol says 10 people were injured Saturday when the 76-year-old driver slammed into the front door of the store and onto the sales floor. […]

xtreme go kart accident

Eleven-Year-Old Girl’s Leg Slashed In “Extreme Go-Kart” Track Collapse

News Kid Chronic

An adult male and an 11-year-old girl were hospitalized Tuesday after a portion of an “extreme go-kart” track collapsed while they were on it. The track, located at Magical  Midway on International Drive in Orlando, is currently being investigated by state inspectors for safety. The Orlando Sentinel reports that the […]

These Fellas Have More Balls Than I…

Automotive Kid Chronic

The most insane bike race ever: The Isle of Man TT.

Giant Ship Crashes Into Harbor

H2O Kid Chronic

Check out this massive ship crush a yacht before crashing into the harbor. Huge Ship Crashes Into Harbor – Watch More Funny Videos

supreme court of the united states

Can Police Use Your Silence Against You? Supreme Court Decides Not To Decide

Legal Kid Chronic

The nation’s highest court recently declined to review a state court’s ruling in Cannella v. Florida, a DUI manslaughter case that raises the unsettled question of whether a criminal prosecutor can use a defendant’s silence prior to his arrest against him. “There is a nationwide […]

bmw crash on 95 and 595

William Ciani Jumps His Car Off The State Road 84 Bridge, Lands On I95, And Walks Away Unscathed

News Kid Chronic

William “Evil Knievel” Ciani was driving his BMW so fast on the  State Road 84 Bridge that he couldn’t make the sharp turn mid-bridge, and ended up jumping his white BMW sedan over the concrete guard wall and onto the 195-to-595 interchange more than two […]

scot yoder, kills pedestrian

Death On Dixie Highway, Palm Beach Sheriff Runs Over Pedestrian

News Kid Chronic

The Sun Sentinel and Palm Beach Post have about two sentences each on the mysterious death of a civilian on Dixie Highway last night. Francisco Andres, 39, was fatally struck by Sheriff Deputy Scott Yoder while he was driving his patrol car northbound on the […]

Lyons, Synder and Collins

What To Do If Your Injured In An Auto Accident

Legal Kid Chronic

The accident and injury attorneys of Lyons, Snyder & Collin oftentimes receive inquiries from clients asking about the most effective tools an accident victim can use to have the highest likelihood of securing a favorable settlement or jury award after an auto accident.  As a […]

Spectator Hit During Car Show

Automotive Kid Chronic

Wow, and that is why you stay behind the ropes folks. Spectator Gets Hit During Car Stunt – Watch More Funny Videos

Bystander Chases Down Hit And Run Driver

News Kid Chronic

Austin Texas – Sisto Perez was riding his motorcycle when he saw a drunk driver mow over four innocent victims who were crossing the street. Rather than sit idly by and do nothing, Perez chased down the drunk driver on his motorcycle then hog tied […]

Backflip To Staircase

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Kids this is why you don’t show off… From Trampoline to Down a Flight of Stairs – Watch More Funny Videos

john goodman, laruso hutchins

Super Rich Florida Guy Adopts His 42 Year Old Girlfriend

Legal Kid Chronic

West Palm Beach – 48-year-old John Goodman has just legally adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend Laruso Hutchins. The legal maneuver comes in the wake of a lawsuit for wrongful death, filed after Goodman ran a stop sign and killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson. By adopting his girlfriend […]

Stay In Your Lane Man, Jeesh

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

I’m not even sure if this guy lived he looks pretty messed up.

Wait For It…

Automotive Kid Chronic

This is why you never stop your whip in the fast lane. Check that guys pants something tells me they might be soiled!

GET WISE: The Costa Concordia —> Did You Know The Champagne Bottle Didn't Break When They Tried To Christen The Vessel For Her Maiden Voyage?

News Kid Chronic

 Costa Concordia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the January 2012 shipwreck, see Costa Concordia disaster. Concept and construction The largest Italian cruise ship ever conceived was ordered on January 19 2004 in Fincantieri and built in the Sestri Ponente yard in Genoa. She had […]

Insane Dirt Bike Pile Up

Videos Kid Chronic

This accident had over ten dirt bikes involved. The dust from the first few wrecks blocked other riders from seeing it, before you knew it bikes were stacked ten deep. #crazyshit Awful 10 Dirtbike Pileup On Horribly Narrow Ridge – Watch More Funny Videos

miami shooting

Miami Man "Accidentally" Shoots Wife In The Chest

News Kid Chronic

A Miami man from SW 146th Terrace shot his wife in the chest with a .40 Glock because he “thought she was an intruder.” As the story goes the woman returned home to the Hammocks and then entered her house only to get shot in […]

FORT LAUDERDALE POLICE FOOTAGE: Woman Loses Control Of Car And Pins Bystander To A Pole

News Kid Chronic

Fort Lauderdale Police released surveillance footage Thursday of the fight at Nada Market where a man through a brick through a car windshield. The brick then caused the driver to lose control and crash into a bystander pinning him against a utility pole. The bystander […]

Was Gene Hackman Hit Because Of A Toyota Factory Defect?

Automotive Kid Chronic

I love when users give us dirt! This particular piece is especially juicy and was sent to me from a user who goes by the name of Anonymous. According to him Gene Hackman wasn’t just hit accidentally by a motorist who want paying attention. He […]

Scooter Hits Parked Car

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

How exactly do you crash a moped? I mean a motorcycle I get but a moped and into a parked car not even a moving one? Cmon man your better than that! Scooter Slams Into Parked Car – Watch MoreFunny Videos

hunters blow

Hunter Shot By Jumpy Bulldog

News Kid Chronic

Billy Brown (real name) of Dade City had decided to do himself some hunting. So he recruited his best pal and his bulldog to accompany him on the trip. The happy trio jumped in the pick up truck and headed out for the woods. That’s […]


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