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Road Rash Central! Motorcycle Dude Goes Down Hard

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Damn, you know that feeling when you just get in an accident and your don’t know WTF is going on, and you’re just happy to still be alive? Well, this guy has that moment on tape! I can’t believe he slid all the way into […]

No Good Dead Goes Unpunished

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Woman tries to help, gets hit by car instead. Woman Tries To Help, Taken Out By Car – Watch More Funny Videos

Bone-Crushing Motorcycle Crash

Automotive Kid Chronic

One word: ouch! – Watch More Funny Videos

Out of Control Bus Smashes Through Someone’s House

Automotive Kid Chronic

Holy macaroni! You don’t see that everyday. I hope no one was home! Out-Of-Control Bus Smashes Through House – Watch More Funny Videos

Chris Brown Denies his new Beaten Woman Tattoo is Rihanna

Music Patricia Jay

C’mon, Chris!!! This new beaten-woman tattoo looks shockingly similar to his ex- girlfriend Rihanna’s beaten face. Coincidence? We think not. I don’t want to call the hip-hop star stupid, but do you think he realizes that this tattoo is on his freaking NECK and will […]

Cyclist Sandwich

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

The old bus, truck sandwich! Stupid Cyclist Learns He’s Not Invincible – Watch More Funny Videos

Motorcycle Rider is Lucky to Be Alive

Videos Kid Chronic

Everybody has seen these guys on the highway, the motorcycle guy who thinks he can cut the line just ’cause he’s on two wheels. Biker Cut Off While Passing Traffic – Watch More Funny Videos

Is This the Worst Wedding Proposal Ever?

Videos Kid Chronic

Russian guy fakes that he dies in an accident before proposing to his GF. Check out her response.

Rope Swing FAIL

News J. Blondie

Nice Landing, I must Say! FAIL!


South Florida’s Best and Most Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

Company J. Blondie

Are you hurt as a result of a motorcycle accident, auto accident, or slip and fall? Do you need representation for a medical malpractice suit, social security claim, workers compensation, wrongful death, or just need criminal defense? If so, The law firm of Anidjar and Levine, P.A. is […]

Rally Car Crash Down a Mountain

Automotive Kid Chronic

Insane crash footage from inside the vehicle.

Father Shot By Off-Duty Officer After The Officer Hit His Daughter With a Motorcycle

News Kid Chronic

Christopher Middleton was shot by an off-duty cop after the cop hit his four-year-old daughter with his motorcycle.

Kid Breaks His Arm at the Skate Park

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Damn! I know that had to hurt, I broke my arm almost exactly the same way when I was a little KID. I had the exact same reaction too, just get up and walk really fast to get help, what else can you do when […]

Ever Wonder What it’s Like To Be in a Plane Crash?

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

It’s kinda like this.

Yet Another Reason Not to Get a Motorcycle…

Automotive Kid Chronic

Dude, if this guy wasn’t wearing a helmet, he would have been dead for sure.

Pedestrian Hit by a Runaway Car

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

OMG this poor lady was just minding her own business on the corner when she was creamed by an out-of-control driver.

furt burns balls

The Most Painfully Embarrassing Hospital Accident Ever

News Kid Chronic

Man, and I thought I had bad luck. This guy makes me look like a lottery winner!

Windsurf FAIL (Video)

H2O Kid Chronic

Windsurfer doesn’t see the pier behind him ’til it’s too late!

Surf Accident

H2O Kid Chronic

Surfer takes a board to the back mid-wave.

drag racer gif

Hello Pit Crew…

Automotive Kid Chronic

There seems to be a slight problem with the wheels!  

Drunk Driver Runs Red Light, Ends Up In Midair 360

Automotive Kid Chronic

This is why you don’t drink and drive. Take a cab, people!

Luckiest Driver Ever (Video)

Automotive Kid Chronic

Guy pulls a mid-highway 720 and lives to talk about it!


Man Blows Off Hand With Sparklers

News Patricia Jay

Turns out a homemade “sparkler bomb” explodes like an actual bomb! Tuesday night in Louisiana, Daniel Duzac, 19, made a “sparkler bomb” with friends by duct taping 144 sparklers together. In the explosion, Daniel lost his left hand and two other fingers. He also suffered […]

Helmet Cam of a Head-On Motorcycle Crash

Automotive Kid Chronic

Not really sure why that guy was driving so fast, but something tells me he won’t be doing it again. Woman Driver Crashes Into Biker – Watch More Funny Videos

Saudi Driver Beheaded After Drifting Stunt Goes Wrong

Automotive Kid Chronic

Saudi Arabian men have taken to drifting like a couple Asians with their first Honda Civic. The only problem is the country considers it a crime. In this video, a man causes a drifting accident that kills two people and consequently gets beheaded by the […]

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