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Lebron James Monstar Night

It Has Been Confirmed Lebron James is a MONSTAR!

Sports ShoMeLove

Last night was the first time Lebron appeared Super Human in front of the world, amidst his disguise. The four-time MVP finished with 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists, […]

Curry Breaks Reggie Miller's # Point Record

Steph Curry Breaks NBA Record

Sports ShoMeLove

Stephen Curry Sets New NBA Record For Most 3-Pointers Made In One Postseason, while outmuscles Dwight Howard For A Monstrous Rebound! (Warriors Win 115-80)

Curry Dances to Victory

Warriors Lead Series 2-0 Despite MVP Caliber Performance From J. Harden

Sports ShoMeLove

James Harden scored 38 points to lead the Rockets but despite his efforts they fell short a single point, as Steph Curry and the Warriors hold a commanding 2-0 series […]

Bionic Man is REAL!

Technological Advances in Prosthetics

News ShoMeLove

Steve Austin won the hearts of women everywhere as Million Dollar Man. The Bionic Man: First Person With Two Mind-Controlled Robotic Prosthetic Arms!

Rhino feeds Namibian Village

Conservationist Pays $350,000 To Feed Namibian Village

Nature ShoMeLove

Cory Knowlton loaded over one thousand pounds of Rhino meat to a desolate village. “Means everything to me, its a big part about being a conservationist”. CR

Stephen Curry Pregame Workout

2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry Pregame Workout

Sports ShoMeLove

The best players in the world, are also some of the hardest working. Prior to displaying his MVP caliber skills on the big stage in the NBA. Stephen Curry makes […]

Lebron Goes OFF

Has Lebron Proved He Is The Jordan of This Era?

Sports ShoMeLove

Lebron adding another impressive playoff performance to his resume last night. Atlanta Hawks came into the playoffs as the number one seed, after an impressive 60-22 regular season record. Yet, […]

Serena vs. Maria

Serena vs. Maria

Sports ShoMeLove

Maria Sharapova looks to defend her title at Roland Garros. While, Serena Williams will try an play spoiler, going for her 20th major win!

Robotics SuperBowl

Sport of The Mind “Robotics Superbowl”

Tech ShoMeLove

FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis, MO.


PIXELS Movie Trailer (2015)

Movie ShoMeLove

Video Games are taking over the world!!!

NBA Top Dunks 2014-2015

Best Dunks of 2014-2015 NBA Season

Sports ShoMeLove

Watch these NBA stars take flight!

EndLess Computers

Computer For The World

Interviews ShoMeLove

EndLess Computer is Bridging the digital divide in the world

Bill Nye $500,000 Guy

Bill Nye The $500,000 Guy

Astronomy ShoMeLove

Bill Nye raises funds for using KickStarter for Solar-Powered Spacecraft

The New Drone That Flies Itself

The New Drone That Flies Itself

News ShoMeLove

A drone that can be thrown in the air and follow your every move.

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son.

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son

News ShoMeLove

13 sons and counting?

Elephant Love

From The Wild World Of Parenting

Nature ShoMeLove

A baby elephant takes a tumble and his parents come to his rescue.

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