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Win or Swim Attitude

Marine Kid Chronic

Small boat + huge sail = awesome action.


Holsteins Burger Joint at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV, Is Where It’s At, People!

Bacon Josh Leidolf

This place has by far the Best Burgers in Las Vegas! Holsteins restaurateurs Billy Richardson and Chef Anthony Meidenbbauer of Block 16 Hospitality came up with the concept for the “new burger”. It was tailor-made for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas with an emphasis on […]

Jason Polakow

Jason Polakow’s Five Most Memorable Days

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Windsurfing doesn’t get as much credit as it should for being totally bad ass!

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 1.21.07 PM

Awesome Compilation Of Natural Phenomena

Compilation The Brooklyn Bomber

Throw on some tunes and just watch this video. You will remember how beautiful the world really is.

This Guy Can Shoot Some Pool - Print Killer

This Guy Can Shoot Some Pool

Sports Kid Chronic

Ronnie O’Sullivan wins the 2014 Welsh Open with a maximum break.

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 12.29.22 PM

GoPro Attached To Pelican and It’s Amazing

Animals The Brooklyn Bomber

These people attached a GoPro to a pelican and the footage is amazing. Makes me feel like I can fly!

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 12.59.35 PM

4-Year-Old Piano Master

Wins The Brooklyn Bomber

This 4-year-old little boy is better then some piano masters and he doesn’t even realize it yet!


Katy Perry and John Mayer Break Up

Entertainment Lois Lane

There is no engagement. There will be no Hollywood wedding. Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up…again! Perry and Mayer have been on-and-off since the summer of 2012. Their relationship had become more steady since March of last year. The “Wide Awake” singer has […]


Man Has Largest Private Reef Aquariam In His Home

Videos Lois Lane

I want one! Also I am curious to know what his light and water bill are!

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 2.30.35 PM

Human Runs The Loop

Wins The Brooklyn Bomber

Damien Walters, a stuntman and free runner, attempts to run up the loop like many have before, but with just his body as the machine.


Girl Scout Sets Up Shop In Front of Marijuana Clinic and Banks!

Entertainment Lois Lane

Thirteen-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei has gainfully confirmed the age-old aphorism, “Location, location, location.” When the San Francisco tween set up a Girl Scout cookie stand outside of a marijuana clinic called The Green Cross earlier this week  sales were unsurprisingly blazing.  Talk about a […]


20 Questions with Master Wilderness Photographer Rodney Lough Jr. “The World’s Most Famous No Nonsense Photographer”

Art Josh Leidolf

I had the pleasure of spending over an hour on the phone interviewing this world famous photographer and what I learned covered so much more than just art. Husband, father, master photographer, businessman, humanitarian, wilderness supporter, the list goes on and on! Rodney Lough Jr. […]

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 4.24.03 PM

Insane Tongue Twister Rap

WTF The Brooklyn Bomber

I will personally hand you a million dollars if you can do this rap without messing up.


Kiev, Ukraine Death Toll Hits 60

News Lois Lane

Ukraine spiraled deeper into disarray on Wednesday as the government of President Viktor F. Yanukovych and several thousand grimly determined protesters, along with their supporters in Russia and Europe, faced off in a confrontation over the fate of this fractured country of 46 million. Facubg […]

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 2.14.57 PM

3 Year Old Genius

Wins The Brooklyn Bomber

This child is one of the youngest people in MENSA, with an IQ of over 160.


What Is Going On In Venezuela In a Nutshell

News Lois Lane

Fears of more clashes between pro- and anti-government supporters ratcheted up in Venezuela as both sides prepared to march in the capital Tuesday, and opposition leader Leonardo Lopez dared authorities to arrest him when he reappears in public. The competing demonstrations loomed one day after […]


The Best Pics on the Web This Week!

Pics Kid Chronic

Here is a whole gallery of awesome pics to get your week off to a good start.


The Dream of Life – Alan Watts

Videos Kid Chronic

Here are just a few humble words to live by.


Sweethearts Married For 67 Years Die 32 Hours Apart

News Lois Lane

Sweetheart couple Michael and Olympia DeNittis met as children while growing up down the block from each other in Port Reading, NJ. They were married for 67 years before they both succumbed to illnesses and died 32 hours apart. Olympia, 95, died of pneumonia on […]


Tom Brokaw Reveals He Is Being Treated for Cancer

News Lois Lane

In August at the Mayo clinic, Tom Brokaw was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow. “His doctors are optimistic about the outcome of the treatment he is receiving, and Brokaw said he remains ‘the luckiest guy I know,’” […]

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