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X-Factor Contestant Blows Audience Away With Rendition of Bette Midler’s “The Rose”

Videos Lois Lane

I love the judges’ face when he starts singing. Made the hairs on my arm stand up. Amazing performance!


Man Sets Record For The Longest Time Covered in Bees

Videos Lois Lane

Video: Man sets the record for the longest time covered in bees Ruan Liangming, a beekeeper from China, sat with his body covered in bees for nearly an hour, setting a new Guinness World Record with a time of 53 minutes and 34 seconds. He […]

student poser

31-Year Old Woman Arrested After Posing as A Student

News Lois Lane

Does this look like the face of a 31-year old woman who posed as a Sophmore at a High School? Charity Anne Johnson posed as a 15-year-old girl who was able to enroll at an East Texas High School. She was caught after the woman […]

truck driver

Truck Driver Spills His Load on the Highway, No One Is Hurt

Videos Lois Lane

Video: Truck drops load on highway My biggest fear come true, a huge truck spills their load on the highway.

red bull cliff diving

Red Bull Cliff Diving Highlights

Sports Kid Chronic

Man, I wish I could cliff dive, shit looks cool as hell.

cat and dog

Hero Cat Saves Kid From Dog Attack

Videos Lois Lane

Watch this cat beat the crap out of the dog when the dog attacks the kid.


What Happens When You Skydive With a Bowling Ball?

Videos Lois Lane

Cool! But I would want to be as far away from the bowling ball when I land!


Diver Gets Assaulted Under Water

News Lois Lane

Rene Umberger was under 50 feet of water of Kona, Hawaii, when another diver swam over and tried to rip off her breathing apparatus. Rene was filming damage to coral reefs when she was assaulted. After she managed to slip her breathing device back on, […]


Judge Wants To Know Where is Casey Kasem?

News Lois Lane

A Los Angeles judge ordered an investigation on the whereabouts of the famous radio host Casey Kasem. The Judge was worried about Kasem’s well-being after another attorney for Kasem’s wife said he didn’t know where the former radio host was. Kasem, who suffers from Parkinson’s […]

Balla Yana by Said Energizer

Balla Yana by Said Energizer

Killer Babes Kid Chronic

So many beautiful women in the world it’s hard to focus on just one, but meet Balla Yana.


Beyonce’s Sister Solange Attacks Jay Z and It’s All Caught on Tape

Entertainment Lois Lane

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. At the Met Gala, Solange in her peach gown, is seen entering an elevator at the Standard Hotel with the sister and brother-and-law. A few seconds pass and Solange approaches Jay Z and she starts to yell at […]


10 Things That Will Kill You In Under An Hour

Videos Lois Lane

Things everyone should know, you wouldn’t want to die of laughter that just seems silly!  

funny elevator prank

Is This The Future of Elevators?

Pranks Kid Chronic

Welcome to the Eighth floor…

dog foundation

Man Walks 2,000 Miles With His Dogs to Raise Dog Cancer Awareness

News Lois Lane

Luke Robinson, 43, founded the organization 2 Million Dogs, which is dedicated to finding common links between canine and human cancers. His foundation will walk about 1,800 miles, from Vancouver to San Diego, with his dogs and just a backpack. Robinson founded the organization after […]

amazing soccer goal

Amazing Soccer Goal

Sports Kid Chronic

Joe Garner’s Fantastic Goal on May 10, 2014. During the Preston Vs Rotherham game.


Breaking News: Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima and Her Husband Split Up!

Entertainment Lois Lane

If you thought you would never have a chance with this beauty, think again. After five years of marriage, Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima and her NBA player husband, Marko Jaric, have announced that they are splitting up. The couple have two daughters: Valentina, 4, […]


Town In Canada Worries About Dead Whale Exploding

News Lois Lane

Trout River, Newfounland isn’t sure what to do with a whale that died and washed up ashore. Residents are worried that the bloated whale will eventually explode, not to mention that the smell is getting worse every day.  The blue whale was among nine other […]


Convicted Killer Dies From Botched Lethal Injection

News Lois Lane

Convicted killer and rapist Clayton Lockett died Tuesday after he was administered the lethal injection to carry out his death sentence. However, the procedure did not go as planned. According to his attorney, Dean Sanderford, “his body started to twitch, he mumbled something I couldn’t […]


George Clooney Is Officially Off the Market!!!

Entertainment Lois Lane

Hollywood A-Lister and two-time Oscar winner George Clooney is engaged! The actor seems to have finally met his match in 36-year-old Amal Alamuddin, an Oxford-educated British lawyer. Both seem to share the same passion for crusading for international human rights. A source close to the […]

insane base jump

These Base Jumpers Are Freaking Awesome!

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Flying circles around the building was unbelievably cool. You guys gotta see this.

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