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Suspect in custody chewed off his fingerprints before he could be processed.

Hungry Suspect Chewed Off His Fingerprints to Avoid Identification

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

The struggle is real! Lee County Sheriff’s Office Highway Interdiction Team encountered a criminal so desperate to not be identified that he chewed off his own finger prints.

Ray Tensing said he understood the charge of murder and involuntary manslaughter in the death of Samuel DuBose (43).

Ray Tensing Pleads Not Guilty To Murder in Samuel DuBose’s Death

News ShoMeLove

Ex-Cincinnatti University cop Ray Tensing pleaded not guilty to murder today for shooting and killing Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop near Cincinnati University campus. Ray Tensing said he understood […]

Los Angeles Gang Violence threatens the community.

Spike In Los Angeles Gang Shootings Cause for Community Awareness

News ShoMeLove

Rival Los Angeles Gang Threaten To Kill 100 People In 100 Days, causing fear in the L.A. community.

Lion numbers have plummeted 90% in Africa.

Cecil The Lion Killer Thought Hunt Was Legal

Animals ShoMeLove

Dentist Doctor Walter Palmer has apologized for the killing of Cecil the lion. Lion numbers have plummeted 90% in Africa. Should trophy hunting be a crime?

Body cam footage just released is extremely disturbing, in this traffic stop it shows shooting death of Sam DuBose by Cincinnati University Campus police officer.

Body Camera Video From Sam DuBose Shooting Released

News ShoMeLove

Cincinnati University Campus police officer receives a murder indicted. Body cam footage just released is extremely disturbing, in this traffic stop it shows shooting death of Sam DuBose.

Be on the look out for this alleged child molester John Napier, he did't show up in court for a reason.

Alleged Child Molester John Napier Skips Court Date With Some Local Help

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

Child molester John Napier seems to have had a personal relationship with Bondswoman who bailed him out. She referred to him as “Johnny” and didn’t come of as a bondswoman […]

Colombia has their officials looking for hundreds of bodies at a Medellin landfill.

Colombia Excavates Possible Massive Grave

News ShoMeLove

Colombia has had conflicts over the last century and who could forget Pablo Escobar reign of terror. Colombian officials begin looking for hundreds of bodies at a Medellin landfill believed […]

Police say an eight year old missing girl from California was found dead.

Missing Girl in Santa Cruz, California Found Dead in Dumpster

News ShoMeLove

Police say an eight year old missing girl from California, who for two day had FBI searching, was found dead inside a dumpster.

snoop dogg gets arrested

Snoop Dogg Gets Arrested

Entertainment Fishman

Snoop Dogg gets arrested directly after his performance in Sweden by Police for suspicions of illegal drugs and he documents the entire encounter on his Instagram account.

burn confederate flag

A Man In Pennsylvania Got Arrested For Setting Fire To A Plastic Confederate Flag

News Fishman

A man in Pennsylvania got arrested for burning a plastic confederate battle flag that was attached to a parked pickup truck located in a local convenience store.

Women being Gang Raped in Detroit

Women Raped by Group of Men In Detroit as Companion is Forced To Watch

News ShoMeLove

Several women raped have Detroit Police looking for a group of men in who gang rape women and force their boyfriends to watch.

Police Captain Foils ISIS Plot

Boston Police Officer Forced To Report Son With Ties to ISIS

News ShoMeLove

A 23 year old Massachusetts man was charged in a plot to engage in terrorism on behalf of ISIS, according to a criminal complaint made by his father, a boston […]

"El Chapo" At Large Again!

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Has Eluded Mexican Authorities Once Again

News ShoMeLove

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman foster another escape from a maximum-security prison in Mexico.


Bill Cosby Admitted in 2005 To Giving Drugs To Women So He Could Have Sex With Them

News Lois Lane

The truth always comes out!  Bill Cosby admitted to getting Quaaludes to give to young women he wanted to have sex with. Cosby has not admitted to actually drugging any […]

Sgt. Philip Seidle Murders Ex-Wife

Cop Chases Down & Kills His Wife In Front Of Their 7 Year Old Daughter!

Police Brutality ShoMeLove

Neptune Township police Sgt. Philip Seidle shot his wife Tamara Seidle several times in the middle of the street after running her off the road with his 7 year old […]

Kanye & Amber Reunited

Amber Rose & Kanye West Within 100ft Of Each Other

Celeb ShoMeLove

Kanye did not stick around long after Amber and Crew showed up, but it still technically counts. How quickly Love and head kisses turn to hate and resentment. ShoMeLove

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