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gangbanger vs skater

Gangster Pulls Gun On Skater And Gets The Surprise Of His Life

Videos Kid Chronic

The gang banger was mad at the skater for wearing red in his neighborhood.

Man Caught Robbing Adult Store - Print Killer

Man Caught Robbing Adult Store

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Lovers, the favorite adult store of criminals everywhere.


Hot Woman Sues After Her Mugshot Becomes a Popular Online Meme

News Lois Lane

Meggan Simmons is suing InstantCheckmate.com, a background-check company, for using her image without her consent. She claims that her mugshot image caused her to feel “humiliated and embarrassed”, and that she has suffered “mental pain and anguish.” Her attorney, Matthew Crist, told the Today show, […]

Robert Winn, Pickus meth

Real-Life Breaking Bad at Gloversville Enlarged School District

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Gloversville, New York – A real-life Breaking Bad has apparently been going on behind the scenes of the Gloversville Enlarged School District, ever since Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Frank Pickus was arrested by Colonie Police Sunday night for possession of methamphetamine! He is being […]


Saratoga Cop Busted Trying to Sell a Kilo of Booger Sugar

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Saratoga, New York – Charles Fuller, 46, was busted by the FBI for helping a drug dealer sell a kilo of cocaine. The officer gave the dealer (an undercover agent for the FBI) a ride to deliver the drugs. For the guaranteed safe passage, the […]

Called 911 for Sex

Florida Woman Arrested After She Called 911 for Sex

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Punta Gorda, Florida – Maria Montenez-Colon was arrested after she called 911 and then sexually harassed the responding officer. According to the police report, she told the officer “I haven’t been penetrated in years,” and “I am so horny” before being arrested for misuse of […]

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 11.36.49 AM

“Avatar” Star Arrested

Celeb The Brooklyn Bomber

Actor Sam Worthington, best known for his leading role in the 2009 blockbuster “Avatar,” was arrested Sunday after getting into an altercation with a photographer, New York City police said.

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 1.37.18 PM

Miami Protestor Breaks 1 Million Dollar Vase

Art The Brooklyn Bomber

Maximo Caminero, a Miami-based artist, was named in a police affidavit as the defendant. He told an officer that his act was a protest against the gallery’s decision to only display international art.


What Is Going On In Venezuela In a Nutshell

News Lois Lane

Fears of more clashes between pro- and anti-government supporters ratcheted up in Venezuela as both sides prepared to march in the capital Tuesday, and opposition leader Leonardo Lopez dared authorities to arrest him when he reappears in public. The competing demonstrations loomed one day after […]

Thiago Silva

MMA Fighter Jailed for Threatening Wife With a Gun

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Florida – MMA Champ Thiago Silva, 31, is being held in Broward County Jail on attempted murder, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and obstruction without violence charges. According to police, Silva took a gun to a mixed martial arts school in Oakland Park and […]

Jordan Steelman

Wannabe Kid Chronic, Jordan Steelman, Arrested When Neighbor Blocks His Getaway Car

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Some of you may have noticed this wannabe white-boy rapper, Jordan Steelman, online pretending he is in some way Kid Chronic, even though I have been using the name literally since he was in diapers and am the true owner and creator of the memorable […]


Michigan Killer On The Run After Breaking Out of Jail

News Lois Lane

Michael David Elliot broke out of a secure area at the Ionia Correctional Facility in Michigan on Sunday. Authorities fear he may have made it to Indiana after he carjacked a woman. Police say there is a massive manhunt underway and he is considered “armed […]

Amanda Knox

Can Amanda Knox Avoid Extradition?

Legal Kid Chronic

Amanda Knox has one more appeal before the United States will have to decide whether to extradite her back to Italy.

justin bieber

Conan’s Justin Bieber Spoof is Hilarious

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Bieber isn’t taking his arrest very seriously…

justin bieber mug shot

Justin Bieber Begins His Transition Into Vanilla Ice

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Justin Bieber is arrested for drunk drag racing a car and resisting arrest.


Florida Teen Is Allowed To Return To School After Being Suspended For Being In X-Rated Videos

News Lois Lane

Robert Marucci, a senior at Cocoa High School in Cocoa, Florida, will be allowed to return to school next Wednesday after being suspended for being in X-rated videos.

underwear eater

Man Eats Underwear To Avoid a DUI

News Kid Chronic

And it Worked!  

how to stop a thief

Store Owner Pepper Sprays Thief, Then Literally Beats His Ass

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

And that’s how you protect your shop, I love how the wife comes out and jumps right in.


Charles Manson Getting Married?

Entertainment Lois Lane

Charles Manson has found himself a lovely bride to be. Star, a 25 year-old brunette has been loyally visiting the convicted killer since she was 19 years old.

George Zimmerman

See George Zimmerman in Court Today

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

The worlds biggest asshole is back in court after allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a shotgun.

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Arrested for Attacking His Pregnant Girlfriend

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Well I think it’s obvious now that George Zimmerman probably got away with the murder of Trayvon Martin. Since getting off the hook for the cold blooded shooting of the 17-year-old boy. Zimmerman has had the police called on him multiple times, every time was […]


Upstate New York Man Arrested for Firing a Cannon at Neighbors

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Brian Malta has been arrested after police say he fired his Civil War cannon in his local neighborhood over a civil dispute. The cannon fire lasted for over a week, and lucky for the neighbors the cannon was not loaded with cannon balls, just blank […]


Penn State Settles Sandusky Case

News Lois Lane

Penn State University reached a settlement for the 26 victims of the former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The settlements will cost the University $59.7 million. Attorney Tom Kline, who represents Victim 5 from the Sandusky case said, “There was no happiness, for my client […]

Blondies on the beach

New Times Investigative Report Shows History of Violence at Fort Lauderdale Beach Bars

Business Kid Chronic

I know you all remember this violent fight in front of Blondies on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, where the bouncers beat up a couple of patrons, and then had the police (hired to do detail at the bar) arrest the patrons as if they […]


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