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Video of the London Terrorist Shoot Out With Police

News Kid Chronic

After beheading a off duty soldier, two terrorists charge British police before being shot and arrested.


Former Hero Cop Charged With Multiple Counts of Rape

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Philadelphia Pennsylvania – Richard DeCoatsworth was once known as a hero cop in Philadelphia after he was shot in the face chasing down a criminal while on duty. After the incident and getting to meet the First Lady however, it seems DeCoatsworth may have turned […]


First Responders to Cleveland Kidnapper’s Home Tell Their Story

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

The first police to respond to Ariel Castro’s home after Amanda Berry’s 911 call, tell their story for the first time on video to CNN.


Monster: The Kali Muscle Story

News Kid Chronic

This guy has a great story.


Potsdam Man Busted Rubbing a Pepperoni on His Pepperoni

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Potsdam, New York – 41-year-old John Allison was arrested after a security camera picked him up rubbing a pepperoni on his exposed… well you know, pepperoni! The lewd act took place at the Hannaford grocery store in St. Lawrence Plaza, on Wednesday night, remind me […]


Man Gets Naked in the Airport to Protest TSA Search

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Not exactly the way I would protest a TSA search, but then again we all have our methods…


Only One Brother Charged in Cleveland Kidnappings

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Police are only charging Ariel Castro in the kidnapping of the three Cleavland girls who have been missing over a decade. According to authorities Ariel’s brothers happened to be with him when he was arrested, but are not involved in the crimes perpetrated against the […]


Three More Arrests Made in Boston Bombing Case

News Kid Chronic

Two students and possibly a third are in police custody for the second time today, after one of them admitted to throwing out Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s back pack and laptop for him. The three are going to be charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and could […]


Worst Mother Ever Forces Daughter to Get Pregnant

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Desperate to have her fourth offspring a mother forced her adopted teenage daughter to get pregnant through artificial insemination and bear her another child. The mother ordered the frozen sperm online and began trying to get the girl pregnant at the age of 13 leading […]


Does This Look Like the Face of an Ex-Nappy Roots Rapper Busted for Kicking a Cop Car Window Out?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Nappy Roots rapper R. Prophet is in some serious trouble after he was arrested on 420. As the story goes, Prophet was standing on the side of the road waiting for his friend to pick him up, but his friend got a DUI right before […]


Reese Witherspoon And Her Husband Jim Toth Have Been Arrested For DUI And Disorderly Conduct

Entertainment Lois Lane

Early Friday Morning, Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were arrested and jailed after he was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence in Atlanta. According to reports obtained by Variety, CAA agent Toth was pulled over after he was caught weaving […]


Suspect Two, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev is in Custody

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Suspect 2, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, is currently in FBI custody, after being found hiding in a boat behind a residential home in Watertown. He has been injured in the firefight and is currently on the way to the hospital. Should he survive, I would imagine […]


Miami Detective Punches Man Trying to Get to Brother Who Was shot

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

I have watched this 100 times on 10 different websites, and I follow news for a living. So I can safely tell you that this cop is 110% wrong and he had no right to punch that guy. Anyone who tells you any different either […]


Hey Get Off Lohan’s Back, Letterman!

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Jeesh Letterman. Everyone knows you only get to make fun of Lindsay Lohan in the media. Giving a hot a girl a hard time in real life is just lame…


Imma Get You B*tch!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Guy takes taser like a champ, then yells at his lady for getting him in trouble. Funniest comment on YouTube: “I’m more afraid of this guy than North Korea.”


This Guy Pawned His Wedding Ring to Pay This Prostitute

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

South Carolina – Sometimes, bad days get worse, as was the case for Marvin Holmes II. Holmes had been having trouble at home when he decided to go out and get himself a hooker to ease his tension. After finding one on the street in one of […]


Does This Look Like the Face of a Man Who Turned Himself in for DUI?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Logansport, Indiana – Matthew Devroe had himself a tough night as 24-year-olds tend to do, after losing a dart game and punching a wall, making his knuckles bloody. Young Devroe hopped into the car and drove drunk right into the median where he blew out […]


Jenna Jameson Arrested

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Porn queen Jenna Jameson was arrested before her own birthday party Saturday night, this time for battery. Allegedly, Jameson was hanging out in Newport Beach before her birthday party at Heat Ultra Lounge, when she got into it with an unknown person and ended up […]


Lindsay Lohan’s Buddy Roped for Drugs at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Vikram Chatwal, Lindsay Lohan’s multi-millionaire hotel owner buddy, has just landed himself in some serious hot water at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Chatwal was busted by TSA after he entered the airport with drugs in his bag, and of course some hidden in his undies. […]

nasty man

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Raped His Daughters And Had Babies With Them To Keep His Bloodline Pure Because He Thought The World Was Going To End

Daily Criminal Lois Lane

Aswad Ayinde, a music director who won an award for directing The Fugees’ big hit, “Killing Me Softly,” has been on trial for two years for raping his daughters and having babies with them. Apparently, Ayinde thought the world would end and that all that […]

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