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Shena Hardin

Only an Idiot…

News Kid Chronic

Cleveland, Ohio – 32-year-old Shena Hardin was caught on traffic cam driving on the sidewalk to get around a school bus unloading children. After seeing the video, a Cleveland judge ordered that Hardin stand on a freezing street corner with a sign that read “Only […]

homeles man arrested for cell phone charging in park

Homeless Man Arrested For Charging His Cell Phone in a Public Park

News Kid Chronic

Sarasota, Florida – 28-year-old Darren Kersey, a homeless man, was arrested by police for theft after he charged his cell phone in a public park. Kersey, who could not afford the consequent $500 bond, was then forced to spend the  night in jail, before a […]

federal government

Can’t the Federal Government Just Get With the High Times Already?

News Kid Chronic

Its time for the Federal Government to get with the times already. Jeesh! This week, Washington and Colorado both legalized the recreational use of Marijuana. The only problem is the Federal government is still firmly against it. So, what happens when a state legalizes something […]

Jeremie Calo and his date, Tiffani Lynn Barganier

Does This Look Like the Face of a Couple That Boned on the Porch at Paddy Murphys?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Orlando – 32-year-old  Jeremie Calo and his date, Tiffani Lynn Barganier,  decided to get a little crazy at their local watering hole. The two were at Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant when they decided to get it in right there on the outside patio! […]

Rapper Gunplay Pistol Whips His Accountant on Camera

Music Kid Chronic

Rapper Gunplay is facing a possible life sentence in prison if convicted on two charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm after he pistol whipped his accountant. Gunplay left the crime scene with the accountant’s cell phone and gold chain. The only […]

Eric steven Easley

Does This Look Like The Face of a Man Who Raped a Woman and a Miniature Horse?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

You have to be kidding me, right??? Nope, this actually happened in Wilmer, Alabama. Eric Easley had been busted a year earlier for molesting a horse. His case was high publicized due to its odd nature, but it was actually a precursor to a much […]

Meth Lab

Truck With “Meth Lab” Written on Back Window Found to Be an Actual Meth Lab

News Kid Chronic

Talk about the dumbest criminal ever… This guy was pulled over for driving a truck with antique plates down the street with the words “meth lab” written on the back window. When police approached the vehicle and spoke to the driver, they discovered that he […]

Shooting at southern alabama

Police Officer Shoots Naked Student at Southern Alabama

News Kid Chronic

A Police Officer at the University of Southern Alabama was checking on a noise outside the station window when he discovered a naked man acting erratically. The man later, identified as 18-year-old student Gilbert Thomas Collar, repeatedly charged the officer, who retreated multiple times and brandished […]

hydroponic weed set up

Hydroponic Lab Raided in Miami, Cops Find 500 Pounds of Weed

News Kid Chronic

Cops in Miami-Dade raided a high-end hydroponics lab today. The lab was said to be so sophisticated it was turning out millions of dollars in sticky icky green budsters. Cops found the grower, Arsenio Guerra, 43, hiding in the house along with an astonishing 495 […]

Lil Scrappy Mug Shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Rapper Lil Scrappy Busted For VOP?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rapper Lil Scrappy was arrested today for violation of probation. Scrappy was on probation for a 2008 weed charge. During that arrest, Scrappy – real name Darryl Kevin Richardson II -obstructed officers, and was found to be carrying a weapon. Today’s arrest took place on the streets […]

figuero mug shot

Does This Look Like the Face of an 18-Year-Old Girl Who Stole A Cop Car While Handcuffed, Then Led Police on a High Speed Chase?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Shelby Figueroa was pulled over by police in Cedar Creek, Denver, and arrested for being “uncooperative.” Once inside the police SUV, Figueroa managed to get out of her cuffs and into the front seat, where she then proceeded to steal the police car! Figueroa ended […]

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo

Does This Look Like the Face of a Burglar Who Fell Asleep Inside a House He Was Robbing?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo was a little tired after a night of robbing houses, so he decided to take a little cat nap. The only problem was that he was still inside one of the houses he was robbing! When the Rock Creek, Oregon, homeowners returned home […]

shaun white mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Pro Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested for Intoxication and Vandalism?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Shaun White has been charged with intoxication and vandalism after a wild night in Nashville this past weekend. White allegedly pulled the fire alarm at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel before trying to escape in a cab, but a pedestrian who witnessed White pull the alarm […]

Sally Struthers mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Sally Struthers Pinched for Operating Under the Influence?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Sally Struthers, the actress who starred in All in the Family, was popped for operating under the influence in Maine. Struthers, who is now 65, was pulled over at 12:20 a.m. on Route 1 in Ogunquit, Maine, located about 40 miles south of Portland. She […]

rapper webbie arrested

Does This Look Like The Face of a Rapper Who Kicked a Woman Down a Flight of Stairs Before Robbing Her?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rapper Webbie is in some serious hot water after police arrested him for allegedly kicking a woman down a flight of stairs and stealing $340 in cash from her. According to Webbie, the woman was a groupie and had stolen the money from him in […]

Florida Trooper Pulls Over Miami Cop for Speeding

Daily Criminal Patricia Jay

It’s funny how the colors red, white & blue represent freedom until they’re flashing behind you!


Does This Look Like The Face of a WWE Star Busted For DUI?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

WWE babe Cameron, a member of the Funkadactyls, was arrested in Tampa, Florida for driving while intoxicated last night. After being pulled over at 2:30 in the morning, the wrestler blew a .20 – over twice the legal limit in Florida. Then, when cops brought […]

Juvenile Arrested Outside Fontainebleau

Music Patricia Jay


Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson’s Bond Hearing

Sports Kid Chronic

Bond is set at $2500 and he isn’t allowed to contact his wife.

chad johnson head butt

Chad Johnson Cut From Dolphins After Domestic Abuse Arrest

Sports Kid Chronic

The reign of Chad Johnson lasted a whopping one preseason game. Johnson was cut from the Dolphins this weekend by head coach Joe Philbin, after being arrested on domestic violence charges. According to police Johnson head butted his wife, sending her running to the neighbor’s […]

butt dial

Man Arrested After Butt Dialing 911 During Drug Deal

News Kid Chronic

Justin Kryzanowski of Scranton, Pennsylvania, is facing drugs and prohibited weapons charges after butt dialing 911 during a drug deal. Police were able to hear everything said during the deal, and after recording the whole conversation, they tracked Kryzanowski’s phone to his apartment, where they […]

Judge Hurley Slaps Electronic Monitoring on Local Track Coach Arrested for Molestation

News Kid Chronic

First Appearance Judge Hurley is not taking the charges against track coach Matthew Love lightly, requiring the accused to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet while out on bond. Love stands accused of molesting a 15-year-old girl who was a student and athlete at the University […]

Teen Stabbed 22 Times Over X-Box Argument

News Kid Chronic

Holy macaroni! Videos games are getting serious these days. So serious, in fact, that the violence is seeping out of the television and into this teen’s real life.


Does This Look Like The Face of a Topless Runaway Driver?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This wonderful little vixen goes by the name Mandy Ramsey. Ramsey was driving a Ford pick-up truck when a Florida Police cruiser tried to pull her over. The only problem was Ramsey didn’t feel like pulling over. Instead she floored it, ran a stop sign, […]


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