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Hampton’s Pot Grower Busted After Shooting Neighbors Above Ground Pool

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Pesky wabbits! At least that’s what 62-year-old William Evans is saying today, after being arrested this weekend for possession of unlicensed firearms and cultivation of marijuana. The incident took place in New York’s famed Hamptons, were the City’s most affluent residents go to party in […]

Walmart Hostage Video: Man is Killed by Police After Holding a Toddler Hostage Inside a Walmart

News Lois Lane

This video shows a man, Sammie Lamont Wallace, taking a toddler hostage at a Walmart in suburban Oklahoma city. The hostage-taker was shot and killed by law enforcement after the man who was holding a knife up to the toddler’s stomach then switched the knife […]


New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez Arrested on Murder Charges

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

The New England Patriots have cut Aaron Hernandez after he was arrested in association with a murder investigation. Hernandez also has possible charges coming out of Miami, where he shot a man in the arm and face outside of Tootsies Cabaret. Aaron Hernandez — ARRESTED […]


Psycho Girlfriend!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Woman throws cheating husbands lover off a cliff!


Curb Your Enthusiasm Star Jeff Garlin Arrested For Smashing Mercedes Windows Out

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Jeff Garlin has quite the temper on him it seems… Since the Curb Your Enthusiasm actor got into a heated argument over a parking spot this weekend and ended up in jail! According to the police docs the incident took place at around 3 pm […]


Cool Local Four Year Old Dead After Court Ordered Unsupervised Visit With Killer Mom

News Kid Chronic

Antwan Hope was taken from his mothers care after police responded to a 911 call and found his mother trying to suffocate him with a pillow at a South Florida hotel. The mother was consequently arrested and Hope was sent to foster care before being […]


Broward County Court House Video of Chad Johnson Getting Sent to Jail

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A Broward judge became infuriated when Chad Ocho Cinco gave his lawyer a love tap on the ass in court yesterday. So much in fact that the Broward County Judge refused to accept Ocho’s plea agreement and sentenced him to 30 days in jail! Check […]


Butt Slap Lands Chad Johnson in Broward County Jail

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Chad Johnson’s lawyer had almost gotten him off the hook for a probation violation without jail time, which in Florida is basically unheard of. That’s when Johnson made the crucial mistake of smacking his lawyer on the ass. A move the judge did not much […]


Santa Monica Gunman Had 1300 Rounds Loaded into Multiple High Capacity Magazines

News Kid Chronic

Five people have now died after the Santa Monica gunman opened fire on innocent people with an assault rifle and multiple high capacity magazines.


A Murder and Rapist in Bolivia Is Thrown In His Victim’s Grave And Buried Alive

News Lois Lane

17-year old Santo Ramos was identified as the suspect who raped and murdered 35-year old Leandra Arias Janco in the village of Bolivia. Santos was thrown in the woman’s grave after about 200 inhabitants of the small town near the Colquechaca municipality in the Potosi […]


Man Steals Mannequin From Sex Shop

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Guy not only robbed the store once, he came back for a second theft that evening!


Gee Whiz That’s A Lot of Cocaine

Drugs Kid Chronic

In some real life movie type shit, Border Patrols intercepted a speed boat in the Galapagos islands carrying over $500 million dollars worth of cocaine. When the boats crew realized they had been spotted by the fuzz, they immediately started chucking huge bricks of cocaine […]


LulzSec Hackers Sentenced to Prison

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Flags are at half mast today in Cyber-land after the LulzSec hackers were sentenced to prison terms last week. LulzSec rose to fame back in 2011 with a bunch of high-profile hacks including the CIA, Air Force, and Sony. Followed by the public Internet taunting […]


Illinois Judge is a Drug Fueled Wild Man

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

St. Louis, Illinois – St. Clair County Circuit Judge Michael Cook plead not guilty in court Friday to charges of possessing heroin, and having a firearm while being an illegal user of controlled substances. The arrest happened Thursday, but the judge was under much scrutiny since […]


Video of the London Terrorist Shoot Out With Police

News Kid Chronic

After beheading a off duty soldier, two terrorists charge British police before being shot and arrested.


Former Hero Cop Charged With Multiple Counts of Rape

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Philadelphia Pennsylvania – Richard DeCoatsworth was once known as a hero cop in Philadelphia after he was shot in the face chasing down a criminal while on duty. After the incident and getting to meet the First Lady however, it seems DeCoatsworth may have turned […]


First Responders to Cleveland Kidnapper’s Home Tell Their Story

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

The first police to respond to Ariel Castro’s home after Amanda Berry’s 911 call, tell their story for the first time on video to CNN.


Monster: The Kali Muscle Story

News Kid Chronic

This guy has a great story.


Potsdam Man Busted Rubbing a Pepperoni on His Pepperoni

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Potsdam, New York – 41-year-old John Allison was arrested after a security camera picked him up rubbing a pepperoni on his exposed… well you know, pepperoni! The lewd act took place at the Hannaford grocery store in St. Lawrence Plaza, on Wednesday night, remind me […]


Man Gets Naked in the Airport to Protest TSA Search

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Not exactly the way I would protest a TSA search, but then again we all have our methods…

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