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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardouchian Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

TV Kid Chronic

Kim Kardashian’s Three Beauty Secrets 1. Blow a rapper 2. Profit off it 3. Use the money to buy make up  

oakland california

Cocaine Dealers Have Completely Overtaken Oakland California

California Kid Chronic

A police budget shortfall combined with corruption have lead Oakland to be called the city with half a police force.

Blow My High

Kendrick Lamar – Blow My High

Hip Hop Kid Chronic

This jam is funky as hell.

Vegas To Reno With Nick Woodman - Print Killer

Vegas To Reno With Nick Woodman

Automotive Kid Chronic

Now this is the way a man drives from Vegas to Reno.

why would you hit me in the Kidney

Why Would You Hit Me in the Kidney?

Fail Kid Chronic

With friends like these, who needs enemies?…

blow 8

Fashion Friday: Isabella Blow

Fashion Deborah Clase

  If you think you know a lot about fashion and don’t know who Isabella Blow is I encourage you to read. Blow was a style icon and international magazine editor. She is also credited for discovering designer Alexander McQueen as well as models Stella Tennant and […]


Gee Whiz That’s A Lot of Cocaine

Drugs Kid Chronic

In some real life movie type shit, Border Patrols intercepted a speed boat in the Galapagos islands carrying over $500 million dollars worth of cocaine. When the boats crew realized they had been spotted by the fuzz, they immediately started chucking huge bricks of cocaine […]


NY Pizza Man Busted Delivering Up Cocaine

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Brooklyn, New York – Police say 45-year-old Ramon Rodriguez used his cover as a New York pizza man to sling cocaine all over the City. According to the arrest paperwork police had an undercover agent buy cocaine from Rodriguez on 19 different occasions. Culminating on […]

Steven tyler

Steven Tyler Spent $5 Million on Cocaine!

Music Kid Chronic

Steven Tyler just dropped a drug- use bombshell on 60 minutes, confessing to spending $5-6 million dollars on cocaine! When asked about his drug use, the Aerosmith front-man said he spent “Probably, realistically, 5 or 6 [million], easy … You could also say I snorted […]

Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky Made His Victims Go Down On Him

Sports Kid Chronic

  The Jerry Sandusky trial has started and it doesn’t look good for this Nittany Lion, folks. In fact, the recent testimony has been so graphic that it’s damn near heart breaking. Multiple young boys, now men, have taken the stand to recount their abuse […]

Does This Look Like The Face Of Scott Storch Busted For Blow In Vegas?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rags to riches, back to rags again, Scott Storch is in the news today. This time for being busted for blow in Las Vegas at 8:30 this past morning. Police were called to the Cosmopolitanism Hotel by a hotel employee after Storch refused to pay […]

lots of cocaine

Nazi Blow Found In Bolivia

News Kid Chronic


coke heads suck

WEll SAID: Note Found On The Chronicle Office Tack Board

Pics Kid Chronic

Yes I heard about the time you and your friends in high school threw the best party ever…


Does This Look Like the Face of an 87-Year-Old Man Caught With 3 Million Dollars Worth of Blow in His Truck?

Daily Criminal treez

Leo Sharp of Michigan City, Indiana, was in federal court in Detroit on Monday after being arrested during a traffic stop near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Police said they found 229 pounds, of cocaine in his pickup truck. That’s at least $2.9 million worth of cocaine, […]

Paris Hilton

UPDATE: Paris Hilton Finishes Up Her Blow Case

Legal Kid Chronic

Paris Hilton’s Vegas cocaine case is officially closed. Leaving the famous socialite to go back to  her busy life of doing whatever it is she actually does. The judge said Hilton did an exceptional job after hearing she did 228 hours of community service after […]

Watch Lindsay Lohan Buy An Eight Ball Of Blow

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Lindsay Lohan is up to her old tricks as cameras caught her buying a mystery substance in a small plastic bag on Venice Beach this week. People on the scene say Lindsay was hanging out smoking and drinking at Hal’s Bar and Grill before purchasing […]

180 million in blow

Miami Coast Guard Seizes $180 Million Worth Of Cocaine

News Kid Chronic

One of the largest drug busts in US history happened in Miami this week. When the Miami Coast Guard busted a drug sub filled with 7.5 tons of blow! The street value on the shipment was $180 million dollars. Somewhere a drug lord is not […]


Lady Tries To Smuggle Six Keys Of Blow In Pistachio Nuts

News Kid Chronic

The woman, Bianca Elithz Vicenty-Robles, was flying into Fort Lauderdale International Airport from Columbia this past Saturday. In her carry on luggage she had two bags of kidney beans and two bags of pistachio nuts. I guess that and the fact that she was flying […]


Florida Guy Finds A Brick Of White Powder Floating In The Ocean Sniffs It And Dies

News Kid Chronic

Every drug users dream is to find a brick of cocaine floating in the ocean. This particular dream came true for one Floridian named Thomas Swindal on a recent fishing trip with his brother. They ended up tossing the package into a bait well until […]



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