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holly cheesus

Best Burrito Shop Sign Ever

Pics Kid Chronic

Holy Cheesus this is ridiculous!

wtf gif

Yup, That's Pretty Weird…

Gifs Kid Chronic

What the heck is going on here? Is that a head getting head or what? And why does that giant tongue look so real??? God the internet is weird sometimes, […]

Fat chic in the drive thru

Drive Thru???

Pics Kid Chronic

Only in America baby!

Nailed It!

Videos Kid Chronic

This has to be the best jail house phone call ever made.

Indoor Fireworks, Probably Not The Best Idea…

Videos Kid Chronic

Oh yeah put em in a pot with a lid on it, that will make it safe. Why You Don’t Light Fireworks Indoors – Watch MoreFunny Videos

how to spend your free days

What Did You Do Today?

Movie Kid Chronic

Good Answer…

south florida chronicle comment of the day

Todays Comment Of The Day Is From Ricky Gervais…

Comment Of The Day Kid Chronic


Puppy Poops During Live Broadcast, Ew

TV Patricia Jay

  Dog Poops During Live News Segment brought to you by Funny

Whoopi Goldberg Rips Major Fart On The View

TV Kid Chronic

OMG Whoopi damn cool down on the pre-show chili that thing sounded like it had its own microphone! Maybe Whoopi was named after the cushion… Whoopi cushion??? Whoopi Goldberg Rips […]

GET WISE: How To Escape A Fart

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Handy little video this is, who knew the side step was the best way to evade a fart! How To Escape A Fart – Watch MoreFunny Videos

"Congratulations On Your Big Hooters"

TV Kid Chronic

Haha best news blooper ever, well except for the Bill O’Reily freak out. The Bill O’Reilly freak out is like the gold standard for news bloopers, its the one all […]

keg bookbag

End Of Semester Bookbag

Pics Kid Chronic

Winter break is here awww yeaaaa!!!

ostrich skier


Gifs Kid Chronic

Whoa this ostrich has moves, 360’s and everything…

Meanwhile In Mother Russia…

Videos Kid Chronic

Guess what happens next after a crazy Russian dude touches a stick to a power line. Dude Touches Stick To Power Lines – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Meanwhile In Mother Russia…

Videos Kid Chronic

I have to, have to, have to go to Russia! That place is like my boyhood fantasy a whole country with absolutely no rules. People bungee jump off apartment buildings, […]

thats gotta hurt

That's Gotta Hurt!

Gifs Kid Chronic

You gotta give it to the guy he held on longer than most people would. I think he got ejected at around 30 mph!

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