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ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE: Crowd Surfer Falls Out Of Wheelchair

Videos Kid Chronic

You will lol but you will also feel guilty as sh*t after…. Crowd Surfer Falls Out Of Wheelchair – Watch MoreFunny Videos

huma and anthony weiner, mustache, gay porn

Wiener Tweeter Anthony Weiner Grows Epic Porn Star Mustache

News Kid Chronic

It looks like former kick ass congressman turned cock shot super jock Anthony Weiner is following through with his porn ambitions by growing an epic porn star stash for Movember. Weiner was seen here shopping at a mall in Soho this weekend with his wife […]

funny book

Hey Why Is This On My Mom's Table???

Pics Kid Chronic

  WTF does this mean I should start doing my own laundry?

Deer Tries To Get It In With Young Lady

Videos Kid Chronic

This young buck likes the ladies! Young Buck Tries To Mate With Young Girl – Watch MoreFunny Videos

creep wonka, politics

Older People Don't Always Know What's Best…

Politics Kid Chronic


The Reel Idiots The Reel idiots

Imagine a room with cats…..lots of them…The Cat Room. Music by Alex Khaskin (Dangerous Move), Neo Sounds. Please check out “The Reel idiots” on youtube and subscribe. Become a fan of “The Reel idiots” on Facebook and follow us on twitter @theReelidiots


Lady Gaga Pees In The Trash Can

Music Kid Chronic

Lady Gaga told UK talk show host Alan Carr that her outfits are often so elaborate that she cant fit them into a normal bathroom, and is forced to pee in dressing room trash cans. “I do quite often pee in the dressing room, in […]

coke heads suck

WEll SAID: Note Found On The Chronicle Office Tack Board

Pics Kid Chronic

Yes I heard about the time you and your friends in high school threw the best party ever…

worst face plant ever

Worst Face Plant Ever In The History

Gifs Kid Chronic

That’s gonna leave a mark!

Mini Bike Faceplant!

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Ouch this chick doesn’t just face plant she faces slams into the dirt then skips like a rock! Oh the humanity…Chick Eats Dirt On Pocketbike Faceplant – Watch MoreFunny Videos

big boned, fat

Next Time Someone Says They're Big Boned Not Fat, Show Them This

Health Kid Chronic

This MRI throws that whole big boned thing right out the window!

Best Prank Ever Played On A Woman…

Pranks Kid Chronic

Man I think if I tried this stunt on my girl she would literally kill me! You have to see this prank… The best part is how he scurry’s away at the end its epic. #funny

I Hate To Say This Lady Did This Cause She Was Blonde But…

Videos Kid Chronic

Wrong way little lady, next time try the one on the other side, its slightly less of a workout! One Dumb Blonde – Watch MoreFunny Videos

Hey Fellas This Is How It's Done

TV Kid Chronic

I saw this great TV commercial today about going to the mall with your lady friend and getting stuck holding the purse. If you haven’t seen it yourself yet, def check it out cause this is how its done… Welcome to the Society of Uncompromising […]


Sign Taped To A Pole Outside The Chronicle Office

Pics Kid Chronic

  They’re right snacks are so important, and they often get overlooked in a good proliferation conversation.

south florida chronicle printer

Went To Use The Chronicle Office Printer Today, This Is What I Found

Pics Kid Chronic

Only at the Chronic lol…

Beavis And Butthead Say Florida Sucks!

TV Kid Chronic

WTF Beavis and Butthead I thought we were boys, I grew up with on Beavis and Butthead for Christ sake! This is a sad, sad day, Beavis and Butthead are dead to me now…

Kid Chronic, The Situation

Kid Chronic Owns The Situation On Facebook

Comment Of The Day Kid Chronic

The Sitch said he had a big surprise for us all on the last episode of the Jersey Shore. Something about not joining the gang at Seaside, but for us we thought the real big surprise from the final season of Jersey Shore was the […]

On Campus Pooter Prankster Strikes Again

Pranks Kid Chronic

This video is pretty funny but the part when he farts on the apple omg you have to be kidding me that girls face was priceless she is probably scarred for life.



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