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Even Stevphen Islam vs Christianity

TV Kid Chronic

Classic Stephan Colbert from the Daily Show Awww Yeaaaa!!! #religionisstupid

The Only Reason I have Facebook Is So I Can Browse Your Profile And… Feel Better About My Life

Tech Kid Chronic

My girl PJG cancelled her Facebook account and though I’m sure that’s about as liberating as wearing no underwear on a water slide. I don’t think I myself would ever have the balls to unplug, besides the fact that I need it for work, at […]

Weird Al Yankovic Live In Concert Tonight!

Concert Flipzide

The Legendary Musical Comedian Parody Polka king “Weird Al” Yankovic brings his Apocalypse Tour to The Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL tonight…showtime is slated for 8pm…Enjoy this Flipside worthy spoof video to get yourself amped up for tonight’s big show!

not a single fuck was given

Today Is My Day Off So…

Pics Kid Chronic

This Frogs Got The Right Idea.

negative affects of smoking marijuana

Negative Effects Of Smoking Marijuana #21

User Submissions Kid Chronic

Yup, that’s definitely a down side lol… Thanks to Chronicman420 for the submission.

Whenever I Need Motivation I Listen To This…

Sports Kid Chronic

God bless Bobby Knight this is inspirational speaking I can get behind! The whole world is sooooo soft today, I think people need a thicker skin. It should not be frowned upon to tell people when their fuckin up, people need to hear that shit […]

Justin Beiber

So I Left Justin Bieber A Comment…

Comment Of The Day Kid Chronic


Fez From “That 70’s Show” Puts Out Worst Music Video Ever

Music Kid Chronic

Check out Fez from That 70’s Show in his new music video, sadly its actually worse than you think. Seriously watch this video and cry tears of embarrassment for the guy he is “loco!!!”

cotton candy lover

These People F*cking Love Cotton Candy

Pics Kid Chronic

Old school advertising always cracks me up. Check out this pic that appeared in an old cotton candy ad. I guess in the 8o’s it was perfectly normal to put cotton candy on your head???

Florida News Station Has The Ultimate News FAIL

TV Kid Chronic

OMG this has to be the best news FAIL ever! When the casket came up I actually laughed alone to myself at the computer, Jesus I need to get a life already…

Daro Lan - Scott St John

Someone Get Shooter Some Daro-Lan!

Product Kid Chronic

Those of you who work at the Chronicle or are a current of prospective client of Chronic Inc may have heard from our favorite and most recent disgruntled employee today. And though it’s usually amusing to watch a middle-aged man completely break down, its important […]

shooters cubilce

Shooter Redecorates His Cubicle

Pranks Kid Chronic

So I had to leave town for a few days for business, when I returned I found out that Shooter had decided to redecorate his cubicle WTF!!!

Did Quentin Tarantino Just Ruin Top Gun For Me?

Movie Kid Chronic

OMG can this be true? Someone get the script writer on the phone right now! I think Tarantino just ruined top gun for me wtf!!!

Best Of Philosoraptor

Featured Kid Chronic

Things that make you go hmmm with our friend the Philosoraptor.

Will Somebody Please Tell Me WTF Is Going On In This Video?

Music Kid Chronic

Check out the weirdest and bloodiest Saved By The Bell parody you will ever see. Oh yeah and the song is surprisingly pretty good to…

Best Of The Socially Awkward Penguin!

Featured Kid Chronic

Everybody knows him, maybe sometimes he’s you. He’s the Socially Awkward Penguin!

woman with no body

Woman With No Body Has Trouble Finding Dates

Pics Kid Chronic

Nikki Hildabrandt has trouble finding dates due to her condition even though her face is actually quite attractive. She has gone as far as trying date sites like match.com and EHarmony, but still no luck. Hildabrandt doesn’t let it get her down though, as she […]

GET WISE: Penn And Teller Explain Magic

Get Wise Kid Chronic

How come the short guy never talks? Pen and Teller explain one of the oldest tricks in the book, ait for the end its worth it.

Good Morning America…Have You Heard The New Improvement To Our National Anthem?

Killer Babes Flipzide

This was just too Chronic worthy to pass up …enjoy this hilarious Star Spangled hottie masterpiece!



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