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dubai ultra rich

Check Out The Homes of The Dubai Ultra Rich

Cribs Kid Chronic

These homes are out of control awesome!


Best Gender Reveal Video Of Gun Loving Family

Videos Lois Lane

This has to be the best video for gender reveal!


Katy Perry Spills Details on Surprise Halftime Show

Entertainment Lois Lane

Katy Perry revealed her Superbowl Half Time Suprise. Looks like Missy Elliot will join her on stage for a spectacular show!


Comcast Apologizes After Customer’s Name On Bill Is Changed to Asshole

News Lois Lane

Well Comcast has done it again, after last year’s audio recording where a comcast customer recorded a comcast employee who did not want to disconnet their service, this time a […]


Parents of 3-Year-Old Twins Ask The Internet For Help As Their Twins Both Need Liver Transplants

News Lois Lane

Michael and Johanne Wagner are asking the internet to help them find a donor to save the lives of their 3-year-old twins.


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Being Sued By Their Ex-Nanny

Entertainment Lois Lane

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s ex-nanny Simonette DaCosta, is suing the former couple because they fired her for showing too much affection to the kids.  The nanny also alledges that she […]


Time Lapse Video Shows 2015 Blizzard In New York

Videos Lois Lane

A time lapse video shows the accumulation of snow and frost in New York’s Times Square over five hours


Moms Go Undercover To Catch Their Sons Harrasing Women

Videos Lois Lane

Undercover cameras catch several men whistling and harrasing women. What they don’t know is that the women they are harrasing are their own mothers.


Internet, You Ain’t So Bad – Video Clip Compilation

Compilation Kid Chronic

The internet ain’t so bad, it’s just got a bad rap cause it’s been in a couple bad relationships…

redbull frozen rush

Pro4 Truck Racing in Snowy Conditions

Automotive Kid Chronic

This looks awesome, I want to drive a truck in this race!

Moon Walking Cop

Moon Walking Cop Directs Traffic with Style

Dancing Kid Chronic

Yeah, this cop has got some moves!

Beer Pong Robot

Jimmy Fallon Faces Off Against Joshua Topolsky’s Beer Pong Robot

TV Kid Chronic

This robot drains beer pong shots!


Miley Cyrus Posts More Naked Pictures On Instagram

Entertainment Lois Lane

Miley Cyrus does it again posting more naked pics of her boyish body, I almost thought I was looking at Justin Beber.

The 2014 Playmate Review - Print Killer

The 2014 Playmate Review

Killer Babes Kid Chronic

The year in review don’t miss it!

fail comp

Fail Comp!

Fail Kid Chronic

Compilation of the latest greatest fails!

Red Bull Frozen Rush 2015

Top Five Moments from Red Bull Frozen Rush 2015

Automotive Kid Chronic

Post race highlights!

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