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Japan Plays “Bubble Soccer”

Videos Lois Lane

Video: Japan holds ‘bubble soccer’ finals Well we have obviously been playing soccer all wrong! I am much more up for this sport, it seems more fun!


Man in India Gives Crippled Dog a Chance at a New Life

Videos Lois Lane

I love to report on stories like this that really touch my heart. This man figured out a way for this crippled dog to be mobile again.  


Awesome Surfing Wipeout Videos

Videos Lois Lane

Video: The Monthly Grind Ep. 11 – Wipeouts Absolute wipeout carnage! Enjoy!

Life Hacks

GET WISE: 10 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Get Wise Kid Chronic

Live smartly!


Senior Prank Costs Student His Diploma

Videos Lois Lane

Here’s an example of what not to do when graduating from High School!  Senior Quintin L. Murphy took off his purple robe at Jack Britt School’s graduation ceremony. Murphy struck a pose dressed only in leopard print underwear, socks, and shoes. Superintendent Frank Till, of […]


FIFA World Cup 2014 Opening Ceremony

Videos Lois Lane

Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez perform in the opening ceremony for the FIFA World Cup 2014.


George Bush Senior Parachutes Out of Helicopter for His 90th Birthday!

News Lois Lane

Former US President George H.W. Bush celebrated his 90th birthday by parachuting out of a helicopter. He was harnessed to a retired member of the Army’s parachute team. He can no longer use his legs because of a form of Parkinsonism.


Jessica Simpson and her Fiance Eric Johnson Have Co-Ed Bachelor-Bachelorette Party

Entertainment Lois Lane

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson had a co-ed bachelor-bachelorette party. All of their families attended the party. “It wasn’t about being naughty, they wanted a great night out with their friends and family,” said a friend of Simpson’s. Simpson looks great after giving birth to […]


Woman Who Worked for NASA in the 1960′s Reveals She Had Sex With Dolphin

News Lois Lane

Well, now I have heard it all. A woman who was a researcher in the 1960′s for NASA reveals that she had sex with a dolphin during the experiment to teach dolphins to communicate with humans. Margaret Howe Lovatt was stationed on the U.S. Virgin […]


90′s Conjoined Twins Turn 18!

News Lois Lane

Emily and Caitlin Copeland, the conjoined twins who made headlines in 1996, officially turn 18. Conjoined twins occur once in every 200,000 live births. Between 40% and 60% are stillborn, and some 35% survive one day. Caitlin Copeland said, “I think for anyone it’s exciting […]

Street Skate

The Best of Street Skate

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Highlight reel!

Short Film

Really Awesome Short Film

Movie Kid Chronic

The best way you could possibly spend the next three minutes, is by watching this short film about love.

waiting for a sign

The Best Pics on The Web Today!

Pics Kid Chronic

It’s Friday. Stop working and enjoy some awesome pics!

Awesome Trick Shots

It’s The World Cup! Here Are Some Awesome Trick Shots!

Sports Kid Chronic

Tricks performed by Rémi Gaillard.


Video of Bowe Bergdahl’s release from the Taliban

News Lois Lane

The video shows the final moments of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s five years in captivity just before he was taken into the Black Hawk chopper. Bergdahl has been at the center of attention lately.  Many fellow soldiers and veterans say he is indeed no hero. […]

Swiss Toy

This Mind-Blowing Swiss Toy Was Made Over 200 Years Ago

Videos Kid Chronic

I’m not much for humming-bird toys, but this thing is pretty damn cool. I’m sure it will show up on Pawn Stars next week after its owner gets hooked on meth.

Mega Earth

NASA Discovers Another Mega Earth

Astronomy Kid Chronic

With all the recent discoveries of Earth-like planets, how long can it actually be before we find one with life on it?


22-Year-Old Woman Gets Bitten By Shark While Tubing

News Lois Lane

Jessica Vaughn was swimming to a boating tube in Ft. Lauderdale when the shark tore into her leg. #scary #nevergoingbackinthewater


Wake Up Tuesday With a Little Bob Marley’s Sun is Shining

Music Lois Lane

A little Bob to start your Tuesday morning!


70 Year Old Gets Longboard for His Birthday

Wins Kid Chronic

Man, I hope I’m this cool at 70!

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