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GET WISE: How Rich is Bill Gates? - Print Killer

GET WISE: How Rich is Bill Gates?

Science Kid Chronic

Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks it down for you!


“Shield” Actor Michael Jace Arrested for Shooting His Wife

Entertainment Lois Lane

Michael Jace, 51, has been formally arrested for shooting his wife with a gun. April Jace, 40, died from “multiple gunshot wounds.” No word on why Jace shot his wife. It appears, however, that the actor may have been suffering from financial strain. The actor […]


Teen Kills It At Dance Contest At School With Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean

Videos Lois Lane

Watch this kid move flawlessly while dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”  

Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann – Seduction

Movie Kid Chronic

A short film featuring feat Emika.


Plus-Size Woman’s Photo Removed From Instagram

News Lois Lane

Meghan Tonjes’s Instagram photo was taken down after someone flagged the picture of Tonjes’s plus-size rear end. Tonjes’s received an email from Instagram that her picture had been taken down “for violating our Community Guidelines.” Tonje was upset because of there are plenty of pictures […]

Bentleys are stupid cars

The New York Times Bentley Review, is Almost as Douchey as The Car Itself!

Automotive Kid Chronic

Oh, so you spent $200k on a souped up Chrysler 300, and I’m supposed to be impressed? Not gonna happen buddy! If you drive a Bentley it doesn’t impress me, it just lets me know that you nothing about cars. They are the automotive equivalent […]


Pornhub Introduces Titcoins

Tech Kid Chronic

Pay for things by flashing your boobs!!! Titcoins by Pornhub from Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño on Vimeo.

Body High Radio 003 - Print Killer

Body High Radio 003

EDM Kid Chronic

Full set live from LA.

Get Wise - Solar Road Ways on Print Killer

GET WISE – Solar Road Ways

Tech Kid Chronic

This really is the future of solar. If every road in the country was made of these new solar panels the US would be completely energy independent.


Travel in Class: Luxurious Apartments In the Sky

Videos Lois Lane

Etihad Airways offers a luxurious living space in the air. First class will get you a 6 ft. 8 in. wide bed in your own personal suite. Your own personal chef, 23-inch cinematic widescreen, sliding doors for complete privacy, upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather, personal […]


Michael Jackson’s Hologram Wows Audience at the Billboard Music Awards

Entertainment Lois Lane

If you missed this year’s Billboard Music Awards, here is clip of the amazing Michael Jackson signing his new song “Slave to the Rhythm.” How do they do this is what I want to know?


10 Things That Could Wipe Out Life on Earth

Videos Lois Lane

Barbara Walters To Retire

News Lois Lane

On “The View” Friday, Barbara Walters got quite the surprise as Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey joined the current “View” co-hosts in wishing Walters well as she plans her retirement. The show was created by Walters for ABC in 1997. The longtime journalist joked, ” […]


X-Factor Contestant Blows Audience Away With Rendition of Bette Midler’s “The Rose”

Videos Lois Lane

I love the judges’ face when he starts singing. Made the hairs on my arm stand up. Amazing performance!


Man Sets Record For The Longest Time Covered in Bees

Videos Lois Lane

Video: Man sets the record for the longest time covered in bees Ruan Liangming, a beekeeper from China, sat with his body covered in bees for nearly an hour, setting a new Guinness World Record with a time of 53 minutes and 34 seconds. He […]

truck driver

Truck Driver Spills His Load on the Highway, No One Is Hurt

Videos Lois Lane

Video: Truck drops load on highway My biggest fear come true, a huge truck spills their load on the highway.

Go-Pro Slack Lining - Print Killer

Go-Pro Slack Lining

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

Now, this looks really fun!

cat and dog

Hero Cat Saves Kid From Dog Attack

Videos Lois Lane

Watch this cat beat the crap out of the dog when the dog attacks the kid.


What Happens When You Skydive With a Bowling Ball?

Videos Lois Lane

Cool! But I would want to be as far away from the bowling ball when I land!


Diver Gets Assaulted Under Water

News Lois Lane

Rene Umberger was under 50 feet of water of Kona, Hawaii, when another diver swam over and tried to rip off her breathing apparatus. Rene was filming damage to coral reefs when she was assaulted. After she managed to slip her breathing device back on, […]

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