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Ever Wonder What Your Dog Does When You Leave?

Videos Lois Lane

One man decided to see what his pug does when leaves home. Too cute for words!


The Funniest Kim Jong Un Pics, Memes, and Animated Gif’...

Pics Kid Chronic

Kim Jung Un of North Korea is about the most ridiculous leader in the world today. He has the ability to be an international hero and go down in history […]

go-pro snowboarding

The White Room with Travis Rice

Sports Kid Chronic

It’s that time of year again: snowboarding time!


Weird Things Couples Do At Christmas

Uncategorized Lois Lane

Merry Christmas! Enjoy!


Amazing Video of Monkey Reviving His Friend

Videos Lois Lane

A monkey in India gives CPR to his buddy after he fell in the train tracks. Amazing!

First Go-Pro Video

This Guys First Go-Pro Video is Baller as Fuck

Videos Kid Chronic

Hey what can you say, he can’t stop…

beer keg christmas tree

Beer Company Makes a Christmas Tree Out of Kegs

News Kid Chronic

Pure genius!


Your Wednesday Track- Hozier “Take Me To Church”

Music Lois Lane

Hozier- “Take Me To Church”


7th Heaven’s Star Stephen Collins Admits to Sexual Abu...

Entertainment Lois Lane

7th Heaven star Stephen Collins sits down with Katie Couric to talk about publicly acknowledging that he sexually abused three underage girls. The actor admits, “I have not had an […]


Sony Hack Continues — The Movie “The Interview&#...

Entertainment Lois Lane

“Guardians of Peace,” the group that is behind the Sony hacks, is warning everyone not to see the Seth Rogen/James Franco movie, ‘The Interview.’ The New York premiere of the […]


Cuba and U.S. Swap Prisoners

News Lois Lane

The Obama administration announced a landmark deal with Cuba, in which the latter released U.S. contractor Alan Gross, who had been held in Cuba since 2009. The deal is set […]


Lauren Hill, The Voice Behind Brain Cancer, and Her Goal To ...

News Lois Lane

Lauren Hill was diagnosed with brain cancer, specifically DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), yet she is determined to be the voice of this disease that has not had any research […]

Garrett MacNamara

Garrett MacNamara Surfs 65 Foot Wave

Things That Kick Ass Kid Chronic

That wave is no joke!


King of the Road Skate Video

Skate Kid Chronic

From Thrasher Magazine!


Kate Middleton Is Caught On Video Rolling Her Eyes

Entertainment Lois Lane

The Dutchess of Cambridge was in NY this week helping to wrap presents for underprivileged children in Harlem. While wrapping, one of the teachers tells the Dutchess to keep working […]


Men, Every Wonder What Childbirth Is Like?

Videos Lois Lane

A hospital in China is hooking men up to a labor pain simulator that surges electrical currents to mimic childbirth.

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