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drone inventions

Five Drone Inventions You Must Have

Things That Kick Ass Fishman

Check out these five drone inventions you must have.

battle box gear

Unboxing Cool Battle Box Survival Gear

Things That Kick Ass Fishman

Check out the unboxing of some bad ass battle box survival gear.

strange addictions

Top 10 Strange Addictions

WTF Fishman

Check out these top 10 strange addictions.

jenner shoes kendall kylie

Kendall And Kylie Jenner

Celeb Fishman

Check out what Kendall and Kylie Jenner are doing for this spring 2016, A shoe line.

Los Angeles Gang Violence threatens the community.

Spike In Los Angeles Gang Shootings Cause for Community Awareness

News ShoMeLove

Rival Los Angeles Gang Threaten To Kill 100 People In 100 Days, causing fear in the L.A. community.

Brave girl and friend have ride of their lives, amidst passing out mid air.

Brave Girl Passes Out Twice On Slingshot Ride! “I’m Gonna Sh*t Myself”

Comedy ShoMeLove

This brave girl thought she was ready for the “Slingshot” ride, but she really wasn’t. Her facial expressions in between contiousness will have you laughing out of your seat.

Lion numbers have plummeted 90% in Africa.

Cecil The Lion Killer Thought Hunt Was Legal

Animals ShoMeLove

Dentist Doctor Walter Palmer has apologized for the killing of Cecil the lion. Lion numbers have plummeted 90% in Africa. Should trophy hunting be a crime?

Donald Trump with a significant lead over his closest rivals for the Republican nomination for president.

Donald Trump Maintains Demanding Lead In GOP Race

Politics ShoMeLove

Jeb Bush $100,000,000 war chest gets trumped with Donald Trump providing a strong presidential platform. A new poll from Quinnipiac University finds Donald Trump with a significant lead over his […]

pranks sexual

The Top Seven Pranks Of 2015 Gone Sexual

Pranks Fishman

Check out these Top seven pranks of 2015 that gone sexual.

io hawk

Cruise Around With The IO Hawk

Things That Kick Ass Fishman

Check out the IO Hawk. It’s the new way to get around, instead of walking with speeds up to 6 mph

remake games

10 Video Games That Need A Remake

Video Games Fishman

Check out these 10 video games that need a remake.

stalker chris brown

10 Scariest,Wackiest Celebrity Stalkers

Celeb Fishman

Check out the 10 scariest, wackiest Celebrity stalkers.

funny tattoos

Top 27 Funniest Tattoos Ever

Art Fishman

Check out these top 27 funniest tattoos ever.

face tattoos

15 Craziest Face Tattoos

That's Gotta Hurt Fishman

Check out these 15 crazy face tattoos.

jose canseco as a woman

Jose Canseco Going To Be A Woman For A Week

WTF Fishman

Jose Canseco is going to live as a woman for a week to support Caitlyn Jenner.

nubo water bottle

Nubo Reusable Water Bottle

Advertise Fishman

Check out Nubo reusable water bottle and filtration system.

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