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Awesome Close Up Shark Feeding

Marine The Brooklyn Bomber

In honor of shark week I present an awesome shark video.

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Amazing Pitch By Japanese Gymnast

Entertainment The Brooklyn Bomber

I wonder if she comes to all the games?

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Strongest Kid In The World

Health The Brooklyn Bomber

This kid is in better shape then most people I know.

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I’ll Believe That When Trucks Fly

Automotive The Brooklyn Bomber

Oh, never mind.


Woman Goes Loco on BF’s Car

Automotive Kid Chronic

Only in the Bronx!


This Guy is Nuts!

Videos Kid Chronic

There is no way you will ever catch me pulling this stunt.


Here is What Happens When You Receive a Life Sentence

Legal Kid Chronic

Two woman receive life sentences for the death of a child.


Rush Hour in China is Insane

Videos Kid Chronic

Talk about the rat race!

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Mily Cyrus is Letting it All Hang Out (32 Pics)

Celeb Kid Chronic

I think it is safe to say that Miley Cyrus is all grown up folks!

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Kenyan High Jump

Things That Kick Ass The Brooklyn Bomber

Soon these Kenyans will be flying

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Craziest Bike Tricks of All Time

News The Brooklyn Bomber

He took bike freestyle tricks to another level.


Girl Made Herself A Lego Prosthetic Leg

Health The Brooklyn Bomber

This young lady got very creative on her prosthetic leg design

Best DUI Stop Ever

News Lois Lane

This guy is hilarious and the cop’s reaction is priceless!  


Did You Know That Justin Bieber and His Loser Friends Call Themselves the “Wild Boys”

Fail Kid Chronic

Why is Justin Bieber always trying to act like a tough a guy? Doesn’t he realize hes like 55 pounds soaking wet? Anyway in this video you can see him taking a piss in a mop bucket at night club, I hope the patrons at […]


Does this look like the face of a man who hid in a septic tank and watched women through the toilet ?

Daily Criminal Lois Lane

Kenneth Enlow, 52 was found hiding in a septic tank under a toilet in a public bathroom in Oklahoma. He was arrested on Sunday on peeping Tom charges. According to KOTV, a woman reported to deputies that her 7-year-old daughter saw 52-year-old Kenneth Enlow looking […]

Exit 66 foam sausage party

The Downside of the Fort Lauderdale Beach Monopoly

Clubs Kid Chronic

Remember the days of Exit 66 when the place was filled with bikini models and low-level celebs? Well not lately… The crowd inside Exit 66 these days seems more wanna be thug, aka unemployed loser, than young exec getting bottle service. Not sure if the […]


Fireworks FAILs

Videos Kid Chronic

This 4th of July try and be smarter than these idiots, and you may just get through it with all your fingers intact.

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 9.59.26 AM

Five Person Motorcycle Wheelie Ride – The Ultimate in Carpooling

Videos Lois Lane

Now that is what I call serious carpooling, I’d hate to be the guy in the back, lol!


Restaurant Manager Feeds Employee Shrooms During Work

Legal Kid Chronic

An employee at Sticky’s Fingers Joint got the surprise of a lifetime when she realized she was tripping after a blind taste test at work. Sofie Rasmussen’s boss had asked her to partake and she assumed she would be tasting chicken, because that’s the restaurants […]


Another Fool Tries to Jump a Car

Automotive Kid Chronic

Why on Earth do people think that they can jump moving vehicles??? This Is Exactly How You Don’t Jump a Car – Watch More Funny Videos


Psycho Girlfriend!

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

If you have an insecure girlfriend, you better hold on tight cause you are in for one hell of a ride. Better prep yourself for a barrage of false accusations, that usually end with her doing whatever horrible action she is accusing you of…


Does This Look Like The Face Of a Woman Who Hired a Hit Man to Kill Her Millionaire Husband?

Daily Criminal Lois Lane

Aurea Vasquez Rijos was arrested by the Spanish police on Sunday eight years after she paid a hit man to murder her husband in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican suspect was taken into custody as she was getting off a flight from Italy, where she […]


Old Lady Gets Run Over By a Bus

Automotive Kid Chronic

Don’t worry she lived.


Psycho Girlfriend!

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

Woman goes crazy at ex-boyfriends apartment complex.


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