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Young girls lie causes youth 90 days in jail, 5 years probation and 25 years on the sex offender registry.

Zach Anderson on Sex Offender Registry For a Lie?!

New York ShoMeLove

19-year-old Zach Anderson is now registered as a sex offender and can no longer live at home with his family after a girl he dated lied about her age. Young […]

Prankster picks the wrong hood to try and trick someone.

Prankster Attack and Punched Doing Pranks In The Hood

Pranks ShoMeLove

Throwing Swings In The Hood Prank (GONE WRONG) – Prankster Attacked and Punched – Swing Prank

The death of Freddie Gray while in Baltimore police custody is still being felt, which is why Baltimore is facing an almost unprecedented level of violence.

July Was Deadliest Month in Baltimore Since 1972

News ShoMeLove

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake fired Police Comiisioner Anthony Batts two weeks ago, and it looks like she may have lost the Baltimore Police Department loyalist. The death of Freddie Gray’s […]

Gang arrested for selling dying puppies to potential pet owners.

Gang Jailed For Selling Dying Puppies

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

A gang estimated to have made thousands of pounds by selling sick and dying puppies has been jailed. Three men and three women were each jailed for between ten and […]

Doctor declares woman dead and she woke up in a freezer with a toe tag.

Doctor Declares Woman Dead But She Later Woke Up Screaming In The Funeral Home’s Refrigerator Room!

News ShoMeLove

A German doctor is in hot water after a patient he declared dead woke up a few hours later inside a refrigerated room at a funeral home. The doctor declared […]

Suspect in custody chewed off his fingerprints before he could be processed.

Hungry Suspect Chewed Off His Fingerprints to Avoid Identification

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

The struggle is real! Lee County Sheriff’s Office Highway Interdiction Team encountered a criminal so desperate to not be identified that he chewed off his own finger prints.

Chris Hayes goes to prison for selling 19 pounds exotic animal parts over two years.

Exotic Animal Trade Money Machine Exposed

Animals ShoMeLove

Antique dealer in South Florida, Chris Hayes goes to prison for selling 19 pounds of exotic animal parts over two years.

Terrorist attack leaves toddler dead.

Palestinian Family Mourns as Terrorist Attack Leaves Toddler Dead

Terrorism ShoMeLove

A Palestinian family of four were home sleeping when Fire Bombs came through the window causing the death of eighteen month old baby after terrorist attack.

Bill Cosby lawyer Monique Presley says he is innocent until proven guilty.

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Monique Presley Addresses Rape Allegations

Interviews ShoMeLove

Comedian Bill Cosby’s lawyer, Monique Pressley, speaks with CNN’s Randi Kaye about the 37 rape allegations Cosby faces.

Military Veteran comes home to find wife cheating with "Jody"!

Military Veteran Catches His Wife Cheating On Him With Fellow Officer

Get Wise ShoMeLove

Military veteran comes home to find his wife (also in the military) cheating on him with a “Jody” (term used for a man that sleeps with a vets wife) in […]

Lion numbers have plummeted 90% in Africa.

Cecil The Lion Killer Thought Hunt Was Legal

Animals ShoMeLove

Dentist Doctor Walter Palmer has apologized for the killing of Cecil the lion. Lion numbers have plummeted 90% in Africa. Should trophy hunting be a crime?

Vinn Baker starts working at Starbuck after blowing through 100 million dollar in NBA contracts.

Former NBA All-Star Vinn Baker Working at Starbucks?

Get Wise ShoMeLove

Vinn Baker graduate of Hartford University, grossed over 100 million dollars in NBA contracts during 15 years in the league. He received a job at Starbucks by owner of Seattle […]

ISIS sympathizer to detonate a bomb on a Florida beach.

Harlem Suarez Arrested In ISIS Plot in South Florida

News ShoMeLove

Harlem Suarez was arrested by the FBI on charges of plotting as an ISIS sympathizer to detonate a bomb on a Florida beach. This was not the first time that […]

Be on the look out for this alleged child molester John Napier, he did't show up in court for a reason.

Alleged Child Molester John Napier Skips Court Date With Some Local Help

Daily Criminal ShoMeLove

Child molester John Napier seems to have had a personal relationship with Bondswoman who bailed him out. She referred to him as “Johnny” and didn’t come of as a bondswoman […]

Colombia has their officials looking for hundreds of bodies at a Medellin landfill.

Colombia Excavates Possible Massive Grave

News ShoMeLove

Colombia has had conflicts over the last century and who could forget Pablo Escobar reign of terror. Colombian officials begin looking for hundreds of bodies at a Medellin landfill believed […]

Police say an eight year old missing girl from California was found dead.

Missing Girl in Santa Cruz, California Found Dead in Dumpster

News ShoMeLove

Police say an eight year old missing girl from California, who for two day had FBI searching, was found dead inside a dumpster.

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