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Heart Break Hotel – Guy Smashes Cheating GF’s Car Windshield

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Not the best thing to do on camera, buddy. I see some cops in your future…


How Dare You Burgle the Bosh!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Chris Bosh, one of the stars of the Miami Heat, had his home robbed last night. The thieves ransacked the house while he was out celebrating his birthday. When Bosh and his wife returned home, they found that the whole place had been burgled and […]

nasty man

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Raped His Daughters And Had Babies With Them To Keep His Bloodline Pure Because He Thought The World Was Going To End

Daily Criminal Lois Lane

Aswad Ayinde, a music director who won an award for directing The Fugees’ big hit, “Killing Me Softly,” has been on trial for two years for raping his daughters and having babies with them. Apparently, Ayinde thought the world would end and that all that […]


New Town Shooter Had Arsenal in His Home, Was NRA Member

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Newtown, Connecticut – Hundreds of rounds of ammunition, multiple guns, clips and of course a National Rifle Association card were found in the home of Adam Lanza. Lanza killed 20 children and 6 adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that rocked the nation. […]


Rob Kardashian Steals Photog’s Memory Card For Taking Pics of His Naked Fat Tummy

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

At this point I’m fairly certain that Kim Kardashian is more of a man, than Rob Kardashian. As is apparent by his recent hump day behavior. According to TMZ the wanna be sock king is on the hook for stealing a photog’s memory card after […]


Naked Guy Gives Cops All They Can Handle

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

It takes like six cops to subdue this naked nutter running around in broad daylight!


Does This Look Like the Face of an American Sentenced to 11 Yeas For Modern Day Slavery?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Detroit – A tennis coach was sentenced to some seriously hard time after he brought four children over from Africa and kept them as slaves in his home. Jean-Claude Toviave brought four children over from Togo Africa, and into the United States with fake paperwork […]


Wing a Ding Ding Dong Tries to Pull a “Catch Me if You Can” and Gets Himself Held on a Million Dollar Bond

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Philippe Jernnard LaRocelle showed up to his US Airways flight from France to Florida dressed up like an Air France pilot. After being seated, he asked the stewardess if he could ride in the cockpit with the other pilots. Surprisingly, the stewardess granted his request. […]


Does This Look Like the Face of an Escort Who Tried to Bite a Man’s Penis Off?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Priscilla Vaughn, 29, was arrested in Orland after she went out to dinner with a “client”, took ecstasy, and then tried to bite his manhood off! When police arrived on the scene, they found the victim “covered in a large amount of blood, with numerous […]


Washington Mother Gives Her Two Year Old a Bong Hit

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rachelle Braaten is now under arrest and sitting in a Washington State jail after she videotaped her two-year-old toddler taking a hit from a lit bong. Soon after the video hit the web, police went to the house to check on the boy and found […]


Does This Look Like the Face of a Door-to-Door Porn Saleswoman?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Damn economy, it’s so tough in the streets that Jeanette Ellis was forced to become a door-to-door porn saleswoman! You didn’t know that was a job? That’s cause it isn’t… A Gaffney woman said she was in a bind and needed some quick cash when […]


Does This Look Like the Face of a Florida School Worker Who Sent Naked Pics to Students?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Meet 43-year-old Florida school worker and avid sexter Jody Onorato. Onorato, a divorcee looking for a little cell phone lovin’, began sexting racy texts and naked pictures of herself to two students at Vanguard High School in Ocala where she was employed. When confronted by […]

crazy lady

Does This Look Like The Face Of A NY Millionaire Who Was Keeping An Illegal Immigrant As A Slave In Her Mansion?

Daily Criminal Lois Lane

            Annie George, a NY socialite, is charged with harboring an undocumented illegal immigrant from India for six-and-a-half years. Valsamma Mathai, 49, told the court that George’s late husband offered her a job in the United States, but she soon […]


Edward Furlong Sentenced to Six Months in the Slammer

Daily Criminal David Krbec

Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong can not stay out of trouble! First, he was put on probation for violating a protective order against his ex-wife, Rachael Kneeland. Then he gets tossed in jail for twice violating protective order against his ex-girlfriend, Monica Keena. The most recent arrest […]

Does This Look Like the Face of a Middle School Teacher Arrested for Having Sex With Four Students?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Hey, Chronic Nation. Meet Beverly Hills Middle School in Texas teacher LaShawn Simmons. Simmons was busted this week when a parent found explicit Facebook messages she had sent their son.


Does This Look Like The Face Of a Deadbeat Dad Who Owes $1.2 Million In Child Support ?

Daily Criminal Lois Lane

  Robert Sand is the Government’s most wanted deadbeat parent. On Thursday, Sand pleaded guilty for owing more than $1.2 million in child support. The child support orders were issued in Long Island since 2002 from two failed marriages that produced three children. Sand’s attorney, […]

nicholas gonzales

Does This Look Like the Face of a Guy Who Broke Into a Firehouse and Jerked Off on The Uniforms?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

27-year-old Louisville native Nicholas Gonzales likes to party. So much, in fact, that on a recent night out drinking, Gonzales broke into a local firehouse and pulled the uniforms out of the lockers and put them in a pile on the middle of the floor. […]

Christopher Dorner Suspected Dead, But No Body Yet

News Kid Chronic

After killing a Sheriff’s deputy and wounding another today, Christopher Dorner is now suspected dead.

Now in Chicago You Can Pretty Much Steal Whatever You Want. Cops Won’t Even Respond to the 911 Call

News Kid Chronic

To all the Republicans who live in Chicago, here is that smaller government you’ve been looking for. Now, be a good little citizen and try to not get robbed!!!



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