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Sally Struthers mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Sally Struthers Pinched for Operating Under the Influence?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Sally Struthers, the actress who starred in All in the Family, was popped for operating under the influence in Maine. Struthers, who is now 65, was pulled over at 12:20 a.m. on Route 1 in Ogunquit, Maine, located about 40 miles south of Portland. She […]

INSANE! Bank Robbers Drive Through The Hood Throwing Money Out The Window

News Kid Chronic

This needs to be made into a movie asap. It happened right in California, so I’m sure someone’s on it.

Dallas Man Kills Woman After Sex, When She Confesses She is HIV Positive

News Kid Chronic

When the man was picked up by Dallas police, he told officers, “she killed me, so I killed her.”

Does This Look Like a Video of a Robber Who Brought a Knife to a Gunfight?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Store owner gets his head sliced before shooting a knife-wielding robber.

Baltimore School Shooting

News Kid Chronic

A student at Perry Hall high school shot another student in the back at lunch time in the school cafeteria. The cafeteria had around 200 students in it at the time and most of them took off running down the halls after a teacher tackled […]

Karma: Man Injured Slashing Tire (Video)

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Check out this guy get blown straight out of his shirt when he tries to slash someones tire.

navigator of the sea

South Florida Woman Sexually Attacked on Royal Caribbean Cruise

News Kid Chronic

Careful next time you take a cruise with Royal Caribbean, at least that’s the advice one South Florida young lady would give you after her experience on Royal’s Navigator of the Seas cruise ship. According to a recent lawsuit filed in Miami, the young lady […]

Teen Stabbed 22 Times Over X-Box Argument

News Kid Chronic

Holy macaroni! Videos games are getting serious these days. So serious, in fact, that the violence is seeping out of the television and into this teen’s real life.


Does This Look Like The Face of a Topless Runaway Driver?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This wonderful little vixen goes by the name Mandy Ramsey. Ramsey was driving a Ford pick-up truck when a Florida Police cruiser tried to pull her over. The only problem was Ramsey didn’t feel like pulling over. Instead she floored it, ran a stop sign, […]

Does This Look Like a Video of the Dumbest Bank Robbers Ever?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Two bank robbers are caught when they can’t get their getaway moped to start fast enough.

grocery store wrestler

This Doesn’t Happen in America…

Pics Kid Chronic

Man breaks into a grocery store dressed like a wrestler and accompanied by two ostriches. #Mexico

Florida Man Charged With Hate Crime Says He “Only Shot A N**ger”

News Kid Chronic

So Sad: Racism alive and well right here in Florida.

James E Holmes

James Holmes Charged With 142 Counts, Including First-Degree Murder

Colorado Kid Chronic

The Batman Movie Massacre shooter James E. Holmes has been charged with over 142 criminal counts, including two counts for each person he killed and two for each person he injured. This way the prosecutors will have more than one avenue to use when they […]

Guy Stabs His GF, Then Throws Her and Baby out of a Three-Story Window

News Kid Chronic

All three victims of this brutal attack are in critical condition, fighting for their lives in a Jersey Hospital.

Cape Coral Man Shoots Door-to-Door Salesman For Being on His Property

News Kid Chronic

Authorities found 14 fire arms in the home of a Cape Coral man who shot a door-to- door steak-and-seafood salesman for being on his property.

Clerk Knocks Out Armed Robber

News Kid Chronic

Now that’s a nice left hook!

James Holmes

Movie Massacre Shooter Mailed Package to the University

Colorado Kid Chronic

Colorado – James Holmes, the movie massacre shooter, mailed a package to a Colorado University Professor before committing the mass murder that rocked the town of Aurora to its core. Holmes had recently dropped out of the college’s graduate program and it’s believed the package […]

summer wallzs

Does this Look Like the Face of A Woman who Beat her Son, Tied him up & Pushed him Down the Stairs?

Daily Criminal Patricia Jay

According to Cincinnati Police, 34-year-old Summer Wallzs beat her 15-year-old son with a frying pan. After the beating, she tied him up with tape. Summer’s 38-year-old husband, Charles Kraft, then punched the teen, causing him to fall down 13 steps. Wallzs is being held with […]

Aurora Police up the Number Injured to 71

Colorado Kid Chronic

Police are moving quickly to piece together all the information leading up to, and after the deadly Colorado movie theater shooting today.

Dark Knight shooter James Holmes

12 Dead and 50 Injured in Colorado Movie Massacre

Colorado Kid Chronic

AURORA, Colo. – 12 People are dead and many more injured after a deadly movie theater shooting. The gunman, 24-year-old James Holmes, attacked a crowded, late-night showing of the Dark Knight Rises at a multiplex theater in a local, suburban mall. Holmes first purchased a […]

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