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Does this look Like the Face of A Man who Stabbed his G’ma 111 Times & Dismembered her Body?

Daily Criminal Patricia Jay

21-year old Zachary Cole Weston does not know how to properly say “thank you”! Zachary’s 84-year old grandmother, Joyce Dexter, took him in when no one else in the family would. Zachary has a mental illness and had been bouncing around family members’ homes before […]

Nelly Tour Bus

Heroin and Ten Pounds of Weed Found on Nelly’s Tour Bus

Music Kid Chronic

Rapper Nelly’s tour bus was pulled over at a border stop in Texas when a drug-sniffing dog alerted the authorities to drugs in the vehicle. When police performed a search, they found 36 small baggies of heroin (totaling .64 ounces) and over ten elbows of […]

Christopher Vaughn Mug Shot

Does This Look Like The Face of a Father Who Killed His Whole Family to Be With a Stripper?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Christopher Vaughn is facing life in prison after he allegedly murdered his entire family. Vaughn first lured the family all into the car by telling them he was going to take them on a family trip to the water park. Once they were all inside […]

South Carolina Thug Punches His Public Defender in Court After Getting Sentenced to 15 Years In Jail!

Legal Kid Chronic

First, let me say I don’t think you should ever punch someone, but if you get sentenced to fifteen years in prison, it’s as good a time as any…

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo

Does This Look Like the Face of a Burglar Who Fell Asleep Inside a House He Was Robbing?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo was a little tired after a night of robbing houses, so he decided to take a little cat nap. The only problem was that he was still inside one of the houses he was robbing! When the Rock Creek, Oregon, homeowners returned home […]

houston police department

Is Matthew Jacob Marin the Worst Cop on Planet Earth?

News Kid Chronic

Yes he is. Matthew Jacob Marin has taken police incompetence to a whole new level after he shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair. The Houston police department spokeswoman Jodi Silva said the man was threatening the officer and waiving a metal […]

Liberty Head

Dumb Ass Steals $100k in Rare Coins and Spends Them at a Local Pizza Shop

News Kid Chronic

Police have arrested a Washington man in connection with the theft of a $100k in rare coins. The coins mostly Liberty Head quarters and Morgan dollars were stolen from a family home in the Woodland area. The family was quick to point the finger at  […]

shaun white mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Pro Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested for Intoxication and Vandalism?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Shaun White has been charged with intoxication and vandalism after a wild night in Nashville this past weekend. White allegedly pulled the fire alarm at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel before trying to escape in a cab, but a pedestrian who witnessed White pull the alarm […]

Sally Struthers mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Sally Struthers Pinched for Operating Under the Influence?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Sally Struthers, the actress who starred in All in the Family, was popped for operating under the influence in Maine. Struthers, who is now 65, was pulled over at 12:20 a.m. on Route 1 in Ogunquit, Maine, located about 40 miles south of Portland. She […]

INSANE! Bank Robbers Drive Through The Hood Throwing Money Out The Window

News Kid Chronic

This needs to be made into a movie asap. It happened right in California, so I’m sure someone’s on it.

Dallas Man Kills Woman After Sex, When She Confesses She is HIV Positive

News Kid Chronic

When the man was picked up by Dallas police, he told officers, “she killed me, so I killed her.”

Does This Look Like a Video of a Robber Who Brought a Knife to a Gunfight?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Store owner gets his head sliced before shooting a knife-wielding robber.

Baltimore School Shooting

News Kid Chronic

A student at Perry Hall high school shot another student in the back at lunch time in the school cafeteria. The cafeteria had around 200 students in it at the time and most of them took off running down the halls after a teacher tackled […]

Karma: Man Injured Slashing Tire (Video)

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

Check out this guy get blown straight out of his shirt when he tries to slash someones tire.

navigator of the sea

South Florida Woman Sexually Attacked on Royal Caribbean Cruise

News Kid Chronic

Careful next time you take a cruise with Royal Caribbean, at least that’s the advice one South Florida young lady would give you after her experience on Royal’s Navigator of the Seas cruise ship. According to a recent lawsuit filed in Miami, the young lady […]

Teen Stabbed 22 Times Over X-Box Argument

News Kid Chronic

Holy macaroni! Videos games are getting serious these days. So serious, in fact, that the violence is seeping out of the television and into this teen’s real life.


Does This Look Like The Face of a Topless Runaway Driver?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This wonderful little vixen goes by the name Mandy Ramsey. Ramsey was driving a Ford pick-up truck when a Florida Police cruiser tried to pull her over. The only problem was Ramsey didn’t feel like pulling over. Instead she floored it, ran a stop sign, […]

Does This Look Like a Video of the Dumbest Bank Robbers Ever?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Two bank robbers are caught when they can’t get their getaway moped to start fast enough.

grocery store wrestler

This Doesn’t Happen in America…

Pics Kid Chronic

Man breaks into a grocery store dressed like a wrestler and accompanied by two ostriches. #Mexico

Florida Man Charged With Hate Crime Says He “Only Shot A N**ger”

News Kid Chronic

So Sad: Racism alive and well right here in Florida.

James E Holmes

James Holmes Charged With 142 Counts, Including First-Degree Murder

Colorado Kid Chronic

The Batman Movie Massacre shooter James E. Holmes has been charged with over 142 criminal counts, including two counts for each person he killed and two for each person he injured. This way the prosecutors will have more than one avenue to use when they […]


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