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Housemaid Caught Peeing In The Family Food

Videos Kid Chronic

WTF?!!? I’d kill this woman. I swear to god…

Richard L Steinberg

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida Politician Caught Sexual Harassing A Colleague?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Another Democrat, another dumb-ass sex scandal. Richard “Dick” Steinberg was busted anonymously texting sexxxy texts to married Assistant US Attorney Marlene Fernandez-Karavetsos. Karavetsos begged the anonymous texter to reveal his identity, but he refused and continued to harass her. Steinberg was only busted after US […]

sex offender, allias

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Sex Offender Who Has Best Alias Ever?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

You’ll see it.

Ronald Ra Diggs Herron

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Rapper Charged With Murder?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Brooklyn Rapper Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron is facing a possible death penalty case, after being charged with three murders. Police didn’t have to travel far to find Herron, since he was already sitting in jail facing drug charges. The new murder charges, stem from tweets […]

Cedrick Shivers

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Wilton Manners Bank Robber Caught Red Handed?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Cedrick Shivers was busted by police after robbing a bank in Wilton Manners Florida this past Friday. Fort Lauderdale Police pulled him over for speeding, when Shivers informed them that “they had caught him red handed.” Upon inspection of his vehicle, Police found Shivers hands […]

anthony forte, mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Sells Fake Viagra On Craigslist?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Anthony Forte of Hollywood Florida was busted by the Feds after he sold an ass load of fake Viagra and Cialis to undercover agents via Craigslist the online classifieds site. Forte mailed their first order to a P.O. box in Plantation, then met up with […]

Got Jail?

Got Jail? 24 Hour Bail Bonds In South Florida

Company Kid Chronic

The Got Jail 24 hour Bail Bond Service never sleeps, so they are always ready to spring you from the clink! In most cases they can have you home before anyone even realizes your gone, so save this number!!! (954)463-2270 Write it down, print it, […]

breana shakari

Does This Look Like The Face Off A Boynton Beach Woman Who Threw A Hamster Of A Balcony?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

19-year-old Breana Shakari is currently locked up in the Palm Beach County Jail after getting into an argument with her friend and then throwing the womans pet hamster off a third story balcony. Shakari has been charged with animal cruelty and battery since the hamster […]

sea world, little girl

Orlando Man Convicted Of Molesting Girl At Sea World

News Kid Chronic

Michael Grybowicz was convicted Monday on charges that he molested a coworkers young daughter at a Seaworld last year. Grybowicz’s wife found photos of the assault on his cell phone and turned him into to authorities out of what I’m guessing was sheer disgust. Grybowicz […]

Tori black Mug Shot

Does This Look Like The Face Of Porn Star Tori Black Arrested For Domestic Violence?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Dirty girl next store Tori Black was arrested in Sin City after getting into a fist fight over her infants baby formula! According to Police, Tori real name Michelle Chapman, returned to her hotel room at the Hard Rock after having a few drinks. When […]

smoke pot!

California Man Busted Smoking Weed On Fort Lauderdale Flight

California Kid Chronic

Oh those laid back Californians with their pot… A man faces drug charges after being arrested switching planes in Newark New Jersey. The man who had left on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, was seen dropping a small plastic bag on the floor by the […]

Martin McDonald, Shawn Spencer, animal cruelty

Does This Look Like The Faces Of Two Guys Who Attacked A Bulldog With A Meat Clever?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Creastview Florida – Martin McDonald and Shawn Spencer pictured to the left were both picked up for animal cruelty this weekend after the pair attacked a neighbors dog with a meat clever. Natalie Horn the dogs owner was at work when her one year old […]

John Bolaris

Hey Don't Drug My Weatherman!!!

News Kid Chronic

You know when your friend gets all wasted then tries to say someone drugged them at the bar, and you never believe them? Well no one believed Philadelphia weatherman John Bolaris either, so much in fact that when Bolaris spilled the beans in a recent […]

Luis Delgado

Does This Look The Face Of Guy Who Let The Air Out Of A Police Cars Tires?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Luis Delgado was arrested in Plantation on Wednesday after an off duty police officer caught him letting the air out of the tires of his patrol car. Delgado apparently used a key to deflate three tires before Detective Robert Rettig returned home from walking his […]

I Am Not Surprised Soldiers Pee On The Enemy

News Kid Chronic

People are all stupid. Why is everyone upset over the US Soldiers peeing on members of the Taliban they killed? Is peeing on them the worst thing they did to them? No they shot them remember! After you shoot someone does it really matter if […]

The Other Famous KiD Is A Wanted Man!

Legal Kid Chronic

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Kid from Kid and Play. You may remember him from the House Party movies he was the light-skinned one with the flat top. The warrant was compliments of the LA county courts, and was issued after […]

Both Casey Anthony Video Diaries

News Kid Chronic

Weirdo, freak show, baby killer, Casey Anthony has either released two video diaries or has had her computer hacked. Either way the blogosphere is erupt with people searching for the videos of the recently acquitted murderer, so we though we would put them both in […]

Luis Scavone

Two Men Arrested For Teen Rape On A Cruise Ship

News Kid Chronic

Two Brazilian men one under age, and one over, were both arrested for raping a young girl on Royal Caribbean’s “Allure of The Seas” cruise ship. The young lady said she was attending the ships teen dance club “Fuel” when a boy asked her to […]

18-Year-Old Girl Raped & Beaten By Six Men After Being Denied Entry To Concert New Years Eve

News Kid Chronic

Chicago police are questioning several people of interest in a brutal sexual assault that left an 18-year-old woman from the Northwest suburbs in a coma. The woman, who police were previously unable to identify because she didn’t have identification, was attacked just after 9:30 p.m. […]

bad mom, reinhardt

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Florida Mom Who Got Drunk At An Amusment Park And Called The Cops Nazis?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Karin Rosemarie Reinhard will not be getting any mom of the year awards in 2012. The mother of four was arrested this weekend at a North Naples amusement park after one of her four children called a family friend because “mom was drunk and hanging […]

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