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Miami Man Was Also Allegedly Abused By Elmo Voice

News Kid Chronic

Kevin Clash is now facing a lawsuit from his fourth accuser, and this time he is from Miami. The victim, now 33, met Clash when he was younger than 18 […]

Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnapping Caught on Camera

News Kid Chronic

Not as precise as a military raid, but still enough organization to be terrifying for the people of Mexico.

Does This Look Like The Face of an Alaskan Serial Killer Who...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

  Israel Keyes killed anywhere from 8-12 people all over the country. The Alaskan native would usually fly to a random part of the country, kill someone, and then immediately […]

Does This Look Like The Face of a Woman Who Posted Her Daugh...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

What the hell is wrong with this lady? Worst mother ever!

Does This Look Like The Face of a Couple Who Kidnapped a Han...

California Kid Chronic

36-year-old Jason DeJesus and 33-year-old Chanelle Troedson were arrested this week and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon after they lured a local repair man […]

Kevin Clash

Elmo Voice Accused of Underage Sex With a Third Boy

Entertainment Kid Chronic

Kevin Clash, the voice behind Sesame Street character Elmo, has officially resigned from the show. The resignation comes in the wake of a hug sex scandal in which Clash was […]

jeremy hammond, lulzsec

LulzSec Hacker Faces Life in Prison for the Stratfor Hack

Legal Kid Chronic

Manhattan, New York – 27-year-old LulzSec hacker Jeremy Hammond could be facing life in prison for his hack of Strategic Forecasting, otherwise known as Stratfor. “According to the indictment filed […]

elmo voice kevin clash

Elmo Voice Kevin Clash Accused of Sex With an Underage Boy

News Kid Chronic

Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash has taken a leave of absence from the Sesame Street Workshop after allegations emerged that he had been involved in a sexual relationship with an […]

store clerk robber gif

Store Clerk Foils a Robbery With a Folding Chair

Gifs Kid Chronic

The store clerk straight WWF’s the guy!

cell phone pics stolen

Verizon Employees in Florida Caught Stealing Naked Pics Off ...

News Kid Chronic

Josh Stuart, a Florida Verizon cell phone store worker, is not the guy you want to leave your cell phone with. Stuart told a local waitress that he was simply […]

Jeremie Calo and his date, Tiffani Lynn Barganier

Does This Look Like the Face of a Couple That Boned on the P...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Orlando – 32-year-old  Jeremie Calo and his date, Tiffani Lynn Barganier,  decided to get a little crazy at their local watering hole. The two were at Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub […]

Flav a flav

Does This Look Like The Face of Flavor Flav Busted For Assau...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Flavor Flav was busted in Vegas at around 3am yesterday. The hip hop/reality TV star was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly threatened his fiancee’s teenage […]

Drunk Driver Uninjured, Friend in Passenger Seat Dead

Automotive Kid Chronic

This drunk driver is now in jail after killing his passenger and injuring the person in the back seat. How would you like to live with that on your conscience? […]

Does this look Like the Face of A Man who Stabbed his G̵...

Daily Criminal Patricia Jay

21-year old Zachary Cole Weston does not know how to properly say “thank you”! Zachary’s 84-year old grandmother, Joyce Dexter, took him in when no one else in the family […]

Nelly Tour Bus

Heroin and Ten Pounds of Weed Found on Nelly’s Tour Bu...

Music Kid Chronic

Rapper Nelly’s tour bus was pulled over at a border stop in Texas when a drug-sniffing dog alerted the authorities to drugs in the vehicle. When police performed a search, […]

Christopher Vaughn Mug Shot

Does This Look Like The Face of a Father Who Killed His Whol...

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Christopher Vaughn is facing life in prison after he allegedly murdered his entire family. Vaughn first lured the family all into the car by telling them he was going to […]

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