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Can Someone Please Tell Me WTF Is Going On In This Video?

Videos Kid Chronic

Whoa this video is by Flares and its called Truckers Delight and that is all I know about it, enjoy!!!

casey anthony

Judge Perry Released Previously Protected Video Of Casey Anthony Today

News Kid Chronic

Casey Anthony was taken from her cell and shown the TV news when they found her daughter’s body Caylee buried near her house. Prior to today the tape was protected so that Anthony could have a fair trial, but since that no longer applies the […]

stolen toothbrush

Does This Look Like The Faces OF Three People Who Stole $3 Million Dollars Worth Of Tooth Brushes?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

The so-called “Booster Crew” is behind bars after authorities closed out an investigation into an illegal toothbrush stealing ring. The perp on the far right with the bruise under his eye is Igor Roytikh he owns a pawn shop in Boca which just happened to […]

VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS: Teen Shot In Front Of Brooklyn McDonald's

News Kid Chronic

NYPD has just released this security video of a shooting that took place just blocks from Brooklyn College in NYC today. It all started outside a local McDonald’s where two men got into an argument before one man pulled a gun on the other, shooting […]

Michael Turner

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Dad Who Tried To Run His Son Over With A Car Before Beating Him With A Crowbar?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Micheal Turner is a Florida father with many tattoos. Yet in his family whats good for the goose is not necessarily what is good for the gander. For instance Turner is 100% against his daughter getting a tattoo of her own. That’s why she had […]

texas death row

Die Hungry

News Kid Chronic

Oh Texas you slay me…literally. Texas the state that loves to cook people in the electric chair like smores at a camp fire, has decided to take its pride in misery just one step further. Now they have actually outlawed death row prisoners last meals […]

Marcus Camby, weed

Does This Look Like The Face Of A NBA Baller Busted With Weed?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Portland Trail Blazers star Marcus Camby was busted with weed after being pulled over for an equipment violation in Pearland Tx. During the pull over police discovered the car reeked of marijuana, prompting the search and seizure of under two ounces of the sticky icky […]

Young Man With Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For "Bulge In Pants" That Was Only A Colostomy Bag!

News Kid Chronic

Cops honestly need to stop beating people up wtf it’s not martial law in this country! Poor guy got beat up for wearing a colostomy bag, talk about kicking him when he’s down, jeesh.

pastor dieugrand jacques

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Boynton Beach Pastor Convicted Of Sexually Molesting A Teenage Girl?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Boynton Beach Pastor Dieugrand Jacques was convicted this Tuesday of sexually molesting a fifteen year old girl in 2007. According to the court documents Jacques was supposed to be counseling the girl in his home for family and relationship issues at the time of the […]

Bloggers Murdered And Hung From A Bridge In Mexico

News Kid Chronic

The power of the web is one of the most underestimated things in the world. Its turned paupers into billionaires, started revolutions, and in Mexico it was helping the authorities locate hidden sects of the Mexican drug cartels. That was until this week when the […]

daily criminal, lesbians, lions

Does This Look Like The Face Of Two Lesbians That Robbed 29 Homes And Found A Lion In One?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rose Gifford pictured above to the left of her accomplice and lover Britney Singleton have recently been arrested and charged with a string of recent Pennsylvania robberies. According to police the two fell and love and began to rob houses as their own shopping sprees […]

Montreal Police Don't F*ck Around

That's Gotta Hurt Kid Chronic

The Kid has had the pleasure of rocking out in Montreal on more than one occasion and what I’ll tell ya about the place is this, its loose. The whole place is just kinda loose, loose rules, loose law enforcement (as seen in this video), […]


My Mother Warned Me About Dommes

News treez

My mother always told me, ever since I was a shrub, Treez…don’t ever fall in love with a domme. She said, they will take your heart out and step on it with a¬†stiletto. I never really listened to this advice, but I bet the boyfriend […]

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Burnt Her Sons Penis With A Curling Iron?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

She burnt her ten year old adoptive sons penis with a curling iron, forced him to eat dog shit and sodomized him with a tooth brush. WTF is wrong with this woman, lord have mercy.

Manny Ramirez slaps his wife

Manny Ramirez Smacks His B*tch Up…Allegedly

Sports Kid Chronic

According to TMZ Manny Ramirez was arrested for domestic abuse in Florida yesterday. The MLB slugger allegedly slapped his wife in the face with an open hand, causing her to hit her head against the headboard of their bed. Julian Ramirez Manny’s wife called police […]

UN Peace Keepers Sexually Abuse A Haitian Man

News Kid Chronic

Haitians everywhere are demanding an investigation into allegations that UN peacekeeping soldiers forced an 18-year-old Haitian male into doing humiliating sex acts after this video appeared on the web this week. See for yourself below, warning graphic.

Police Stand Off With Texting Knife Wielding Man

News Kid Chronic

Police in Bogota arrested a man after a stand off in which the man brandished a huge knife to hold off police while he texted people from his cell phone. The arrest was some great police work as they disarmed the man before swarming him […]

Ronald Clark

Florida Inmate Is The “Death Row Poet”

News Kid Chronic

Ronald Clark is a death row inmate of the Florida corrections system, he is also an avid blogger. How does he blog from a windowless cell with no computer or internet you say? Why with a little help from house wives on the outside of […]

crime scene

In The Past 48 Hours: 31 People Were Shot In NYC

News Kid Chronic

New York City recorded on of its bloodiest weekends in recent history this Labor Day. As of Sunday evening 25 people were already dead, the victims of various crimes around the City. One of which was a house party shooting that killed three kids in […]

Don’t Like Living In America? Try Cambodia, Mother Murdered In Broad Daylight In Front Of Her Son

News Kid Chronic

WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE: Mother shot in the chest in front of her son after trying evade robbers attempting to rob $30k in cash she was carrying.

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