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Now in Chicago You Can Pretty Much Steal Whatever You Want. Cops Won’t Even Respond to the 911 Call

News Kid Chronic

To all the Republicans who live in Chicago, here is that smaller government you’ve been looking for. Now, be a good little citizen and try to not get robbed!!!

Ex-LAPD Officer Wanted Over California Murders

California Lois Lane

Christopher Dorner is wanted for the murder of engaged couple Monica Quan, 28, and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, 27. Both were fatally shot on Sunday while sitting in their car. […]

Perry Mayer

Does This Look Like the Face of an Indiana Man Who Asked a Black Coworker to Help Him Murder His Wife: “You’re Black. I Know Y’all Know People”

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Perry and Allison Mayer were a couple on the brink of divorce. The only problem was Perry didn’t want to share the money he inherited from his mother with his […]

Coolest Thief Ever Steals 44-Pound Gold Cookie, Then Demands Cookies for the Entire Children’s Hospital

News Kid Chronic

A German thief has just committed the best caper ever after stealing a 44- pound gold biscuit that adorned the Hannover headquarters of world-famous biscuit maker Bahlsen. The thief, known […]

Does This Look Like The Face of A “Dazed and Confused” Star Who Crapped Himself in the Back of a Cop Car?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Dazed and Confused star Jason London, who once played the lead role of Randall “Pink” Floyd in one of the best films ever made, was arrested Sunday night and boy […]

Stolen Cars: 87% of Cases Not Solved

Automotive J. White

You know the tired cliche: What goes around comes around. It’s true that justice sometimes takes a turn for the better, despite the best efforts of law enforcement. Joe, a casual acquaintance of mine, tells […]


First Woman To Be Executed Since 2010

News Lois Lane

Kimberly McCarthy was charged with the gruesome murder of her retired 71- year-old neighbor, Dorothy Booth. A Dallas County jury found the nursing home therapist guilty of the 1997 killing […]

Worst Mother Ever Forces Toddler to Get a Tattoo

Videos Kid Chronic

Why is this lady not in jail? What are we waiting for? Let’s get that baby out of there! WTF?!…

Woman Buys Like 50 Individually Wrapped Muffins, Then Maces the Guy Behind Her in Line

Videos Kid Chronic

This lady doesn’t let anyone come between her and her muffins.

Anonymous Hacks U.S. Department of Justice Website in Response to Reddit Founder Aaron Swartz’s Death

News Kid Chronic

Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz faced as many as 35 years in prison and $1 million in fines for allegedly bypassing the network security of MIT and online academic journal archive […]

Does This Look Like the Face of a Young Man Arrested for Giving Wedgies?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

C’mon, this isn’t a crime! This is ridiculous!


Sweet 16’s Birthday Party Turns Into A Murder-Suicide

News Lois Lane

Kristi Suckla, 44, had recently moved back into her parents’ house with her teenage son and daughter after she separated from her husband. On Saturday night at her parents’ home […]

Woman Attacked and Thrown on the Subway Tracks in Philly

News Kid Chronic

Second Philly post of the day and this one is nuts! A lady is sitting on a bench minding her own business when nut job attacks her and throws her […]

Watch an iPhone Get Stolen in Real Time

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

  Sometimes it happens just that fast. The victim took it like a champ, though. I would have tried to chase him for sure and ended up even more mad.

Watch a Real-Life Casino Robbery

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Robbery caught on casino security camera.

Chicago Has 22 Murders In 11 Days

News Kid Chronic

Chicago has started 2013 with a bang, setting record numbers of teen deaths due to gang violence.

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