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How To Deal Weed

Chronic Laughter Kid Chronic

A step-by-step guide to being the best weed dealer you can be.

Does This Look Like The Face of a Woman Who Posted Her Daughter’s Naked Picture on Facebook?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

What the hell is wrong with this lady? Worst mother ever!

Does This Look Like The Face of a Man Who Shot His Girlfriend in the Back Because She Doesn’t Believe in Zombies?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

26-year-old Jared Gurman of Long Island had an “ongoing debate” with his girlfriend Jessica Gelderman, 27, about whether AMC’s The Walking Dead could be a real- life scenario. According to police, Gelderman was not taking the possibility or the show as seriously as Gurman would […]

Does This Look Like The Face of a Couple Who Kidnapped a Handyman and Made Him do Work on Their Home?

California Kid Chronic

36-year-old Jason DeJesus and 33-year-old Chanelle Troedson were arrested this week and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon after they lured a local repair man to their home and forced him to fix their appliances. After the handy man spent […]

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Assault in NYC

California Kid Chronic

Lilo is at again. This time she got picked up for punching some other hot babe right in the face. It’s almost as if she isn’t on probation, but she is. Lohan is also about to be charged in California for lying to the cops […]

jeremy hammond, lulzsec

LulzSec Hacker Faces Life in Prison for the Stratfor Hack

Legal Kid Chronic

Manhattan, New York – 27-year-old LulzSec hacker Jeremy Hammond could be facing life in prison for his hack of Strategic Forecasting, otherwise known as Stratfor. “According to the indictment filed in March, Hammond illegally obtained credit card information stolen from Stratfor and uploaded it to […]

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is Headed Back to Jail

California Kid Chronic

Poor Lilo is back in big trouble again, this time for lying about running her Porsche into the back of a Mack Truck. The trouble-plagued child star has been in and out of legal trouble lately, and is currently on probation for stealing jewelry. The […]

Does This Look Like The Face of a Fort Lauderdale Man Who Cut His Girlfriend’s Nose Off Because She Wouldn’t Have Sex With Him?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Ricardo Salamanca, from Plantation, Florida, faces a charge of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and remains in jail on $75,000 bond.

kat williams assualt charge in oakland

Does This Look Like The Face of Kat Williams Busted for Assault?

California Kid Chronic

Comedian Kat Williams is at it again, this time getting arrested at Kimball’s Carnival in East Oakland, California. The arrest came with bystander reports that Williams had hit a fellow partier over the head with a bottle at a nearby hotel. Williams was also detained […]

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, bon jovi

Does This Look Like The Face of Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter Busted For Heroin?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi, the daughter of rock star Jon Bon Jovi, was arrested Wednesday morning after overdosing in her college dorm room. When paramedics arrived on the scene they found Bongiovi to be alive and responsive, but police who also responded to the 911 call […]

Shena Hardin

Only an Idiot…

News Kid Chronic

Cleveland, Ohio – 32-year-old Shena Hardin was caught on traffic cam driving on the sidewalk to get around a school bus unloading children. After seeing the video, a Cleveland judge ordered that Hardin stand on a freezing street corner with a sign that read “Only […]

store clerk robber gif

Store Clerk Foils a Robbery With a Folding Chair

Gifs Kid Chronic

The store clerk straight WWF’s the guy!

Yoselyn Ortega, Nanny

Does this Look like the Face of a Nanny who Stabbed two Children and then Slit her own Throat?

Daily Criminal Patricia Jay

50-year-old Yoselyn Ortega is still in critical condition after the NYPD say she stabbed two children in her care before turning the knife on herself. The mother of the children, Marina Krim, who is married to the VP of CNBC Digital, Kevin Krim, was first […]

Jeremie Calo and his date, Tiffani Lynn Barganier

Does This Look Like the Face of a Couple That Boned on the Porch at Paddy Murphys?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Orlando – 32-year-old  Jeremie Calo and his date, Tiffani Lynn Barganier,  decided to get a little crazy at their local watering hole. The two were at Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant when they decided to get it in right there on the outside patio! […]

Does this look Like the Face of A Man who Stabbed his G’ma 111 Times & Dismembered her Body?

Daily Criminal Patricia Jay

21-year old Zachary Cole Weston does not know how to properly say “thank you”! Zachary’s 84-year old grandmother, Joyce Dexter, took him in when no one else in the family would. Zachary has a mental illness and had been bouncing around family members’ homes before […]

Rapper Gunplay Pistol Whips His Accountant on Camera

Music Kid Chronic

Rapper Gunplay is facing a possible life sentence in prison if convicted on two charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm after he pistol whipped his accountant. Gunplay left the crime scene with the accountant’s cell phone and gold chain. The only […]

Eric steven Easley

Does This Look Like The Face of a Man Who Raped a Woman and a Miniature Horse?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

You have to be kidding me, right??? Nope, this actually happened in Wilmer, Alabama. Eric Easley had been busted a year earlier for molesting a horse. His case was high publicized due to its odd nature, but it was actually a precursor to a much […]

craigslist personal ad

The Most Ridiculous Craigslist Personal Ad You Will Ever Read

Chronic Love Kid Chronic

If this is not the most ridiculous Craigslist personal ad ever placed, then I don’t know what is. I guess even purse thieves fall in love….. View the personal ad here [Craigslist Personal Ad]

Christopher Vaughn Mug Shot

Does This Look Like The Face of a Father Who Killed His Whole Family to Be With a Stripper?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Christopher Vaughn is facing life in prison after he allegedly murdered his entire family. Vaughn first lured the family all into the car by telling them he was going to take them on a family trip to the water park. Once they were all inside […]

Meth Lab

Truck With “Meth Lab” Written on Back Window Found to Be an Actual Meth Lab

News Kid Chronic

Talk about the dumbest criminal ever… This guy was pulled over for driving a truck with antique plates down the street with the words “meth lab” written on the back window. When police approached the vehicle and spoke to the driver, they discovered that he […]

Lil Scrappy Mug Shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Rapper Lil Scrappy Busted For VOP?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rapper Lil Scrappy was arrested today for violation of probation. Scrappy was on probation for a 2008 weed charge. During that arrest, Scrappy – real name Darryl Kevin Richardson II -obstructed officers, and was found to be carrying a weapon. Today’s arrest took place on the streets […]

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo

Does This Look Like the Face of a Burglar Who Fell Asleep Inside a House He Was Robbing?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Cristian Villarreal-Castillo was a little tired after a night of robbing houses, so he decided to take a little cat nap. The only problem was that he was still inside one of the houses he was robbing! When the Rock Creek, Oregon, homeowners returned home […]

Liberty Head

Dumb Ass Steals $100k in Rare Coins and Spends Them at a Local Pizza Shop

News Kid Chronic

Police have arrested a Washington man in connection with the theft of a $100k in rare coins. The coins mostly Liberty Head quarters and Morgan dollars were stolen from a family home in the Woodland area. The family was quick to point the finger at  […]

shaun white mug shot

Does This Look Like The Face of Pro Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested for Intoxication and Vandalism?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Shaun White has been charged with intoxication and vandalism after a wild night in Nashville this past weekend. White allegedly pulled the fire alarm at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel before trying to escape in a cab, but a pedestrian who witnessed White pull the alarm […]


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