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John McAfee Releases Another Crazy Video

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

This guy is straight of his rocker…


Check Out How the Cops Treat This 16 Year Old Pregnant Girl

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Say whatever you want, but cops would never do that to a pregnant white girl.


Goldman Sach’s Big Wig Arrested for Rape

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Hampton New York – Jason Lee 37, has been charged with first degree rape of a twenty year old girl. Lee is a managing director at the well known financial firm of Goldman and Sachs. According to authorities they were called to a East Hampton’s […]


Here is What it’s Like to Be Shot With a Bean Bag Gun

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic



DMX Arrested for Marijuana

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rapper DMX was arrested by police in South Carolina last night after a routine traffic stop. According to the authorities, the car DMX was riding in was pulled over for an illegal u-turn. During the traffic stop police found weed on the rapper, and realized […]


Australian Baseball Player Gunned Down By Oklahoma Teens For No Reason

News Lois Lane

Three teens have been arrested for shooting and killing Christopher Lane from Australia while he was jogging in Oklahoma. The three teens ages, 15, 16 and 17 saw Lane jogging down the street and decided to kill him. Lane who attended East Central University on […]

Jeff Rubin

Jeff Rubin Comments on His Own Crime Line and Brags About His Lifestyle

Fail Kid Chronic

Big time fan of the Chronicle and apparently The Dirty as well. NFL money manager turned Ponzi schemer on the run, Jeff Rubin. Takes time out of his busy schedule to comment on his own Crime Line, and brag about his audacious lifestyle. Jeffrey Brett […]


Finally! – U.S. Attorney General Calls For an End to the War on Drugs

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

I know some people do not like Eric holder, but I think he’s great. Here is one of the reasons why.


Derek Medina Killed His Wife and Then Posted it to Facebook

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Wow, welcome to the digital age, for better or for worse, this is the new world we live in. We are all on reality TV you just have to do something really fucked up, for them to turn the news cameras to your channel.


South Beach “Party Princess” Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

News Lois Lane

Karlie Tomica the twenty-year old bartender at South Beach’s Nikki Beach nightclub has been sentenced to four years in jail for hitting Stefano Riccioletti with her car and leaving the scene of the accident. Riccioletti was a chef at the Shore Club, he was walking […]

Jeff Rubin

Jeffrey Bret Rubin – Career of Crime

Bars Kid Chronic

Preface: Prior to this article the foremost authority on the Jeff Rubin case was this very in-depth article written by Y! Sports. It describes Rubin’s rise and fall better than just about anything else out there. However it ends when the story just started to […]


Jewelery Store Robbers Crash Get Away Car

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Hollywood Florida – Three men have been arrested in Hollywood after robbing Renee’s Golden Touch jewelry. The two robbers ran out of the store after the crime, and jumped in a get away car, where a driver was waiting for them. The driver sped off […]


Rod Maclver is My New Hero!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Rod MacIver got pulled over in Vermont for running a red light, he was so confident that he did not run the red light. He demanded the officer give him the ticket. Then Maclver took officer Jason Lawton to court with his own dash cam footage […]


Arkansas Inmate Dives Through Jail Window and Escapes

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Derrick Estell, 33 was being held in Garland County Jail on a myriad of charges when he made this daring escape.

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 1.15.35 AM

Check Out The Bouncer at Blondies in Fort Lauderdale Sucker Punch a Customer

Bars Kid Chronic

After he punches the guy twice, the bouncer from Blondies on Fort Lauderdale Beach punches the man twice more while he is on the ground, then he stomps the man in the head. Lawsuit city to be sure for “It’s Better on the Beach” the […]


Texas Man Leaves Kids in Car, Car Gets Towed

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Yup that actually happened. Victor Ruiz a Texas father left his two young daughters in the car while he ran in the grocery store to grab a couple items. When he finished shopping he came outside, to find that the car had been towed. The […]


Woman Goes Loco on BF’s Car

Automotive Kid Chronic

Only in the Bronx!


Daytona Beach Police Officer Quits After Naked Pics Pop Up Online

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

18-year police vet Sgt. Penny Dane has quit the force after photos of her sexting in uniform popped up online. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player



Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Yeah prolly shouldn’t have kicked that door…


Scotia Police Busted Framing Local Business Man

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Police informant caught red handed placing drugs in a New York store.


Cali Pot Farmers Kidnap and Rape Teen Girl

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

If there is one thing I have learned covering the news its that people get abducted way more often than you would think.


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