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Florida Man Shoots Himself While Bowling

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A Florida bowler in Jupiter was rushed to the hospital after he shot himself while bowling. “The guy just stepped up to bowl,” fellow-bowler Jim Miller told WPBF . “I think he hit his leg on his back swing.” The shooting happened at around 7pm […]


Worst Girls Ever Try To Ruin a Cab Drivers Life Over $13 Dollars

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

A group of girls tell cops that a cab driver sexually harassed them to get out of paying their fare. Lucky for them the driver had a video of the incident!


Woman All Over America Are Professing Their Love For The Boston Bomber

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Girls are so weird. You don’t see guys out their professing their love for Jodi Aries, do you? That’s because every guy has had a crazy woman and we all know how horrible it is, so the idea of having an even crazier one terrifies […]


Man Gets Naked in the Airport to Protest TSA Search

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Not exactly the way I would protest a TSA search, but then again we all have our methods…


Police Shoot Out in Front of a Marijuana Grow House

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Prosecutors released this crystal clear video in court today of a shoot out in front of a Westchester grow house, that left a Miami detective wounded and a suspect dead.


Only One Brother Charged in Cleveland Kidnappings

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Police are only charging Ariel Castro in the kidnapping of the three Cleavland girls who have been missing over a decade. According to authorities Ariel’s brothers happened to be with him when he was arrested, but are not involved in the crimes perpetrated against the […]


Jodi Arias Guilty of First Degree Murder

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Jodi Arias may now face the death penalty for the gruesome murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander.


Canidate for North Miami Mayor Punched in the Face

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Jean Marcellus, candidate for North Miami mayor was punched in the face following a heated discussion about the upcoming election. The aggressor we have been told goes by the name is Felix, and was a former associate of Marcellus, the two men had worked together […]


Ja Rule is a Free Man Again!

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Ja Rule is out of jail and home resting comfortably on house arrest after serving some hard time in New York State prison on gun charges. Ja Rule real name Jeffrey Atkins served his time at Ray Brook Federal Prison in New York. Atkins was […]


Man Clings to the Hood of Hit and Run Drivers Car for Two Miles

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

What the hell was this lady thinking? You can’t drive down the road with a man on your hood!


Reese Witherspoon Arrest Dash Cam Video

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

The Reese Witherspoon arrest, police cruiser dash cam video is a little slice of video heaven. I love how the husband threw her under the bus while she was in the back of the cop car, hilarious! Reese Witherspoon Arrest DASH CAM VIDEO — Crazier […]


Florida Man Calls 911 to Order Kool-Aid and Weed

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

St. Petersburg Florida – A 34 year old man is in custody on $150 bail today after he called 911 for weed. According to the police report Jarvis Sutton called 911 80 times in a row, trying to get someone to deliver him weed, a […]


This Guy is Awesome

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Everyday guy is walking down the street, when a guy runs up with a shotgun and tries to straight up jack him. Everyday guy takes one look at the crook and then snatches the shotgun right out of his hands! Absolutely awesome, this guy must […]


Does This Look Like the Face of an Ex-Nappy Roots Rapper Busted for Kicking a Cop Car Window Out?

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Nappy Roots rapper R. Prophet is in some serious trouble after he was arrested on 420. As the story goes, Prophet was standing on the side of the road waiting for his friend to pick him up, but his friend got a DUI right before […]


The Leaked Photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Dead Body, and The Questions it is Raising in the Media

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Photos have been leaked by someone at the Boston morgue, which clearly show the first suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s dead body. As the story goes, the Tsarnaev brothers killed MIT police officer Sean Collier, shooting him four times in the chest and […]


Suspect Two, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev is in Custody

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Suspect 2, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, is currently in FBI custody, after being found hiding in a boat behind a residential home in Watertown. He has been injured in the firefight and is currently on the way to the hospital. Should he survive, I would imagine […]


Boston Bomber Has Been Arrested – UPDATE: No Arrest Made

News Kid Chronic

Boston, Mass. – A video from a department store that showed an individual placing the second bomb to explode on the route of the Boston Marathon, has led to an arrest by authorities today. The person, who is described as a dark-skinned male, is currently […]


Police Chief Accidentally Eats Weed Cake, Ends Up in ER

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

“All I can describe it as is that it was the worst feeling in the world. I thought I was dying,” said an Ohio police chief who accidentally ate his daughter’s weed cake! Laurelville Police Chief Mike Berkemeier woke up in the morning with a craving […]


Teen Steals Mac Truck Full of Strawberries, Blames it on Zombies

California Kid Chronic

Temecula, California -  19-year-old Jeremiah Hartline is in some deep strawberry jam, after hijacking a Mac truck full of strawberries and then crashing it on the highway, blocking all four lanes. Police on the scene say Hartline seemed to be in an altered state of […]


Heart Break Hotel – Guy Smashes Cheating GF’s Car Windshield

Daily Criminal Kid Chronic

Not the best thing to do on camera, buddy. I see some cops in your future…

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