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Cavaliers Completes Sweep Against Hawks

Cavaliers Complete Sweep Against Hawks

Sports ShoMeLove

Cleveland Cavaliers are headed back to the NBA Finals with the hometown hero Lebron James at the helm.  Cleveland has a chance to redeem themselves from the Spurs defeat in […]

James Harden

James Harden Wills the Houston Rockets to a Game 5

Sports ShoMeLove

The Harden step-back 3 was as effective as the Kareem hook shot, or the Jordan fade away last night. Mid range, outside the dotted lines, at least three feet behind […]

Lebron James Monstar Night

It Has Been Confirmed Lebron James is a MONSTAR!

Sports ShoMeLove

Last night was the first time Lebron appeared Super Human in front of the world, amidst his disguise. The four-time MVP finished with 37 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists, […]

Face Smacks

What Did The 5 Fingers Say To The Face?

Funny ShoMeLove

SMACK!!! Sixty seconds of MOVIE Slaps…

Spiderman Fail

Spiderman Rescued After Fatal Fall

Funny ShoMeLove

Spiderman has always fascinated me with his acrobatic skills. However, at a Kids birthday party the web crawler Tangled Web not even he could unweave.

Stephen Curry Pregame Workout

2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry Pregame Workout

Sports ShoMeLove

The best players in the world, are also some of the hardest working. Prior to displaying his MVP caliber skills on the big stage in the NBA. Stephen Curry makes […]

David Letterman Final Goodbye

David Letterman Final Goodbye

Entertainment ShoMeLove

David Letterman says goodbye to the “Late Show” after 33 years.

Lebron Goes OFF

Has Lebron Proved He Is The Jordan of This Era?

Sports ShoMeLove

Lebron adding another impressive playoff performance to his resume last night. Atlanta Hawks came into the playoffs as the number one seed, after an impressive 60-22 regular season record. Yet, […]

Serena vs. Maria

Serena vs. Maria

Sports ShoMeLove

Maria Sharapova looks to defend her title at Roland Garros. While, Serena Williams will try an play spoiler, going for her 20th major win!

The Game Makes Threat

The Game Creates Hostile Work Environment

News ShoMeLove

The crew of The Game’s new TV show go on strike.

Robotics SuperBowl

Sport of The Mind “Robotics Superbowl”

Tech ShoMeLove

FIRST Robotics Championship in St. Louis, MO.

Kris Jenner breaks down

Kris Jenner Talks Bruce Jenner Sex Change

Celeb ShoMeLove

Kris Jenner breaks down as her husband transitions to a female.


PIXELS Movie Trailer (2015)

Movie ShoMeLove

Video Games are taking over the world!!!

UFC 187 Anthony Johnson vs. Antonio Nogueira Free Fight

UFC 187: Johnson vs Nogueira Free Fight

Entertainment ApexGuardian

UFC 187 Presents Anthony Johnson vs. Antonio Nogueira in this free fight. Enjoy.

Russia Last Man Standing Style Brawling

Russia’s MMA Style Brawling

WTF ApexGuardian

“Team Fighting Championship” coming from, none other than, Russia features 5 v 5 bar style brawling and seems both amazingly stupid, and amazing!

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son.

Mom Gives Birth to 13th Son

News ShoMeLove

13 sons and counting?

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